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Advantage Catering Equipment Ltd
Kent based commercial catering equipment suppliers,engineers,designers. Huge range of top end & budget cooking & bar equipment
Kent based commercial catering equipment suppliers,engineers,designers. Huge range of top end & budget cooking & bar equipment


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Kitchen Fire Safety

Please don`t let this happen to you.

70 Customers and staff were evacuated this week from a restaurant in Barnet.

The fire started in the restaurants extraction system.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson warned that restaurants had a duty to make sure their kitchens are properly cleaned: “Restaurant and take-away owners should always take care to make sure their extraction systems are kept clean as a build up of fat and grease within the filters can lead to a fire.”
“Crews had to extensively cut away ducting, which ran from the ground floor to the roof of the building, to find out where within the extraction system the fire was located,” explained the spokesperson, adding that the cause of the fire was believed to be “accidental”, due to cooking igniting grease and fat which spread through the inside of the ducting.

As business owners we have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all of those who enter our restaurant. It is expected that you have the canopy and extraction system checked and cleaned every year.

If you need help or any further information, please do call us.

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4 steps to the Perfect Pizza

4 Steps to the perfect Pizza, a great piece from our colleagues at Linda Lewis.
Renowned pizza equipment suppliers Linda Lewis Kitchens urge independents, delivery outlets and chains alike to invest in their 4 steps to pizza perfection, to keep up with the ‘big guns’ in the £5bn and ever-growing pizza industry.
With pizza cravings increasing year on year, seeing more families indulge in the tasty treat at least once a week, the experts at LLK recommend four pieces of kit to meet the demand, speed up production and maximise profit.
Now is the time to put the elbow grease back in the cupboard and take the first step to an easier pizza-producing life with LLK’s Cuppone dough mixer. This powerful piece of kit can mix dough in just 20 minutes, whilst perfectly oxygenating the mix without overheating it.
Forget the mundane task of dividing, weighing, and rounding the dough; LLK would like to introduce you to the Fruilco divider and rounder combi. That’s right, two tasks obliterated by one robust machine! This clever piece of Italian manufacturing is completely automatic and can work independently without supervision and will never call in sick, a.k.a. the perfect employee!
Hand stretching pizza bases eats into production time and into profits, so why not produce up to 400 perfectly uniformed bases in an hour using LLK’s Cuppone heated press? This reliable piece of kit has heated plates which seal the dough, ensuring even cooking and lowered cooking times. Each dough ball is pressed in a matter of seconds and involves no skill, making this stage of pizza production child’s play!
The final piece of the puzzle in the quest for pizza perfection is LLK’s revolutionary Giovanni oven. This traditional Italian stone hearth oven uses the most modern technology to help pizza restaurants increase production by up to 20%. The Giovanni’s rotating cooking floor makes loading and unloading effortless and skill-free, and allows the user to produce pizza perfection.
The proof is in the pudding, or in this case in the pizza! Managing Director, Linda Lewis says “The most important thing to consider when investing in pizza equipment is quality. We wanted to encourage our customers to experience the benefits of our equipment first hand, speak to Advantage Catering Equipment to arrange a demonstration visit.

If you need anything Pizza then we are the guys to speak too. Take a look at our range of Pizza equipment, there is so much more so if you need anything you don`t see then please call and ask.

Pizza, Invest to keep up with the Big Guns.

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Here is our motley crew. A great night at the Kent County Showground this year for our staff Christmas party.
Good food and entertainment, everyone needs to let their hair down after a demanding year.
We like to support local business in all that we do so choosing an event in Kent was an obvious choice.
A few heavy heads the next day.
Thanks to all our customers this year and we look forward to working hard for you next year.

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New Blue Seal Combi Ovens, take a look...

New From Blue Seal, A range of Combi ovens packed with features.Hard to believe from such a small size.
The Turbofan 40 Series Combi packs a whole lot of intuitive functionality and raw power into its compact 812mm-wide footprint. Take your kitchen to a new degree of productivity. Step up to the next level of possibility. Release your creativity and reward your clientele.
With refined lines and sophisticated design the entirely flat 40 Series lets you make the most of your space, be it behind the scenes
or out in front of the crowd. Tuck it away in the bar area or have it pride of place in the open kitchen – either way you’ll be happy
to see this high performer deliver the goods time and time again.
Can be used in 3 cooking modes, Convection, Steam and Combi Steam. With a choice of manual and digital controls.
And 6 models to choose from making sure you get just the right piece of equipment for you.
Give us a call to find out more about this great oven and of course the special prices we have at the moment.

