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Awesome medley performed by the amazing Lindsey Stirling! Check it out! (search YouTube for a few live versions as well)
#lindseystirling   #michaeljackson   #violin   #violinrock   #medley  
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Awesome. ..thanks for sharing.
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#truth   Yes, it's Russel Brand -- like him or not, listen to what he is saying in this mash-up of clips. Seriously, he speaks the truth.
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I think that was just beautiful! <3
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Cat scared of vacuum...finds perfect place to hide and observe in safety.
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5 times as good with the explanation
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Adrienne Valhalla

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Whether you watch the Pussy Riot doc at this link or another one, please watch! Be open to what is happening in the world and get mad! 
Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer Documentary
"In early 2012, members of the collective donned their colourful trademark balaclavas and participated in a 40-second ‘punk prayer protest’ on the altar of Moscow’s cathedral. Once arrested, Nadia, Masha and Katia were accused of religious hatred in a trial that triggered protests and arrests in Russia and caused uproar around the world. The film reveals the personal motives and courage of the women behind the balaclavas and exposes the state of Russian justice through the court’s final verdict."
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Entertaining NA speaker. Worth listening to. Had me laughing the entire time yet agreeing with EVERY hard truth he speaks about recovery. 

#NA   #narcoticsanonymous   #12steps   #12steprecovery  
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Have her in circles
7,609 people
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Macklemore speaks honestly about his experience with drug addiction. Super honest. I think anyone -- addict or past-addict or "regular" person -- should listen to this, because someone with a famous face and name always brings more attention to a subject. 

Please listen, try to understand, and spare a thought for someone struggling through the same horrible thing.

#macklemore   #drugaddiction   #drugaddict   #recovery  
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"The remains of the corpse were found during an excavation at the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick. Examination of the skeleton revealed the man had been fatally stabbed four times in the back, twice in the left shoulder and twice in the ribs."

Interesting article, must read! Who was this 'man' and why was he stabbed to death and with what?

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Awesome Viking article! Stumped scholars for years, finally solved!

#vikings   #archaeology  
The mystery of a 900-year-old Viking message has finally been solved. Cryptologists, put down your cipher devices, because the formerly incomprehensible code that's been haunting your dreams reads in part: "Kiss me." A run...
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And its romantic too
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Adrienne Valhalla

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Adrienne Valhalla

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Anonymous present received today... Anyone here send it?? Come on, i want to thank you!
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I have it framed and hanging. It's awesome.
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Have her in circles
7,609 people
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I study Druidry, Magick, Witchcraft, Ancient Celtic History, and Arthurian Legend; Photography, Writing, Yoga, Martial Arts, Ancient Weapons/Warfare, Blacksmithing, Tarot cards, Runes, Tattoos, Teas, Numerology and Astrology, Mythology, Heathenism, World Folk music, reconstructing ancient long-lost instruments, the Bagpipes, and much much more. My occupation, if I have to define it, is: Thinker. No matter what "job" I am working, I'll never stop thinking and they can't take that away from me (insert Firefly theme song here).
  • Pagan Archaeologist, history buff. Activist. author, photographer
    all around nerd, 2001 - present
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Sudden Valley, WA
Bellingham, WA - Mount Vernon, WA - Warrenton, VA - Woodbury, NJ - Charleston, SC - Cairo, Egypt
Pagan archaeologist, history buff, author, photographer, all around nerd
Adrienne Valhalla is a Pagan following a very eclectic path, with emphasis in Celtic and Northern European traditions. I practice my own special brand of paganism--a blend of Celtic Witchcraft, Druidry, Heathenism, and a dash of Kemet studies in there somewhere. 
I am going to college for my doctorates degree in Archaeology, focusing on Celtic peoples from the pre-Roman period and from the Arthurian period (5th-6th century AD). I love to learn about new cultures and societies. Someday I hope to--no, I WILL, travel the world. 

Anti-Whaling activist, tree-hugger, and basic-environmental activist in as many ways possible.

Dr Who, Firefly, Serenity, Buffy (yes,I know, Joss Whedon-nerd right here), Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Torchwood, Monty Python, Harry Potter (only for Alan Rickman as Snape), Legend of the Seeker (the books beat the TV series hands down IMHO), BBC Sherlock! BBC Robin Hood, The Tudors, Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time, Rome (a masterpiece), Bones, almost anything on the History channel (except alien shows--they did NOT build the damn pyramids!), and uh the Big Bang Theory are favorites just to name a slight few...

I am here to meet new people, both different and like-minded. Really, I don't bite. 
Bragging rights
I have navigated this scary world through my teens and came out alive and mostly in tact....I think that's a big accomplishment in this world today. I am working on getting better at meeting and talking to new people so you should drop me a line! OH and I have a nice sword collection that I shamelessly brag about.
  • Whatcom Community College
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