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Just got it yesterday! The wait is over :)

+Comcast Please keep your appointments. After sitting and waiting for my 3p-5pm install today I was told the technician has completed the outside work. No call or any notice that +Comcast wouldn't be here for the install as planned. I jumped through your hoops and confirmed my appointment via the automated system and this is what I get for doing my part.

Now I have to wait another week for a technician to hopefully show up.

This is really poor customer service +Comcast !!

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Not sure if these interest you or not.

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from Wikipedia "In addition to Avon, Cooper Tire manufactures tires under the associated brand names Dean, Mastercraft and Starfire.[12] Cooper Tire formerly manufactured all tires sold under the Sears Guardsman brand at Sears, Roebuck & Co. stores. Cooper manufactures tires for Discount Tire Company under the Arizonian brand name, and Futura Tires for Pep Boys. Cooper Tire also manufactures Hercules branded tires in Findlay, Ohio."
Thoughts on these anyone?? Looking for a low cost replacement for a Ford Focus. I've never bought REAL cheap tires before so I'm trying to get all the input I can! 

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Thanks for an awesome event last night +Randy Peterson! Frontline Defender was awesome. The prize foils and booster packs are much appreciated.

Happy One Year Anniversary Frontline Games!

+Dan Carroll since you keep an eye on some of the secondary card market fluxing. Watch to see if Staff of the Death Magus makes a jump now.

Anyone ever run a cocktrice only event? Something like a player run event.

As much as I've read about booster drafting with it, it seems things typically fall apart after the 1st round.

I guess it would be more conducive to constructed play.

I'd love to hear some tips and tricks. 

Question for the cockatrice users here. 

How is drafting on cockatrice?

What is the best way to go about it?

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For casual play, are the Duel Masters and Kaijudo playable with each other? The cards look very similar and seem to pull from a similar mythos.
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