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"Wanna go rock wall climbing?"

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My first reaction is... 'Who's coming up there with me!!' :D
Can someone post the release form please?
ummm no thank you.  You all can have it.  my feet have to be on the ground.
Hell yeah i wanna go rock climbing
AFRAID OF HEIGHTS!!!!!! Ah!!!! I'd faint 1/5 of the way up. 
OMG! YES! Need to figure out where this is! 
Um, that looks scary and almost impossible.
^ This Guy Has Never Gone Rock Climbing ^
Please comment on my comment!
Going up doesn't seem so bad. But coming down?
blessed be, think I'll pass on that
Man o man the forces acting on the base of that structure has to be astounding!
holey crap
NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO        i would never do that its so high up and what if it falls
A little too much for me. I wonder if you need to sign a waiver?
Only if there is a big slide to get back down...
Nah, it's not really that hard. Ohhh, you mean on that side... Nevermind.
Haha, this is in my hometown, Groningen. I'm not sure, but it might be a bit photoshopped, cannot remember it to be that high and curved shaped.
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! i went to this watercenter before and it's was only 11ft tall and like this one is like 1,000 ft tall 
What's the closest major city by this place? 
Im readdddy and im coming if u PAY the TICKET hahahahahahahaha lol!!!!!
ho* fricken* ly - Sheeberz Dies
i would pay to watch somebody jump off the top and forget their parachute
Not for me.I need the mountain so at least I have a chance of rolling down even if I break some bones on the way lol
i'll take a plane and meet u at the top
no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Surely that can't be for real!?

It defies gravity!
im a good climber but that would be scary
Forget Dave & Busters rock wall, This is a rock wall for real men!!!
It looks like theirs robe along the way so you don't just fall off
Where is that at and I want a peace of that!!! Holla back 
How long would it take to climb?
Aw, man... in a heartbeat.....
straps on super absorbent padding Bring this bitch on
Let me think............. ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?!?
I'm gettin' dizzy just looking at the pic!!!!!
I'm down, now that I saw this I want to go so bad
r u kiding!!!!!! I don't think that there's a rope around that person looks freaky and dandrous to I would never go there 
Half of me says "DO IT!" (Thats the fun half)... But the other half says "Don't, you have so much to live for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Thats the half with common sense.)
holy CRAP that is so SCARY!!!!!! you would have to be a complete IDOIT to climb that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Put a snack bar at the halfway point and the top and ya mite get more takers.
That's ***'n crazy!!! It would take a whole *** load of bravery to climb that!!!
that looks very scarey wood be good to parachute off
Not a whole lot of bravery . . . Just No F#cking Brains. !
Is there a restaurant on the way up? DANG!!
I so want to try it. We did that out west no ropes or anything and side climbed. Scariest thing ever and this looks really fun.
now that is the biggest rock wall climbing ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!
Who would be stupid enough to try that???
OMG, I've just realised I'm getting old. That frightens me a little. 
Holy crap, I want to go there. 
My kind of fun. Where is it?
Gotta hit the gym to train for scaling this wall!
Well let me think......(risk my life) why not lets go!!!
God!, my aquarius gene is shaking!
Deya G
aww sweet!
No I don't climb rocks, I'm to old. Can't take my oxygen with me.

That is so awesome, where is that?
Me cargaron en pedos
whoa! crappity crap!!!!!!
I am all for this ...I'd love to do that...thanks for sharing !!! This is awesome!!
I think life to short to live in fear ...I'd love to try it...
I would defense do it. As long as I can base jump off the top
double double double hell NOO! im so scared of heights
I think id die just looking down from the top
this is in The Netherlands. Groningen to be exact.
I'm chicken ,,,but I get a trill watching ...
is that real?  looks insane, and like it should not be able to stand up
Vertigo! Couldn't they build it straight up. Less panic. Haha.
a twisted giant chopstick xD
Woah. . . Epic where is this exactly
where is this, someone email me the location.  I HAVE TO GO THERE.  I'll give out an email address I can care less about: ( So if I get a bunch of spam, I don't care, I never use this.
Excalibur Tower, Bjoeks Climb Center, 9735 AE Groningen, Netherlands
That looks awesome, I'd go there if I got the chance :D
I'll do it if someone be at the bottom with a safety rope lol
that is so AWSOME but no thanks
Wanna go on this so much, ain't rock climbed in a while so a rope might be a good idea but damn
Uh no. I'll pass. I have several beers that need my immediate attention.
Nice idea.  I wonder what is at the top.  A McDonalds where you get to eat for free?  
HA HA ha hahahahahahahahahhahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahaaha... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
That would be so cool!!!!!!!!
yah im scared of heights so...that wudnt be on my to do list any time soon...
That is the biggest Churro I have ever seen. Why is that climbing all over it?
I always wanted to be a hazard to low flying aircraft.
ahhhhhhhh im scared of hieghts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
forget my spelling.
I would take up rock climbing if that were near me, just to be able to climb that!  Oh!  Put one in Orlando, please!
Saw this a few years ago. Awesome looking wall, and great name too.

Would love to climb it. No idea what grades the routes are up it, but (unfortunately) there's no way I'd have the stamina to climb that overhang. Climbing the slab-side would just feel like cheating.
that is sooooooooo cool. i love rock climbing myself
ummm.......................... no thanks im good.
that would be fun if only you did not have your life in danger
That would scare the crap out of me
adding this to my to do list...
Im so.lookin for a rock climbing place.. where is this?
I'd probably get 10 feet off the ground; fall, and break my tailbone.
don't look down! don't look down! don't look down!
oooh that is way too intense! might as well just climb a skyscraper
Oh HELL yes! Where do I sign up?
Horrible! I would die of an asthma attack before climbing to the top. Imagine the thrill you would get from rappelling down from it!
That is frikkin' awesome. It's real, right?
that make me sick that is a terrible fall.
I'm soooo afraid of heights so not in a million years lol
fuck hell yah where is this wall so i can start on it
Wait... Out-door indoor rock climbing... I'm confused :-)

that's pretty cool... do they provide a parachute?
Brian S
that would be awesome
i wish that was a slide going into a pool!!!
@-@'''' never........
I bet that's not here in the US. We're boring. That looks bitchin' though
That looks like it would be a blast. I would love to climb this wall. I can't believe how tall the wall really is. It's Great...
You know what is here in the US though?

I would give it a shot. Why not.  Where is this at?
I would never make it to the top without crying...XP
Where is it? ? I just want to take a picture there is NO WAY i am doing that
I would love to give this one a go. Definitely worth the experience.
that looks soo cool 
i would want to try it 
No way I would rather go to the desert....
As an avid rock climber,

I'd attempt to climb the shit out of that
i would finish it if it killed me.
that would be one hell of a challenge indeed 
 wow what a performance
Oh hell yeah! I wonder how tall it is? I might need to snag another rope!
no way too tall and scary
+Michael Pattison
Heck Yea! That looks like a Blast. How tall is that thing? Do they have a Difficult and a Candy Ass portion, I want the Candy Ass Part of the wall.
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