So, who else has the "OPS" button burned into their screen?
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L8 here with many, many, many hours on an N7 and Droid Bionic. No screen burn here. What is your device?
That's not been a problem here on my N7 or G'nex. What device runs android with a screen tech where burn-in is even a possibility? AFAIK neither LCD nor OLED screens have any phosphors to burn an image into... 
no problem with my galazy nexus though.. also on Verizon
Yeah, OLEDs can burn in, unfortunately. My GNex got burn in as well and I know others that have too. I switched to the Nexus 4 around the time I started the game otherwise I'd probably have Ingress burn in too.
Huh, learn something new every day. I guess I've just been lucky. 
The Nexus 7 does have some temporary ghosting issues, annoying having it plugged in on the home screen(with screen stays on from the developer options) then switching to a dark app and having the Time from the clock widget in the middle of your screen :/
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