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The security community was visiting San Francisco for the annual RSA Conference this week.  I shared some information about Android security and have had lots of requests for the slides, so here's a link:
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I don't think it was recorded -- but I'm asking the folks at RSA.
I didn't write any speaker notes.  If it would be helpful, I can go back and add in some bullet points.  Also happy to answer any questions directly, here.
(woops, deleted my previous comment about downloading w/speaker notes)

I noticed there were some on the first couple slides, but not after. Going through them now. Wish I could have been there =)
+Oliver Doepner FIPS certification is generally specific to a particular device because each device is built from source (vs. a binary OS distro like Windows).  Certification would be easy for an OEM to pursue since Androids crypto is nearly all built on OpenSSL, which has been certified countless times. I believe multiple OEMs, including Samsung and Motorola, have obtained FIPS certification for devices.  
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