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5 Top Real Estate Bloggers Featured at Buzzfeed
Here is an awesome compilation of real estate articles put together by +Bill Gassett over at +BuzzFeed.

These 5 articles come from real estate and mortgage experts that you often see posting here at Google Plus including +RESAAS | The Real Estate Social Network™ +Kyle Hiscock +MGIC and others.

Take a look at this great article and share if you find enjoyable.

#realestate #realestatetips #buzzfeed  
Here are 5 top shelf real estate articles from top bloggers who are well recognized for providing exceptional content.
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Appreciate the share +Adrienne Hollis !
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Adrienne Hollis

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How to Sell a Home While Getting Divorced
There is no question that both getting a divorce and selling a home are stressful events in ones life.

Putting both together can make people really stressed to the max! In his article +Kyle Hiscock provides some excellent pointers on how to be successful at getting your home sold.

Take a look and share if you find enjoyable.

#realestate #homesales  
Getting a divorce is not a great experience & is tricky.Add a home into the picture & it's more confusing!Find out how to sell a home during a divorce here!
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Thanks for sharing +Adrienne Hollis, I really appreciate it!
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Adrienne Hollis

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How FHA Mortgages Can Be a Problem For Home Sellers
Here is a very informative article from +Bill Gassett on how FHA mortgages can be a problem for home sellers.

As Bill mentions FHA loans are a great mortgage product however there are times when these types of loans can be a problem for home sellers.

Take a look as Bill shares 5 ways these can be problematic loans. There are some excellent articles as well from +Luke Skar and +Kyle Hiscock referenced as well.

#realestate #mortgage #fha  
Do you know how FHA loans can be problematic for home sellers? See a review of how an FHA could be a stumbling block for a home owner.
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Thanks for the share +Adrienne Hollis !
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Adrienne Hollis

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Top Real Estate Articles on
Are you using all of the tools at your disposal to get more views to your real estate blog?

Bundlr and are two fantastic sites for content marketing whether you are a real estate agent or some other business.

See how +Bill Gassett does some terrific real estate content marketing showcasing numerous great articles from multiple people.

#realestate #bundlr #contentmarketing  
See some of the best real estate content found on from top Realtors and mortgage professionals around the country.
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Sure thing +Bill Gassett !
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Adrienne Hollis

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Hire a Real Estate Marketing Expert When Selling Your Home
Here is a great tag team effort from +Joe Manausa and +Bill Gassett on the importance of hiring a real estate marketing expert when selling a home.

So many sellers just pick any ole Joe or Bill when selling a home. What a mistake!

There are huge differences when it comes to real estate marketing from one agent to the next.

Don't choose a monkey when you need an expert.

Take a look and share if you find helpful.

#realestate #homesellingtips  
Content marketing is merely the result of reverse-engineering the home selling process, from buyer questions to a sequence of information that leads them to homes that we have listed
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Appreciate the share +Adrienne Hollis !
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Adrienne Hollis

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Exceptional Tips For Selling a Home in a Buyers Market

Here is some terrific advice from +Xavier De Buck in his latest article on selling a home in a buyers market.

Xavier has some interesting tips tor making a sellers property more visible. He has some top shelf resources to other real estate experts including +Kyle Hiscock and +Bill Gassett.

Take a look and share if you enjoy it.

#realestate #homesellingtips  
5 Tips For Selling Your Home in a Buyer’s Market
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Agree 110%. That's exactly how I worded it in my article, +Kathy Clulow - RE/MAX All-Stars Realty Inc :)
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Adrienne Hollis

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8 Top Real Estate Agents Share Their Daily Habits
Do you want to be more successful as a real estate agent?
Of course the answer is yes! What do other top producing agents do on a daily basis?

Take a look as +Dustin Brohm - Salt Lake's Favorite Realtor interviews 8 outstanding agents including +Debbie Drummond +Bill Gassett +Anita Clark +Kyle Hiscock +Wendy Weir +Paul Sian and +Matt Minor.

If you find helpful give it a share.

Daily Habits of 8 Top Real Estate Agents
Lynn Pineda's profile photoDustin Brohm - Salt Lake's Favorite Realtor's profile photoAdrienne Hollis's profile photoWendy Weir's profile photo
Thanks for the mention +Adrienne Hollis!
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Adrienne Hollis

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Don't Make These Mortgage Mistakes
Excellent article via +Xavier De Buck on mistakes to avoid when purchasing a home.

Avoid all of these blunders laid out by Xavier and you will be a much happier person!

#mortgage #realestate  
10 Big First Time Home Buyer Blunders!
Are you going to be purchasing your first home in the near future?

If so you are going to want to make sure you have the smoothest of transactions. Many buyers unfortunately make very DUMB mistakes!

In his latest article +Xavier De Buck reviews some of the most common issues buyers bring upon themselves.

Take a look and don't make any of these mistakes! While you are at it make sure you check out some helpful advice from +Inlanta Mortgage - Madison and +Lynn Pineda.

If you find the article helpful give it a share.

#realestate #mortgage #realestate
10 Biggest Mortgage Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make
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Xavier De Buck's profile photoChristopher Arienti's profile photo
I'm a much happier person already once I saw you shared this post, +Adrienne Hollis! LOL

In all seriousness, a bunch of these mistakes are so easily avoidable beforehand! Think I'm going to start sending this article to every buyer who's put in an offer with me...and quiz them afterwards :)
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Adrienne Hollis

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6 Awesome Real Estate Authors Featured

Here is an excellent round-up of real estate articles put together by +Bill Gassett.

