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Electrical substations house the principal equipment and machinery necessary for high-voltage, high-current power distribution from a power plant to commercial or residential usage. Virtually nothing, from charging a cell phone to running an airport, would be possible or practical without the use of a solid electrical substation. Learn more how we can help using Dry Ice Blasting;
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Our HRSG Cleaning Process and Results - heat recovery steam generator

How Advanced Indoor Quality Care - stands apart from our competitors…

1. Custom designed, Different size nozzles (length & OD's) to be able to penetrate deeper into the tube bundles.

2. We spend the proper time cleaning the tube bundles. (we don’t rush the cleaning)

3. After dry ice blast cleaning, a High air pressure blow down of all areas that have been blasted. (350 psi or greater.)

4. Low air pressure and vacuuming of the SCR/CO catalyst (No greater than 60 PSI if you use more than that there is a possibility of blowing out the insulation.) after the blow down vacuuming of the other side.

5. The use of sky climbers. (if they have the ports) That’s a big cost saving instead of scaffolding out HRSG

6. Clean up after the HRSG Blasting. We do a very thorough job removing all debris from floors and sub compartment floors. We have class 1 division 1 vacuum system for the cleanup if required

7. Experience, Our main blasters have been blasting for up to 20 years !

8. Long term Personnel highly qualified and trained.

9. OHSA 10 certified Woman owned, small company low overhead.

10. Cost Effective prices and will go anywhere in the USA

11. Our backpressure numbers speak the truth ( Back pressure results 3-5 inch drop)

12. Removal from 3 tons and up to 6 tons of debris

13. PERFECT Safety Record - ISNetworld Safety Approved “A” Rating
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Advanced Indoor Air Quality Care - provides dry ice cleaning services to industrial and commercial properties and heavy equipment. We do a lot of work for the food processing industry in the mid Atlantic regions.

Please call us for a free expert analysis or quote on any cleaning or restoration project - (973) 770-9636

Candy manufacturing
Coffee roasters
Dairy product manufacturing
Ingredient manufacturing
Potato chip manufacturing
Pudding manufacturing
Snack food manufacturing
Spice manufacturing
Tortilla and tortilla chip manufacturing

Dry ice blasting can allow faster and more effective cleaning for the following types of bakery and food processing equipment:

Bakery molds
Carts, fryers and racks
Commercial waffle irons
Drip pans
Drive chains
Extruders and dryers
Flour sifters
Ishida weighers and baggers
Knife blades
Ovens and oven doors
Packaging machines
Proof boxes
Wafer oven plates
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Post has attachment and Advanced Indoor Air Quality Care clean and restore heavy industrial equipment and facilities using dry ice blasting. We are certified and experts in our field and work with Fortune 500 companies, factory owners, manufacturing plants, etc. Here is a great video on cleaning of turbine rotor.

Cryogenic blasting is extremely effective and can be utilized to remove loose surface contaminants such as oil, grease and loose surface rust from the following:

- Turbine rotors and Rotor Winding's
- Casings
- Diaphragm Parts
- Armatures

Recognized HRSG Deep Fin cleaning and Project Management Specialists

Coal Fired Power Station Specialized Cleaning
Junction Boxes
Wire Tracks
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Dry Ice Blasting - Compared with routine methods, the dry ice cleaning technology is safe, inexpensive, and damage-free. The inherent mechanism on the removal of contaminants from insulators using dry ice is studied in this paper.

The dry ice cleaning process involves in the thermal changes, kinetic energy variation, sublimation of energy, and the resultant drag force of air stream. In the present paper the cleaning process is separated into two independent states to simplify the computational model: the impact process and the sublimation process. The fracture condition and the removal condition are proposed by analyzing the different forces on contaminant surfaces based on this model.

