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The Adviser Lounge
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A fresh approach to financial services opinion & commentary.
The Adviser Lounge aims to offer something different to the financial advisory market, by providing high quality content in an innovative format.

What’s different about The Adviser Lounge ?

The Adviser Lounge is clear on what it does and doesn’t want.

We do want:

  • Good quality, fully vetted content
  • Content provided by approved writers only
  • Opinion, views and interesting ideas
  • To create a ‘social’ aspect and allow interaction

We won’t allow:

  • Anonymous articles and microblogs
  • Uninteresting or pure promotional articles

Our core content will focus on:

  • Opinion
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Professional Connections
  • Technology & Social media

As a registered user you will  be able to fully participate in The Adviser Lounge community. In addition to having the ability to comment on posts, registered users are able to make connections with one another as ‘friends’ with whom you can exchange confidential messages. You will be able to join groups of interest and create and join in discussions.

The Adviser Lounge offers all these services together and within a website exclusive to the financial services industry.

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