Do you use Google Calendar? We'd like to hear from you if you do!

A few members of the Google Calendar Team are hosting a Hangout this coming Tuesday to talk about the new look. Do you have a question for them? If you do, post it in the comments and I'll ask it!

The Hangout will be streamed and recorded so keep an eye out for that, and if you're interested in participating in the discussion let me know. It will take place at 8am PST on Tuesday, February 21st.
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I would use it more if I could create share-able public events that I could link to on G+.

But other than that I'm ok with new look, but almost exclusively use Google Calendar from the apps on my phone and tablet.
I use it daily. Birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, setting up Ninja outings.

But to echo +Keith Heard's point, I'd love share-able events.
Oh, also, I'd love (I think I've mentioned this around here somewhere before) calculations in Google an event that spans every day in a month that will keep a running total of debits and credits to, e.g., a checking account or a grocery budget or whatever. I would cherish this feature.
+Mark Palmberg I feel like we're barreling off the topic at light speed, but I'm very curious what you mean. Do you mean 30 separate recurring events, or one month long event?

If it's 30 separate events, do you want to enter values into the notes section each day and have them sum? Where would you enter the value? Where would the sum show up?

I'm just curious because I think you could create a Google Docs spreadsheet, with a form for entering data, and if you want it to be tied to an event you could just link to the form in the notes.
Well, here's the scenario, +Keith Heard (and thanks for your reply). I allocate, say, $1,000 for groceries for the month on March 1. Call it a month-long event. On the 7th, I spend $140 on groceries. I add this debit on the 7th, and my "Monthly groceries" event reflects the adjusted price. Where and how are matters I leave to the geniuses at Google; this is why I pay the big bucks for their products. ;)
I use Google Calendars all the time and I love it! It pretty much runs my schedule.
I use GCal everyday and have for 2 years now, both business and personal, and would be lost without it.
Not only do I use Google Calendar, but you can call me a "google calendar evangelist" in my circle...

I use it to be reminded of any task that I have to do, but especially with my university classes' program.

If there was a feature that I would like to be implemented, that would be some smart-understanding of text inputs or some Siri-like voice feature.

It may also not be this team's responsibility, but the android calendar app isn't up to par with the online product.

Thanks again for this amazing service.
+Mark Palmberg that's a very interesting idea. That'd be like scripting the event name.

I don't know if it's realistic for them to do, but it could be possible to add the equivalent of a simple spreadsheet inside the event similar to the notes section, and you could reference a cell value in the event name. So as you added values to the spreadsheet notes, it would adjust the event name accordingly.

I think it could be very useful from a budget and program management standpoint, but I don't know if leaving that kind of functionality to spreadsheets would be best, to limit exposure to confusion/bugs/compatibility issues.
And since we're all tossing in feature requests that probably can't be handled by this team, I'll ask about having read-only access to public calendars from mobile devices :)
You mean you don't, yet, +Matthew Tolic. I can color code events I add to my calendar. What about something as "simple" as adding a "function" (god, I know so much about programming) that sums numerical values by color, either within a running event or in a note?
I have a feature request, can you try and fit more 1 hour sections into the 24 hour day period? I think I would be able to get much more done if you could make it say have 36 hours per day rather than the standard 24!
Sharing is a really important part of google calendar for me, I just wish it was easier to share some stuff in detail and other stuff in general without juggling more than one personal calendar.
Overall no real complaints on the new look and a lot of thank yous for more color choices.
+Charles Hogge and I run +Google Shared Calendars, which uses a public Google Calendar to keep track of all the events happening in and around Google+, such as On-Air Hangouts, public themed Hangouts, G+ photowalks, HIRLs, and concerts. GCal is an invaluable tool that has kept us organized, and we use it multiple times a day.

We've embedded the calendar here google plus shared events | gsharedcalendars so that the entire G+ community can benefit from it.

Of course, we've just added this event to our calendar too :) Anyone reading this can automatically add a reminder for this event to their GCal by clicking here:

I personally like the new look. Thanks, Adrienne & GCal Team!
I'd love to join. I have some ideas about gmail integration, g+ integration, and an introductory video idea.
+Mark Palmberg the issue isn't making it work, it's in making it something easily disseminated to all the other ways you can access Google Calendar than the desktop site, so that the correct information is displayed but it is also editable across multiple platforms that have never seen anything like that functionality.