Take  a look as top experts share their knowledge including +RESAAS | The Real Estate Social Network™ +Joe Manausa +Credit Sesame Inc. +MGIC and +Kyle Hiscock.

Take a look and share if you find enjoyable.

6 Shockingly Good Real Estate Articles
Do you enjoy reading great real estate content?

There are some very talented writers that sometimes publish an article that does not get the attention it truly deserves.

One of my favorite things to do when blogging is to showcase some excellent real estate content.

Here are 6 kick ass articles you may have missed from +Braden O'Neill of +RESAAS | The Real Estate Social Network™ +Lee Davenport +Joe Manausa +MGIC +Credit Sesame Inc. and +Kyle Hiscock.

If you find these articles enjoyable please consider sharing socially.

18 comments on original post
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Good stuff!
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Adrienne Hollis

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Why Should All Realtors Have a Blog?
Have you been thinking about starting a real estate blog?

If so make sure you check out this exceptional article from +Braden O'Neill of +RESAAS | The Real Estate Social Network™ who shares the power of having your own real estate channel.

Braden has some exceptional example of top real estate bloggers to watch including +Bill Gassett +Kyle Hiscock and +Ryan Fitzgerald.

All three of these guys are real estate blogging superstars. Find out why blogging can be a game changer is this awesome article.

#realestate #blogging #socialmedia  
As a real estate agent, you need to start a blog. Online content marketing has become the new frontier for real estate agents. Why? It’s inexpensive, highly effective, and the competition is still low.
Bill Gassett's profile photoBraden O'Neill's profile photoAdrienne Hollis's profile photo
Sure thing +Braden O'Neill !
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Adrienne Hollis

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Is Home Selling Like a Valentines Day Break Up?
Here is an entertaining article over at +Huffington Post regarding how selling as home can be filled with stress much like a break up.

+Bill Gassett was quoted in the article giving his expertise on properly pricing a home.

Take a look and share if you enjoy it!

#realestate #valentineday  
Have you ever sold a home that felt like a bad break up from a romantic relationship? Or, are you selling a home now but unsure why your emotions are in flux? Then you are not alone! Selling a...
farooque ahmed's profile photoBill Gassett's profile photoAdrienne Hollis's profile photoVifhhfg Hggg's profile photo
My pleasure +Bill Gassett very entertaining!
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Adrienne Hollis

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Exceptional Real Estate Marketing
Here is an excellent article from +Kyle Hiscock on real estate marketing that can set you apart from others.

There are some great sites that agents should be taking advantage of - many of them don't!

Take a look at some of the top shelf resources in the article including a few from +Bill Gassett.

If you find the article helpful give it a share!

#realestate #realestateagent  
Real estate marketing strategies should be important for sellers.There are real estate marketing strategies that top agents are using, find out here!
Kyle Hiscock's profile photoBill Gassett's profile photoAdrienne Hollis's profile photo
My pleasure!
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Real Estate For RE/MAX in Hopkinton, Holliston, Franklin, and Grafton Massachusetts.
Office administrator for RE/MAX Executive Realty in Hopkinton Massachusetts, One of the top Real Estate companies in the Metrowest area. I have been working for RE/MAX for the past decade. RE/MAX Executive Realty has dominant Real Estate market share in a number of communities including Hopkinton, Holliston, Milford, Franklin, Grafton, Upton and Ashland.

I like to follow what goes on in the world of Real Estate here at Google Plus. I have joined most of the Google Plus Real Estate Communities and enjoyi sharing great content. While in Real Estate over the past decade I have come to realize that some of the most successful Realtors are using SEO and social media tools in their every day business. I enjoy sharing these tools from time to time to help other Realtors boost their business.

There are some Realtors that seem to just get it and being top producers comes naturally to them. I enjoy helping people achieve their goals both at RE/MAX and online.

The Real Estate market in my neck of the woods has done better than many other across the country. We are located in a vibrant area where the job market and local economy has remained strong. Most of our Real Estate offices are located in Metrowest Massachusetts. The Metrowest area is located about 25 -30 miles West of Boston. It has become one of the most popular areas for Real Estate in the state due to it's proximity to major routes along with top notch school systems.

The world famous Boston Marathon actually starts where I live in Hopkinton MA!

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Love this place & the owner Jimmy Perry! Shows all the current movies as well as Pats games a super fun place to enjoy friends & family for short money😊
Public - 2 weeks ago
reviewed 2 weeks ago
Lynn does an excellent job with her real estate business in and around the Coral Spings area of Florida. I have referred my family to Lynn and she has always done an excellent job especially when it comes to communication. If you are thinking of buying of selling in the Coral Springs area be sure to give Lynn a call.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Bill is a terrific Realtor who does a great job with all his clients. His website and blog are easily found online giving his clients fantastic exposure! I have observed for years what a hard worker he is.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
6 reviews
We have referred a couple of people to Water Front properties and they have always done an excellent job. If you are selling a home in the Jupiter area make sure you give them a call as they have an outstanding marketing department that really knows how to make their clients home visible online. They use social media including Google Plus to do an excellent job of marketing!
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Bill is one of the hardest working Realtors I know. Whether you are looking to sell a home from Framingham to Hopkinton to Milford or anywhere else in the Metrowest Massachusetts area make you at least call Bill for an interview! There are very few real estate agents who provide the extensive visibility Bill provides his clients online. You will have a Realtor that knows what it takes to get the job done. His marketing package is second to none including great photography, detailed listing descriptions, video tours and of course his real estate blog that he uses to maximize his clients exposure. If you are looking to sell real estate give Bill a call , you won't be disappointed.
• • •
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago