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Prominent Mobile Application and Offshore Software Development Company
Prominent Mobile Application and Offshore Software Development Company

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How Dynamics 365 Is Creating a New IoT Integration to Business

The IoT is not a new concept in business. The internet and then the cloud created a primitive sort of IoT some time back. But with #Dynamics 365, we are now seeing a new era in business IoT and it could forever change the way we run businesses and organizations....

How #Dynamics 365 Is Creating a New IoT Integration to Business

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Customized Deployment for Spring Boot Applications

Spring Boot is most popular framework used for developed applications. Spring Boot will provide Tomcat server by default.

#Java #Web #Development #Spring #Boot #Application

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Crux of Dynamics AX 7

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX brings new user experience and Azure-native architecture. Dynamics AX is the cloud first application that means it won’t have a related version number.

#Microsoft #Dynamics #AX #Company #AX7

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2017 Salary Report for Big Data and Hadoop Skills

As enterprises realize the exponential value addition that Big Data and aligned technologies like Hadoop can bring to their everyday work, the demand for skilled talent in both the domains has steeply risen in the past year.

#Bigdata #analytics #service

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Latest AX7 Release Of Microsoft Dynamics

AX is the Microsoft Dynamics cloud based product, which is a powerful ERP system that is now under continuous maintenance in the cloud.

#microsoft #dynamics #AX #AX7

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Microsoft Dynamics AX – not a mere name change, but a revolutionary cloud-first offering from Microsoft!

Most of the enterprises are already aware of Microsoft Dynamics AX7 being entirely a cloud-based solution from now onwards, and it being renamed to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

#Microsoft #Dynamics #AX

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Can This Be a Possible End to the Functional Programming Debate?

The debate regarding which is better—.NET or Java keeps getting a new dimension every time someone poses a question. While there are developers who are familiar with both sides and use each loyally.

#Java #outsourcing #company

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Dynamics AX 2016 Opens New Vistas For Enterprises With Its Cloud-First Approach

The news of the moment is Microsoft launching Dynamics AX 2016, a cloud-first, mobile-first solution that will revolutionize the present day work environment of enterprises.

#microsoft #dynamics #ax

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Is Java Imperative to Business?

Global village is phrase that became popular with advances made in communication and technology. Ever since the world has been shrinking in terms of businesses reaching out to customers.

#java #application #development

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Three Trending Ways Accelerate Your DevOpsPerforma

Almost all Software development organizations have a DevOps architecture in place to make for a successful business model. Your Software development and maintenance team come in the purview of DevOps architecture and there are some ways that are trending in the DevOps community to accelerate performance.

#Software #application #development
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