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What are Those Black Streaks on My Roof? – Roof Cleaning Willowbrook, Illinois in DuPage County

Do you wonder what those black streaks and stains on your roof are from? It’s not from age, tar, jet fuel, tree sap, acid rain or dirt. It’s caused by an algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. As the algae eats and multiplies, the colonies become more dense. The dense area of the algae colonies are evident by the black streaks and ugly stains which are a protective sheathing that the algae excrete.

This air born algae is more prevalent as you travel south in warmer and more humid climates. Over the years the algae has been spreading across the states. That is why it seems to be more and more noticeable here in the mid-west region. The effects of the algae are not only unsightly but very costly if not treated. If your roof is infected by algae or other organisms such as moss or lichen, have a certified roof cleaner (non-pressure spray system) inspect it as soon as possible.
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Roof Cleaning Aurora, Illinois in DuPage County – You might not notice the dirty streaks and stains on your roof but your neighbors sure do! The neighbor that lives across the street from this house asked the homeowner when they were planning on replacing their roof? The roof was so heavily infested with algae, which causes the black stains, it looked like it was past due for a replacement. The homeowner called a roofing contractor for an estimate. Upon close examination, the honest roofing contractor explained that it did not need to be replaced but only cleaned. The homeowner then called a professional roof cleaning company that serves DuPage county Illinois. The roof was successfully cleaned, the homeowner saved thousands of dollars by avoiding a roof repair / replacement and the neighbors are relieved that the unsightly roof was properly addressed. If your roof is dirty and needs cleaning, be a good neighbor and have it cleaned. #Aurora   #DuPage   #Illinois   #roofrepair   #roofcleaner  
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Roof Cleaning Lisle, Illinois in DuPage County – The owner of this house did his homework by researching the cause of those dirty streaks and stains on his roof. He learned that they are NOT an indication that the roof is old and needs to be replaced. But instead the black streaks are from the excretion of algae commonly referred to as roof mold. In short, “it’s not old, it’s mold.” So with the intent to maximize the life of the roof and thus delaying the large cost of a roof replacement, the owner had the algae and dirty stains safety removed by a profession roof cleaner. The roof is now in a healthy condition with many more years of useful live expected.
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Roof Cleaning Frankfort, Illinois in Will County – This roof was heavily infested with algae as event by the black streaks and stains. The retired couple that own’s the house didn’t want to needlessly spend the money to replace the roof. They didn’t want to hire just some maintenance guy to attempt to clean the roof. So they hired a professionally trained and experienced roof cleaning company. Now with the roof cleaned and the home’s curb appeal restored, the owner’s are now at ease. #roofcleaning   #roofingcontractor   #roofrepair  
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Roof cleaning in Adddison, Illinois DuPage County – This roof was heavily infested with moss. Moss is a green spongy organism and is especially destructive to roofing shingles. It retains constant moisture on the shingles which shortens the life of the roof. It also grows roots which eventually dislodge the granules on the shingles. This degrades the integrity of the shingles. In short, moss if left untreated on a roof will end up being costly due to premature roof replacement. Shown in these photos is a patch of moss before treatment and immediately after treatment. The remaining remnants will wash away leaving the roof in a health state free of moss. These homeowners saves at lot of money and avoided the cost of replacing the roof. Avoid unnecessary roof costs by inspecting your roof annually for moss as well as algae which leaves black streaks and stains. If you think your roof is infested, call a reputable roof cleaner. #roofrepair
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The roof on this house in the Bolingbrook, Illinois area was infested with Algae. It is evident by the black streaks and stains. On the left side the algae are spread throughout the roof surface. However on the right side the algae are densely populated around the attic vents. This is because warm moist air is constantly present around the attic vents which makes an idea breading ground for the algae. Would you want these spores commonly referred to as roof mold circulating in your attic? By applying our non pressure wash (soft wash) process to the roof, we safely removed all the unhealthy algae and stains from the roof.
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Call a Roof Cleaner Before Selling your House – Roof Cleaning St. Charles, Illinois in Kane County
Before you list your house for sale, you may want to first contact a certified roof cleaner. Good curb appeal is critical when selling a house. If your roof has dark streaks and stains from algae or is covered in moss, an inexpensive roof cleaning will do the trick. Benefits of having your roof professionally cleaned include:

- Enhanced curb appeal resulting in more traffic from buyers and less market time.
- Good curb appeal can add as much as 10% to the value of the home.
- Removes the potential of a prospective buyer demanding a price reduction due to a “bad roof” which may delay or even kill the deal.
- A dirty and streaky roof makes the home look older than it really is.
- A clean well maintained home makes for a good neighbor with the community.

