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Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. (ATTI) is a manufacturer of GPS vehicle tracking systems.
Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. (ATTI) is a manufacturer of GPS vehicle tracking systems.


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Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs

Are your fleet drivers operating vehicles efficiently?
ATTI’s easy-to-use vehicle tracking software gives you insight into your fleet’s driving performance and the ability to correct any driver misconduct while on the job. Proactive fleet management can prevent costly driver behaviors and save your business time and money.

How GPS Tracking Reduces Fuel Costs
Poor driver habits can hurt your fleet’s efficiency and waste fuel. GPS tracking for both vehicles and drivers can help to prevent poor driving habits and wasted fuel costs.

Eliminate Speeding
Excessive speeding and braking is dangerous driving behavior and wastes fuel. Even going just a few miles per hour over the speed limit can adversely affect fuel efficiency. Our GPS tracking software will allow you to analyze inappropriate speeding and send automatic real-time alerts to track and correct this behavior. Improved fleet performance not only creates a safer work environment but also often lowers insurance rates.

Reduce Engine Idling Time
An idling engine is getting zero mpg and can waste up to gallon of fuel an hour. This driver behavior is a waste of both time and money, but it is a problem that ATTI products can help solve. With our GPS tracking software, you’ll be able to monitor the engine idle time for each of your vehicles and receive automated alerts when the idle time reaches a specific time threshold. Detailed monitoring and reporting helps reduce your fleet’s overall idling time and maximize performance on the road, therefore saving you from unnecessary fuel costs.

Eliminate Unauthorized Usage
Many companies allow their employees to take their vehicles home on nights and weekends. Unauthorized company car usage increases your fuel expenses and puts your company assets at risk. ATTI’s real-time GPS tracking solutions let you monitor usage of company vehicles 24/7 to eliminate any unauthorized company vehicle usage.

Optimize Routes
When your drivers take the most efficient route possible, you save money on fuel. GPS tracking gives you detailed reports of driver routes so that you can ensure they are taking the shortest, quickest distance between locations. Our GPS tracking system will allow you to analyze and optimize routes leading to lower fuel costs and less vehicle maintenance.

Automated Alerts
You don’t have time to sit and watch a screen to monitor your fleet every hour of every day. By setting up automated alerts, your company policies will be enforced should your drivers not be in compliance, giving you the time to run your business.
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GPS Tracking for School Districts

Here are a few reasons why our school district customers use ATTI’s GPS tracking solutions for their school bus fleets:

Staff & Student Safety
When transporting students between home and school, safety is the number one priority. With real-time GPS tracking, it is possible to pinpoint the exact location of each school bus in your fleet 24/7. Fleet managers receive automated alerts in case a bus veers off route or engages in unsafe driving. This gives students, parents, and staff peace of mind. Monitoring bus speed and other driving behaviors via our GPS tracking software also keeps bus drivers more accountable for their actions.

Monitor Bus Driver Activity
GPS tracking software calculates the amount of time it takes a school bus to travel to and from locations and engine idle time. Based on the reports our software generates, it is easy to optimize driver routes to decrease drive time, therefore reducing fuel costs and saving schools bus fleet managers both time and money.

Bus Maintenance Scheduling
Scheduling regular maintenance alerts helps keep you school buses running properly and prevent unnecessary downtime and breakdowns. Our GPS tracking software gives fleet managers the opportunity to address maintenance issues before bigger problems emerge. Vehicle mileage, time, and engine hours are just a few of the metrics available to customize and manage maintenance reports. In addition, ATTI stores one year of historical data to make identifying trends and long-term driver behavior simple.

Keep Bus Drivers Accountable
Along with GPS tracking software, we also offer driver time tracking software to make mobile employee time sheet verification easier and keeps employees accountable. ATTI’s time tracking device automatically calculates employee hours, eliminating errors and reducing preparation time.
Combined with our GPS vehicle tracking, the driver time tracking can reduce work hours and prevent unauthorized usage of fleet vehicles.
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GPS Asset Tracking

Designed for the intelligent management of fixed and mobile assets, the Satellite Asset Tracker is a practical solution for businesses that need the accurate, real-time monitoring that GPS tracking provides. ATTI’s GPS asset tracker permits remote monitoring of intermediate bulk containers, trailers, heavy equipment, generators, vehicles, boats, and other large equipment. Monitoring your equipment with a GPS device helps you to improve your assets’ operating efficiency and security by providing up-to-the-minute data. ATTI’s detailed reporting and 1 year of historical data storage allows you to identify analytical patterns and identify areas of improvement.

GPS Technology for Asset Protection

Our GPS asset tracking device’s compact size and weather proof design measures only 1 IN (H) x 2.7 IN (W) x 3.25 IN (L). Easy installation also lets you to start managing your equipment right away. There is no need to set up antennas or purchase expensive batteries; the asset tracker uses 5v external line power or (4) AAA batteries. With global satellite communication, easy to read reports, custom map overlays and unlimited fleet size scalability, you can rest assured that your assets are protected. ATTI asset tracker and live vehicle tracking devices work together to protect your equipment and monitor your fleet.

Asset Tracker Key Features

-Asset Location Management
-Microsoft® Mapping and Satellite Imagery
-1 Year Historical Data Storage
-Extensive Manufacturer Warranty
-Fully Integrated With Shadow Tracker® Live Vehicle Tracking
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Shadow Tracker® Time is the perfect solution for time sheet management of mobile and office employees. Mobile employees can time in and out on the Shadow Tracker® Time Android or iPhone Apps. The location of the time punches is recorded for verification.

Shadow Tracker® Time also offers a time clock system for the office. This component is optional, and integrates office employee time records with those recorded on the Shadow Tracker® Time App. The office time clock works in a LAN or Wi-Fi configuration.
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We are featured on the front page of this month. Come check us out!
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With fluctuating fuel prices now is a good time to get your fuel costs under control.
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Great resources regardless of fleet size:
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