Third-party clients still have trouble just dealing with GMails labels, last I used one, for instance.
+Mark Palmberg That's one solution, but I would much prefer something like Facebook's solution where it is publicly listed on my calendar but not on a public calendar along with everyone else's. I want to be able to make an event on my calendar for people to meet up for lunch/movie/party and then post the link for certain Circles to see.

But that's a good solution for what it is.
one of my absolute favorite app that I use to track everything from anniversaries, formula 1 calendars, cricket matches, TV shows, travel plans. one of my current favorite feature (from labs) is the ability to attach documents to my events. So, its great to attach a subway map to a travel itinerary to a new city, which I can then access on my phone. I also love that I can share and plan events cooperatively with family and friends (even those travelling from another country).
I use it very heavily - with at least a dozen active calendars going at any one time, shared various with family, friends and colleagues to coordinate home life, social life and work events. I also sync in complicated ways with my Mac calendars and with, when I can't help it, Outlook.
+Mark Palmberg - We embed them into a Google Site prior to sharing the link to the website. Then you can simply click the "+Calendar" link at the bottom of the calendar and add it to yours. You can also publish an individual event if the calendar and the event are both public by clicking "publish" at the bottom of the event and copying only the link out of the coding. That link is really long so we use to shorten it.
+Charles Hogge any idea if there's a Chrome extension to grab a shortened link to a public event on a public calendar and copy it to the clipboard or something?
Thanks for those details, +Charles Hogge. Given how many people are setting up Hangouts on G+, I'd like to see an "Event" button added to the photo, video, link and location buttons you see when you create a new post here. Clicking it would take you to (where else?) your calendar, where you could pick an existing event to share or create one on the fly. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
+Keith Heard - You can now create "Appointment Slots" for times that you are free and others can then add a dinner or something like that to your schedule for you to verify.
+Charles Hogge thanks for the offer, but I don't want anyone to see an event except for the people I send the links to, or whoever they may send it to.
+Mark Palmberg - A chrome extension could easily take care of something like that. I am looking to advance our services to include some of the better features of FB Calendar into our functionality. I have no programming knowledge but I have created a monster that get's a lot of attention which I try to share as openly as possible. If you would like to discuss more please contact me personally.
+Keith Heard - You could just create a separate calendar with only those events on them and share that calendar with everyone who needs to be updated. That way you aren't bothering them with event invite constantly. This is all depending on how you want to use the calendar.
+Charles Hogge very sparingly! Just to be able to make an event and share it with the appropriate friends/family every once in a while (probably 5 times a year lol).
I just don't think it should take so much setup. There should be a link on every event on my calendar that I can share with other people that can take them right to it, I shouldn't need to have it shared on someone else's site.
I use it, and I share it with some folks, too. So yes, I would like to hear more. I will tell you that it doesn't work great on my Android phone. My chief complaint is this: say you are looking at the initial view of the calendar, which on my phone is the current month. If you press a specific day, that usually is not the day that opens up. I find it usually opens to the last day I had open on my phone. Not helpful. When you press a day on the calendar, I would think that would be the day that should open.

I don't know how much you all work with the app, but that's my big thought. Maybe I have something wrong in the settings.

I'd also like it if you could change colors for appts in the quick add.
Love G-Calendar! Could not do without it!
It is my most used Google service other than Gmail. I could not survive without it.
I do use it. A lot actually! All my agenda is in it!

Questions I have is about it being integrated to Google+, so that we can create events and invite people and Circles from here!
And I am very interested in Tasks, that have so many potential but I don't see it being developed. There could be the ability to set priorities and link a task to a place...