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Get frozen with a great offer from us and Vestfrost.
A chest freezer whilst stocks last.....

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Do you need your Commercial Kitchen Canopy cleaned?
Don`t be caught out like this unfortunate customer.

There are many things you need to remember when running your own food outlet, keeping on top of it is always a challenge.

But even from the smallest 1 man operation to the largest multi seated restaurant there are things that can not get over looked.

Safety for you, your staff and customers is paramount. Not to mention that some things are a legal requirement, not just from a food hygiene perspective but from an operational standpoint as well.

There are huge fines as a consequence not to mention prison sentences to boot.

Did you know there is an insurance requirement to have your extraction system cleaned at least annually?

This is what we found when we were asked to deep clean a kitchen and extraction system.
We managed to find that this had not been cleaned in 5 years.
The customers final invoice sky rocketed as a result of this neglect including a need to replace the main fan motor.

Don`t ignore your responsibilities particularly when it comes to safety. If you need any advice please do call, its costs nothing and we are always happy to help.
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The New Rational Oven is here!

The new SelfCookingCenter® XS. Professional performance, small format.

We love challenges, which is why we decided to take up a seemingly impossible one: creating a small unit with all the power, intelligence and efficiency of our SelfCookingCenter®. In supermarkets, petrol stations, or butcher shops as a restaurant’s primary appliance or an extra unit.

There’s always a place for the SelfCookingCenter®. RATIONAL is setting new standards - and not just for small units, but across its entire range of products. Visit us at one of our Think BIG Tour dates and find out more about our new SelfCookingCenter®.

This can be either the traditional 3 phase power supply or more interestingly for the smaller restaurant where this power is not available in single phase configuration. So now its available to all of us.

With a range of accessories you come to expect from Rational, there really is no excuse not to have one.

Give us a call and we can help you through all the options including site surveys, installation and training. We can even get you to a training session free of charge with a qualified Rational chef.

Take a look at our video. This is for the SCC range of which the XS is part of.

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Our friends from Catering Insight reports, the A Team have returned.

The A Team from Folkestone-based dealer, Advantage Catering Equipment, has become The A-Team to complete a ‘Rome or Bust’ challenge for charity.

Projects manager Simon Critchett, and service engineer brothers Lee and Dean Edwards joined forces with their other sibling, Ross, on the trek to Rome.

Throughout the mission the team were in character as the A-Team members.

They were given just 3 days to drive to the Italian capital from Dover in a car that had to cost no more than £200.

Painting the vehicle with the distinctive A-Team red stripe, the quartet set off last Saturday and successfully arrived yesterday.

The Advantage staff had a target of raising £3,000 for Martha Trust, which supports people with profound physical and multiple learning disabilities across Kent and Sussex.

They have already smashed this total thanks to sponsorship from companies including Classeq, Maidaid, Blue Seal, Eco Heating and Plumbing, Mitchell & Cooper, Scandia Refrigeration, Crystaltech, Bradshaw Menumaster, Kennet Leasing and Clean Air Systems and Installations.

Critchett thanked these firms for their donations and ahead of the challenge he commented: “Having never run a marathon or cycled the length of the country, we wanted a gentle entry into the world of fundraising, but something requiring a bit more effort than buying a red nose or a charity t-shirt.”
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Advantage Catering does the A Team.

4 Guys dressed as the A Team in a clapped out Citroen on a road trip to Rome, what could go wrong.

Our van is ready, although we had to bump start it on Thursday.

Take a look at our map and if you are awake this Saturday morning why don`t you come and wave us off at 6 am from Teso`s car park, Cheriton.

Or at least come and give us a push!
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Fine Food Fair at Olympia London.

We have been a few times and enjoyed it every time. Well worth a trip.

With 150 exciting new producers in the Small Producer Village - to the more established specialty brands in the main show area.

Certainly worth a stop by the Specialty Chocolate fair. Don`t forget 4th - 6th September at Olympia London.
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