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Learn how increase AdSense earnings by improving ad placement!
Learn how increase AdSense earnings by improving ad placement!


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November AdSense Income Report see how much I made here:
How much did you make in November???

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What do you think of this video? I need comments on actual video - the course is not ready yet, so i'm not selling anything yet. Mods please don't delete - i want to know what AdSensers think about it - I'm not selling anything here

1) does it sound good?
2) does it inspire you?
3) does it give you confidence (that taking this course will help you)?

What would you add?

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Being a successful AdSense publisher is tricky and requires a good deal of hard-work and luck. Between creating good content and trying to get search engine rankings (to increase web traffic and ad earning), you can get overwhelmed, overworked and…
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Publishers: Apparently semalt creates "invalid clicks" - have you seen anything like this with your adsense?
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