Two conclusions are drawn by a case study. One is that the stress at the impact point contributes the most to the fracture process. The other is that the micro blasting impact force caused by the sublimation process is the dominant influence factor on the removal of contaminants. The factors influencing the removal rate are investigated in a series of dry ice cleaning experiments. Experimental results show that the thermal stress has little influence on contaminants removal. Furthermore, the dry ice cleaning technology can effectively remove contamination layer.
Authors including:
Wenjun Zhou ,
School of Electrical Engineering of Wuhan University, Wuhan, 430072, Hubei Province, China

Shinian Liu
Electric Power Research Institute of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Guangzhou, 510080, Guangdong Province, China
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Here's a before and after cleaning using dry ice blasting from  Expert dry ice blasting services for commercial, industrial and factory projects.  
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Post has attachment - Advanced Indoor Air Quality Care shows how we use dry ice blasting aka C02 Blasting to restore brick, stone, stucco, remove paint and other materials plus clean any equipment, facilities etc.  This process can used in both industrial and commercial cleaning processes.  Dry Ice Blasting is eco-friendly, is completely safe, requires little clean up, is 10 times faster and more effective than other blasting methods. #dryiceblasting  
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Electrical Sub Station Equipment Cleaning
Sub-Station Cleaning, switch gears, breakers, bushings, insulators, isolators, reactors, interior/exterior housing, etc.

Ice Blasting for critical cleaning of power generation components is the process used today. Cleaning VS Replacement is the answer ! Quote from a plant manager “ We are saving thousands on replacement of equipment.” This non-conductive, moisture-less, , non-abrasive cleaning method is being used by in facilities and the results are tremendous. Contaminants such as carbon ,oil, grease, , dirt, dust and loose surface rust can be cost effectively and precisely removed. This process is being used to clean control cabinets ,electrical motors, equipment, , circuit breakers and circuit boards, whatever needs cleaning.

Plant Managers are using ice blasting for preventive maintenance which is so critical for utility operations. Ice blasting effectively removes loose surface contaminants. We are cleaning pad-mounted switchgear transformer bushings :, reactors, and line insulators. is using this non-abrasive dry ice blasting process for all cleaning of critical power generation components such as turbines, stationary turbine housings, diaphragms, economizer fins, generator windings, insulators, transformers and other parts. (Some of these were previously cleaned with grit blasting. That makes them prone to damage or grit entrapment .)  For Ice Blasting Call us at 1-800 498-7949 to discuss. #dryiceblasting
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Dustless Blasting for Welding Inspection on High & Low Pressure Vessels and Piping. Dustless Blasting on Pipes

OSHA has put into effect that all high and low pressure welds on pipes and pressure vessels must be inspected. The image above is a High Pressure pipe that is covered by insulation. Even with the covering, the pipe has accumulated rust and dirt over time. This dirt covers the welding seams of the pipe; making it difficult to check the welding. Using a dustless blasting system, USCleanBlast was able to remove the dirt and rust from the pipe rapidly. This saved the power plant time and money in regards to fines.  

Here is how dustless blasting works: The machine mixes water and abrasive material inside. The material is then much more powerful when shot out and it does not turn into dust, but rather stays in its form. The material is much easier to clean this way. The machine can simultaneously clean the material and blast. Thus creating a cycle of blasting, cleaning the material, shifting the material back into the tank, and re-blasting the material again. This is the money saving option for your plant.

It is a highly technical service and the technicians at USCleanBlast are fully qualified to use these machines. This process is quick and effective. 

Click this link to see how USCleanBlast can help you:

Or Call 973-770-9636 x3 to speak to a Representative.
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Cleaning and Restoring HRSG - heat recovery steam generation equipment.  

Dry ice blasting is the most requested way  to clean heat exchangers and coils. Heat exchangers are usually outside so they are highly susceptible such things as   pollens, dust and carbon residue.  this build up can cause loss of efficiency of the exchangers and reduces the overall performance and life of the coils. Dry ice blast cleaning will remove these undesirable contaminants without any damage to the substrate This will ensure , your heat exchangers will yield a higher rate of efficiency and this will cause them  to run cooler.
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