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Adrienne Valhalla

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Republican Senators Just Voted To Sell Off Your National Forests
Almost every Republican Senator just voted to sell our National Forests, Wildlife Refuges and Wildernesses to the highest bidder. A budgetary amendment called SA 838 is part of ongoing, and potentially unconstitutional efforts taking place in Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Alaska and Idaho to see those states take possession of public land from the federal government, then allow the exploitation of their resources by private industry. Read the article below to find out what you can do to stop this and who exactly these senators are (including some dems).
#nationalforests   #wildliferefuges   #wilderness   #wildlife   #budget2015   #republicans   #republicanparty   #senators   #badidea   #natureconservation   #environmental   #environmentalconservation #nature
Our public lands — including National Forests, wildlife refuges and wilderness areas — are arguably our greatest treasure. Well, almost every Republican Senator just voted to sell them to the highest bidder. This is what you can do about it.
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This should concern everyone...
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Adrienne Valhalla

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Lucky lion cubs move in with humans after their zoo in Gaza is destroyed
After Israeli strikes on Gaza in 2014, the Rafah Zoo in the southern Gaza Strip struggled to recover from physical damage and the resulting economic fallout. Many of the animals died, and those that survived faced harsh conditions and malnourishment. Fortunately Saad Al-Jamal, a Palestinian man, bought and rescued Max and Mona, two-and-a-half-month-old lion cubs, and is sharing his home with them. Open the article to see their new life with humans!

#gaza   #Rafah   #rafahzoo   #lions   #cats   #bigcats   #animalconservation   #conservation  
A Palestinian man saved two lion cubs after the zoo where they were living was destroyed.
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Adrienne Valhalla

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Sign Language Rap Battle!

#signlanguage   #rapbattle   #wizkhalifa   #jimmykimmel   #jimmykimmellive   #rap  
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Gd evening
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Adrienne Valhalla

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Every few days I think I'm going to post a series titled Historyporn, a collection of the most interesting Historical photographs ever taken (and usually seldom seen). This one is Iran in 1979, days after the Revolution, where women protested the forced hijab rule/law. It's a great contrast of modern times and example of how hate, extremism, prejudice, and violence affects our lives.
#historyporn   #history   #historyphotos   #Iran   #historicalphotos   #revolution   #hijab   #islamophobia  
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+Bradley D. Thornton I really don't understand why this is an argument or disagreement. Your previous comment isn't prefaced with a dedication to the Iranian students of the time. Fluctuating between pronouns and specific nouns (Erratically using "you" and "the students") is confusing and combining verb tenses (speaking about a past event as if its in the present, and vice versa) is even more so. Plus, adding "careful what you wish for" sounds like it's aimed at me because you started the comment by addressing me by name, defining the audience as me!

Instead of blaming me for "misconstruing" your comment, maybe consider the possibility you yourself might have played a role.

No our wishes can't change what happened, but it's still important. Intention and belief shapes our present and our future, thus also affecting our past. It's nothing to be discounted.
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Adrienne Valhalla

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Ever wondered what our sky would like if we had a different star instead of the sun?

This visualization shows how the sunset could look like to a human observer if our Sun was replaced by some of the other stars in our galaxy with different sizes and magnitudes, namely Barnard’s Star, Gliese 581, Tau Ceti, Kepler-23, Alpha Centauri A, Procyon, Sirius, Pollux, Arcturus and Aldebaran.
It is just a concept, as liquid water and the Earth as we know it could not exist in the vicinity of the most stars in this graphic. Visualizations are based on the absolute brightness, spectral class and the radius of each star.       ------ by Martin Vargic

#sun   #sunset   #sunrise    #solarsystem   #universe  
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That third from top is amazing
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Adrienne Valhalla

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Helene Bøksle - Heiemo og Nykkjen
Norwegian folk song (from the Middle Ages, according to description?)

#Norwegian   #Norway   #Norwegianmusic   #folkmusic  
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Just Beautiful 🌞
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Adrienne Valhalla

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Caturday: The Photographer Who Took This Picture Barely Escaped With His Life
This photograph was snapped by Atif Saeed (Facebook, Flickr) at a safari zoo park near Lahore. He got out of his jeep to take the photo, but the sound of the lens's whizzing caught the lion's attention. Saeed figures the big cat got as close as 10 feet, before he was able to reach the safety of his jeep.
Once safely inside his vehicle, Saeed started to laugh about what had happened. But after some retrospection he came to realize just how close he came to death — and vowed to never do anything quite as reckless again.
#caturday   #photography   #animalphotography   #lions   #bigcats   #amazingphotos   #catphotography  
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Saeed:  "My, what big teeth you have!"

King of Beasts:  "Mmmm, Saeed!!"
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Adrienne Valhalla

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Wild African Elephants on Verge of Extinction
The African elephant population dropped by 80,000 from 2006 to 2013, largely because of poaching, and will be extinct in just a few decades unless action is taken!