So many do improve! =D
Calendar is excellent - great integration with Android is a major plus. I'd really like to see Tasks see some major advances to include task sharing (like calendars) and integration with Gmail (tag people, flag emails for follow up) would be great features, especially for Google Apps customers.
I've been using Google Calendar as my personal calendar for about 3 years and love it. Some requests:
1) Display the day of the week in the ICS date-picker. It serves as a verification that you have the right date, plus many informal appointments are arranged by day of the week rather than date (e.g. "Let's meet Tuesday.").
2) Add a "Create another" function, especially in the Android apps that creates a new meeting from an old one and lets you edit it. It would be really handy for creating follow-up meetings, appointments, dates, etc.
I wasn't busy until now with the calendar ,but ,yes I'm interested ,I 've still other things in G+ ,which are not clear to me + a lot of others, and there are things in Gmail ,too,like - how to share in Circles with members,who protect their privacy so far ,that I don't have adresses of my Circle - Members for to share with a link. As long I get head-ache in G+. ,from all the other imprtant Features ,I don't know ,how to integrate my Calendar.
I don't find enough related help-text for G+, ,as if there are people ,who know everything - and those -who don't understand special G+ Features -Chat!!Big Problem!Share-Problem! Hangout -Problem !
How-to configure my Mailbox - thats now about Gmail : I see in G+ ,left side ,under Labels ,also above-by Labels ,and "move to" Categories and Circles .
That is better ,but also confusing ,as long I don't know my Circle - Members ,and don't have their real Gmail - Adres.Instead of adding me with personal Information,I see so often : ......hasn't shared anything with you ,I look ,what person it is ,who adds me to a circle- and I don't see under the profile Picture (if there is any !)a possibility - to send a personal message /e-mail.
I was beginning ,to configure Contacts (I'm not ready ): I collect URLs ,Chat-or Profile adresses ,and then I hope to get an Overview .
Many people on G+ wants Fun in the first place , and the lucky Ones ,who know all howto's inG+,are not interested to help.Google's advice is : take G+ /a Top- Contributor - or somebody like you ,Adrienne -in your circles ,and I saw you before on the G+-on G+ Site/Overview of Circles of G+ ,you're so popular ,but you look as if you are a nice person,So I'm the 10813th ,who want you in circles.
yes,i like to ues
Can't make hangout, but new colors (event colors) are no good. Well, I am sure they are fine. But you need more options. Darker colors. Not just pastels. New layout is great. New look is great. Colors? Not so much.
yes i do want cleander
<rant> In a couple months it will be the one year anniversary of the day Google ruined Google Calendar (4/18/2011). Does Google listen to it's users any more? 269 posts by 172 authors almost one per day all saying the same thing in one thread, and 1,790 hits on a search for the associated error message. Dennis the Tiger's message on 5/1/11 is funny in retrospect "I spoke to Adrienne before the weekend, and she has taken note of the situation - as well as the suggestion for using the alternate email addresses as calendar IDs themselves, which ff-gtoolbar-user had suggested a few days ago. Mind you, this was on Friday afternoon - and from what I've seen, the gang at Google don't tend to keep weekend hours." </rant>
Thanks everyone for your comments and questions - I've added them to the list and I hope we'll be able to get to them all. Also, if you're interested in joining, watch for the Hangout at 8am PST and join if you're able.
Sorry I wasn't able to get to the Hangout. Please read!category-topic/calendar/report-an-issue/sharing-and-inviting/google-chrome/XteKU5wUB7c
At first glance it may look like old news, but please do not discard as a repeat of previous threads, as it contains new information of which you might not be aware. In particular that the ongoing debate/rant about the 4/18 change has unfortunately masked an actual major software defect (unintended consequence) which has gone unnoticed by Google, and that this defect could be fixed while keeping the intended 4/18 policy change intact.

Key point is that the 4/18 policy change and the unintended defect associated with it's implementation are two separate topics which have been confused with one another resulting in a communication failure between the Calendar team and the user community. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
shoot-missed it. hope it was great

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The fact that synching Outlook 2010 64-bit requires run as admin is unacceptable.
This requirement breaks the desktop search that we need.
Please fix this.
so cool honey
I would attend just to complain about google calendar shifting all my appointments by an hour due to dst... just cause we 'spring' forward doesn't mean my 10am appointment is suddenly at 11am... of course, I would need a time machine to go back to Feb 21st...
I'm a big fan of Google Calendar. I use it for all my personal appointments, etc. and do use multiple calendars, but haven't had the occasion to do much sharing yet.

I have two pet wishes, one for the Android app and one for all forms of access:
-- in the Android app, please modify the date picker to show the day off the week. If I'm planning to meet someone for lunch in two weeks, we're much more likely to be talking about the day of the week than the date alone. On my Galaxy Nexus (with stock ICS), the date picker only shows the date so I frequently have to save, then go back in to make a correction.
-- On all platforms, please add the option to create a new appointment from an old one, copying all the prior information. One of many applications for this would be when a doctor says he/she would like to see you again in two weeks or whatever. Today you have to reenter all the appointment details. With this proposal you would simply pick the current appointment, select "Create another," and adjust the date and possibly the time.
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