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Be sure to check out this really cool and free service that will tell you when your followers are on Twitter and will actually see your tweets.
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Thank you Adrienne..I promote my daughter's own tweets and added alot of twitter followers and this will help me get her music out and her updates by knowing when is the right time:}
and there's you saying sorry to me Adrienne. How many posts have I got to catch up on..... phew you write so quickly :) Catch you up very soon Adrienne, have a great weekend my friend :)
Glad you found this helpful Jenny and I hope your daughter appreciates how much you help her. I can see this really being beneficial for her since she's into music. Just glad it was helpful.
Ah Barry... I start feeling bad when I don't make it by on a more regular basis. We all know life gets in the way so I'll stop apologizing if you will! Deal! :-) See you when you have time and no sooner.. Now, enjoy your weekend.
Hi Adrienne, that's a deal my friend.

Thanks for making me smile Adrienne, I've had a few days of hard work trying to solve an issue with my CPU hitting max 24/7 and threatening a 500 error :( so I'm trying to find the cause and not getting very far. I'm onto the help desk now, so fingers crossed.

Off to sit with my wife now, enjoy the rest of the weekend Adrienne,
catch you up soon.

My pleasure my friend! :-) I'm so sorry you are having issues and I sure hope they'll be able to resolve them for you. Keep that chin up and know that it will all work itself out. Oh, and I'll still like you anyway! How can I not?
Enjoy the time with your wife. She's your #1!
Thanks Adrienne, still having the same issues but we'll get it solved or move hosting :) Catch up soon my friend, Barry
good find, looks like a useful app, I agree it's a tough name at first glance.
I'm loving this app Scott. I have found it to be so helpful. :-)
I'm doing really good Kim and hope you are the same!
Welcome, Hope your Saturday has been good for you. I see you work nights and weekends too..A woman that never sleeps on the job, It is why you have all these great leads for us:}
I really try to not stay on the computer as much over the weekend but I spent a good bit of my day backing up my computer and CPanel so now it's time to actually do what I would have done during that time. Had some things on my "to do" list for today because I'm not going to be around tomorrow. So, working late tonight. But, I have had a good day and the weather was fabulous. Hope you've had a good one too!
Yes, thank you.. The weather here in Texas is so beautiful today :} We women can do five things at a time and more.. Example...put the food on and laundry and watch the news on T.V and talk on phone and socialize on computer That is us Adrienne:}
It was really nice here today too. Loved it, hope it sticks around for awhile.
You are right and we can a lot done in a short period of time. But, I'm getting burnt out so I'm heading off for the night. Hope you have had a super duper day! Looking forward to a good one tomorrow as well I hope.
Fort Worth Texas weather is awesome , after all the hot days of Summer! Enjoy your Sunday Adrienne:}
It was in the low 80's today, really nice. Spent the entire day at my brother's and most of it was outside. Happy to hear you are enjoying some of this nice weather too! Hope you had a really great day!
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