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If you need to move to #Linux you can contact me in the local area and I can help with a free install of  #gentoo  #debian   #ubuntu

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Well, even if time() isn't random, your RSA private key is probably pretty random

Not sure if I want to laugh or cry. 
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Adrian Marius Popa

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nice Battle Ready Nginx - an Optimization Guide

Applied already to production sites
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Feels a bit Gentoo-ish, as in "let's fiddle with everything, just because we can". I doubt 'access_log off' is worth it, and the low keepalive_timeout is actually against any modern web performance guideline.

Perhaps useful in a CDN/cache kind of setup.
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Adrian Marius Popa

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No sound in #lubuntu  14.04 so what's happened ?

pulse audio was started after dist-upgrade , so i had to purge it to have sound again 

sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio
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Upgraded to #Lubuntu  14.04 

waiting for the bay trail issue

but all in all is a great distro 
Upgraded to #ubuntu 14.04, thanks developers
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Adrian Marius Popa

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Solved to compile nondigest and digest assets  for #Rails  4

with this task
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engineyard is powered by gentoo , to install phantomjs dependencies for the binary sudo emerge chrpath fontconfig dev-libs/openssl
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Good news everyone #Ubuntu classic still exists in #Trusty Tahr 14.04
if you don't like unity and scopes and amazon ads

sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

Log Out and then choose it from the login manager  Gnome Flashback

Is like nothing changed
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Handling my music collection with git-annex

git-annex is a recent tool allowing to manage files with git without having theirs contents checked into git.

Overview of a peer connection lifetime – Групи Google

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Schneier on Security: Surveillance by Algorithm

kashmarek • March 5, 2014 6:56 AM. The NSA looks at all of it. If their version of "collected" is what they want, then they shouldn't collec

lubuntu blog: Trusty Tahr β1

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Firebird and Unicode databases

The first encounter with unicode databases and collations on Firebird may be confusing, as it was for me and it may take some time to grasp

Android-x86 4.4-RC1 released - Grupuri Google

Android-x86 4.4-RC1 released, Chih-Wei Huang, 14.02.2014 09:53. After several months of development, I'm glad to announce the 4.4-RC1, a can

Improved OS X look of the upcoming LibreOffice 4.3

The last week, just after FOSDEM, I was one of the lucky ones who participated in the LibreOffice UX Hackfest that was generously hosted by

10 best commercials made with Blender in 2013 | Libre Graphics World

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Patchfield introduces concepts of JACK audio server to Android | Libre G...

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Kivy Showcase

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LibreOffice Impress Remote

Get yourself the free presentation remote control app for LibreOffice! The LibreOffice Impress Remote is an app to interact with your slides

[ANN] Kivy 1.8.0 released - Grupuri Google

[ANN] Kivy 1.8.0 released, Mathieu Virbel, 31.01.2014 11:38. Hi everyone,. We are pleased to announce Kivy 1.8.0. Kivy is a full featured fr

UTF-8 Everywhere

Microsoft has, ever since, mistakenly used 'Unicode' and 'widechar' as synonyms for 'UCS-2' and 'UTF-16'. Furthermore, since UTF-8 cannot be

Benchmarking ruby 2.1 and rubinius 2.0 - Coder idiosyncrasy

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A Year on Angular on Rails: A Retrospective Localytics

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Why CCP is still using Python 2 - RobG3D

Website and Blog of Rob Galanakis, technical dude.

FBScanner 3.6.1 is released - Le blog de TetraSys

FBScanner 3.6.1 is released. New version of FBScanner (3.6.1) is released. FBScanner is an unique tool to trace and audit Firebird (1.0 - 2.

14 Steam Machines propel Linux gaming to the top

Valve's lineup of Linux-powered Steam Machines from 14 different manufacturers run the gamut from embedded consoles to tower PCs, and start

Ruboto Core

This is the common platform for running Ruboto Ruby applications.You need to install this app on your device to run some Ruboto apps.See htt

Here we usually meet for the Linux users group and we are very satisfied by the quality of the service music and coldness of the beer
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The Wifi is great at the hotel , i have downloaded the linux kernel in no time and rebuilded it , in the room 15 , The house is old and in a way i like it does have the old feeling : you know is the hotel near the castle on the castel hill :) The windows are are made from an old technology named glass also the room was well heatead What about the service ? it's a family business so it's quite nice to talk with the people here and i loved the kayaks on the walls If you want to eat i recommend the traditional british stuff , ask at the kitchen They do have a bar , so no minibar jokes , it's a real bar with all the drinks included : guiness... The traditional english breakfast is great and is good to start the day with full power , What i loved is watching people in the morning jogging and biking / rushing to the work places All in all i loved that is small and not so crowded and all too modern
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