The Realtor that listed this house highly recommended to have the roof cleaned and the homeowners did just that. In doing so, they quickly sold their house and saved thousands of dollars by not having to replace the roof or by paying the buyers credits due to the roof’s appearance. #roofing   #cleaningcompany   #costs   #kane  
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Roof Cleaning Naperville, Illinois in DuPage County – It’s a shame to have a grand and beautiful home only to have its curb appeal diminished by a dirty ugly roof. Also the neighbors living in such a community are not very happy about the appearance of the house. What are the homeowners to do? Spend about $15,000 to replace the roof or just put it off as long as they can. There is another option that these homeowners chose. They decided to have their roof professionally cleaned by a certified roof cleaning company. The cost to clean a roof is surprisingly inexpensive. The typical cost of a roof cleaning is only about 3% of what it would cost to replace it. Now the curb appeal of this beautiful home has been restored, the owners are no longer embarrassed and the neighbors are pleased.
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Excellent nonpressure roof cleaning by Advantage Roof Cleaning !              The one to call for all your exterior cleaning needs in Illinois.
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Roof Cleaning Hindsdale, Illinois in DuPage County – This roof was heavily infested with moss. Moss is commonly identified as a green spongy organism. Roofs in shaded areas are most susceptible to moss. Moss is especially damaging to roof shingles as it grows roots and retains constant moisture on the shingles. This quickly diminishes the integrity of the shingles. Left untreated it will result in a shortened lifespan of the roof and thus a costly roof replacement. Fortunately for the owner’s of this house, we were able to effectively treat the moss with our safe roof cleaning process and avoid the high cost of replacing the roof. What’s growing on your roof?
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Roof Cleaner Algonquin, Illinois in McHenry County - This roof looked like it was old and needed to be replaced. The cost to replace this roof would be in the range of $7K to $12K. Upon closer examination we found that the shingles were actually  in good condition. The problem was that the roof was heavily infested with roof algae and some moss. It's not old, it's mold! For about 5% of what it would cost to replace the roof, we were able to remove the invading organisms and clean off the black streaks and stains. Now this roof has several more years of life and the homeowner's saved a large bundle of money. If your roof has the black streaks and stains, call a reputable roof cleaner to give you a free assessment.
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The homeowners of this Glen Elynn house were about to loose their homeowner’s insurance policy due to a dirty roof. The adjuster mandated that if they don’t have the roof cleaned removing the algae, moss and fungus along with the black streaks and stains they would cancel their policy. The insurance companies understand that if left untreated, those harmful organisms will deteriorate the roof which may cost the insurance company to have the roof replaced. Lately the insurance companies have been incurring substantial roof costs due to roofs that are not maintained. In order to reduce their cost of replacing roofs, they have been paying particular attention to their client’s roofs. Fortunately for these homeowners we successfully cleaned their roof and their policy was not canceled. How does your roof look? Can you afford the cost of replacing it or the risk of loosing your insurance? Don’t wait until it gets to that point. If you see black, green or grey spots on your roof, have a certified roof cleaner give it an inspection. #roofcleaning   #roofcost   #glennElynn   #illinois   #roofcosts  
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A lot of people think that the streaks and stains on a roof are an indication that the shingles are old and need to be replaced. Or they wrongly believe that they are caused by creosote seeping out of the shingles, jet fuel dirt or acid rain. The truth of the matter is that air born algae (mold) lands on the roof and feeds on the material in the asphalt shingles. The technical name for the algae is Gloeocapsa Magma. It grows mostly on the north and west facing roofs which receives the prevailing moisture and shade. The dense areas of the algae communities are evident by the black streaks and ugly stains which are a protective sheathing that the algae excrete. This home located in Naperville, IL was infested with roof mold. Much to the owner’s excitement  we eradicated all the roof mold and cleaned away the streaks and stains. Best of all the cost was a mere fraction of what a new roof would have cost saving the owners thousands of dollars in the long run. #softwashing   #roofcleaning   #naperville   #mold  
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Jami Flaws's profile photo
Jami Flaws
6 months ago
Very Happy with my roof cleaning results from Advantage. Was told my new cleaned roof would continue to improve & keep getting cleaner once it rains. I really Like the 5 year guarantee too. Dave and his men worked well and very fast. Getting them out/scheduling took some time as they are controlled by the weather for this job, but they kept me informed. Great Company and LOVE the results!!
Lawrence Schweig's profile photo
Lawrence Schweig
2 months ago
Advantage did a great job and I was thrilled with the results. I was worried that I needed a new roof until I spoke with Dave. Do yourself a favor, have them check it out before calling a roofing company!
Keenan Lindley's profile photo
Keenan Lindley
3 months ago
Roof and gutters look brand new! I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for this service.
Jim K's profile photo
Jim K
a year ago
Advantage responded within hours of my call, had a quote in 24 hours and was able to get it scheduled before the cold temps. The dark streaks are now gone; Just what my house needed to be when I put it on the market. Thanks Dave.
Charles Lutz's profile photo
Charles Lutz
6 months ago
We had extremely large black streaks on our garage and house roofs that looked as if it was coal dust painted in huge 3' vertical designs over the north sides of these roofs. Dave Oatey and his crew came out and explained that this condition really wasn't caused by acid rain but an algae that was growing on the roof. He explained that he had a chemical process that did away of this growth and would restore the roof shingles to like new condition. My wife was concerned that this chemical process could cause harm to her flowers and other landscaping, but Dave assured her that his process was environmentally friendly. We have to say that after this process, our roof looks like new and there was no damage at all to any of our landscaping. Dave and his crew were very professional and I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking to make their roof look like new again.
• • •
john folk's profile photo
john folk
7 months ago
Had my roof cleaned by Advantage... Awesome! looks as good as new and it was black! Good communications and Dave and his guys did a great job
Jason Abernathy's profile photo
Jason Abernathy
a year ago
Wonderful service!! Drastically increased our curb appeal as we are selling our home. Black streaks were gone and roof looks amazing. Dave was a great guy to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to give them a call!!
Matthew Bara's profile photo
Matthew Bara
a year ago
A+ Our only concern when considering the purchase of a new home was the stained/dirty roof. After a fast and free assessment, Dave quickly diagnosed the problem as an algae infestation and provided a quote. He was extremely knowledgeable about the problem and clearly explained his cleaning process. We now have a roof that looks BRAND NEW and couldn't be happier with the pricing, professionalism, and friendly service of Advantage Roof Cleaning.