#elephants #extinction #conservation 
The African elephant population dropped by 80,000 from 2006 to 2013, largely because of poaching
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Very sad!
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Adrienne Valhalla

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A remarkable rare 10,000 year old Stone Tool Site found in Suburban Seattle!

#archaeology #anthropology #stoneage #seattle #washington 
Archaeologists surveying the waterways of suburban Seattle have made a discovery that's likely the first of its kind in the region — an ancient tool-making site dating back more than 10000 years. The find includes thousands of stone flakes, an array of bifaces, scrapers, and hammerstones, ...
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Ah. Okay. Redmond isn't in Seattle.
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Adrienne Valhalla

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Just an article I thought was important to share, because a large amount of people don't know that most jails/prisons do not medicate inmates who are addicts and will be withdrawing while in custody! I think this is rather cruel and messed up, not to mention just compounding the problem of addiction, violence, and smuggling into jails. A dose of methadone costs the state $1.

Here is more info on methadone maintenance, know what's myth and what's fact: 
#addiction   #addictiontreatment   #americanjusticesystem   #prison   #jail  
Today, Gordon Goodwin is in federal prison in Atlanta. Not too many years ago, he was a student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, on track for law school. He enjoyed tennis and mountain biking. Today, his future looks bleak—failed by prison drug treatment policies that even the Bureau of Prisons admits don’t work, policies...
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+Ken Bruckman I agree. More than jails, I was really trying to emphasize the desperate need for a better addiction/alcoholic care system in the US. Not to even mention the medical system! Having had to personally deal with the addiction treatment system, with every option it offers, I can say for sure that its doing an incredible disservice to the addicts & the communities/citizens. It's difficult to think of a case where the harm done didn't cancel out the good, honestly.
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Adrienne Valhalla

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Spectacular Picture of Fireworks Launched From a Drone!

/u/calderwilson attached fireworks to his drone to see what would happen. This is the result.

#fireworks   #fireworksphotography   #photography   #nightphotography  
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That's a brilliant idea
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Adrienne Valhalla changed her profile photo.

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Linda maloquera 
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Have her in circles
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I study Druidry, Magick, Witchcraft, Ancient Celtic History, and Arthurian Legend; Photography, Writing, Yoga, Ancient Weapons/Warfare, Blacksmithing, Tarot cards, Runes, Tattoos, Teas, Numerology and Astrology, Mythology, Heathenism, World Folk music, reconstructing ancient long-lost instruments, the Bagpipes, violin/fiddle, piano and much much more. My occupation, if I have to define it, is: Thinker. No matter what "job" I am working, I'll never stop thinking and they can't take that away from me (insert Firefly theme song here).
Looking for the best in people.
  • Pagan Archaeologist, history buff. Activist. author, photographer
    all around nerd, 2001 - present
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Sudden Valley, WA
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Pagan archaeologist, history buff, author, photographer, all around nerd
Adrienne Valhalla is a Pagan following Northern European traditions, particularly Norse Heathenism. I am a re-constructionist as well, hoping to learn from the past  and apply those principles to the present. The word "Pagan" usually conjures ideas of "Wicca" in some people's minds...To be clear, I do not identify as Wiccan, but that is a separate debate entirely. I am going to college for my doctorates degree in Archaeology, focusing on Celtic peoples from the pre-Roman period and from the Arthurian period (5th-6th century AD). I love to learn about new cultures and societies. Someday I hope to--no, I WILL, travel the world.

Anti-Whaling activist, tree-hugger, and all around-environmental activist in as many ways possible.

Interests: Dr Who, Firefly, Serenity, Buffy (yes,I know, Joss Whedon-nerd right here), Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Torchwood, Monty Python, Harry Potter (Alan Rickman as Snape makes it all worth it), Legend of the Seeker (the books beat the TV series hands down IMHO), BBC Sherlock! BBC Robin Hood, The Tudors, The Young Turks (shout out to the liberal, progressive voice in online media / TYT Youtube Channel), Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time, Rome (a masterpiece), Bones, Fringe, Ghost Adventures (aka Ghost Bros!), almost anything on the [past] History channel (nothing but alien shows now--they did NOT build the damn pyramids!), and uh Key and Peele are favorites just to name a slight few...

I am here to meet new people, both different and like-minded. Really, I don't bite.

We must reverse Citizens United, Restore our Democracy, and Save the Republic. Join the Fight for Free and Fair Elections in America! GO TO NOW to find out how you can help. None of that messing around with the Federal Government BS...We are going State to State on the local level, with regular, average citizens, making the Peoples' voices heard -- Get Money Out of Politics!
Bragging rights
I have navigated this scary world through my teens and came out alive and mostly in tact....I think that's a big accomplishment in this world today. I am working on getting better at meeting and talking to new people so you should drop me a line! OH and I have a nice sword collection that I shamelessly brag about. OH and my DIY bow and arrows. No big deal ;-)
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