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Adrian Howard

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Listen to me ramble incoherently about user story mapping ;-)
New show! We talk to +Adrian Howard about user story mapping and to +Mike Beasley about web analytics as a user experience research tool.
Interviews with Adrian Howard and Mike Beasley recorded at UXLx 2015. Adrian regularly teaches and speaks on integrating Lean, UX and Agile methods and Mike is the author of Practical Web Analytics for User Experience. First we talk to Adrian about story mapping and learn about the differences between story mapping and journey mapping as well …
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Adrian Howard

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A little experiment to see if having some online chats about Balanced Team would be fun ;-) #balancedteam  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Adrian Howard. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Balanced Team Banter, August 2014
Thu, August 28, 2014, 10:00 AM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Sorry to miss this morning. Just watched the stream. So awesome. I was particularly intrigued by the experiment conversations.

What has been working for me is understanding that there's a difference between the event page that you post for the event and the actual Hangout on Air. So before (and after so people can watch the stream) you use the event URL.

Then you share the Hangout on Air URL once you're broadcasting so that people can jump into the live event. If they go to the Event page they can only watch the stream. Since the limit on Hangouts on Air is 10 people - this is actually a helpful feature.

I'm happy to share my other random hard won knowledge on the subject :). BTW, if you'd like to see a very interactive Hangout community you could see She's been doing the Robot Party for over a year. 

Adrian, there were a few bits like David Bland's experiment board that we could share in the event. I've been tracking the versions but don't think I've seen him post the most recent. It would be fun to get a pointer to the Kanban flow vs the Agile estimation route. Also hadn't seen the #NoEstimate hashtag - will go explore!

Thanks so much for organizing. I'm also isolated with a health adventure and this was perfect for keeping connected with the Balanced Team Community.
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Adrian Howard

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Nice. The only one I'd niggle with is "A poor PO can damage velocity, but a good one cannot improve it" - coz a good PO makes it more likely that the team as a whole will figure out better ways to break down stories. So while a good alone is not sufficient to improve velocity, I do think it's necessary.
I frequently have to address questions about velocity, so in the interest of time I present all the answers here in a short post: Velocity is a gauge, not a control knob. You can't just turn up the velocity -- you can only b...
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+Tim Ottinger Oh! I certainly didn't mean to imply that the PO should be telling the team what to do! I'm saying a good PO collaborating with everybody else makes it more likely that folk will get better at breaking down things into small useful chunks of business value.

(... and personally I'm not a huge fan of having clear blue water between the PO and everybody else... why can't we all - y'know - work together ;-)
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Adrian Howard

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"we don't need more Captain Kirk or more Mister Spock"

That's coz they're nothing, nothing I say, without Bones ;-)
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Adrian Howard

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Melissa Perri will be answering your questions about Lean Product Management
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Adrian Howard

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How about Consensus (we all wanna do this) > Agreements (we all agree to do this, even if some of us don't want to) > Orders (you folk go do this)?
This is not a manifesto. It looks a lot like a rather famous manifesto (the middle of it anyway) but it is not a manifesto. This is just a set of principles that I've successfully applied in numerous personal and professional...
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I have OOSC, and even refer to it sometimes for some of its beautiful metaconcepts. 
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Adrian Howard

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My summary would be:
* I understand the definition (I think ;-)
* It's not a globally accepted definition in the physical architecture world
* I think it's different enough from how most of the world defines IA that it will sow more confusion than clarity
* I don't think that agile & lean has a predisposition against architecture (in this sense). Quite the opposite if anything. So interested in Part 2 ;-)

Oh - and here are some quotes from some practicing architects:

On the construction of Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, UK 1974-1978:

"The customary way of designing is that the architect is trained to design and then to bring in engineers to translate that design - make it stand up. I think that's [a] totally inadequate way of designing. I want to know whilst I'm in the process of designing. I want to know what the possibilities are." - Norman Foster, Architect

"It is very difficult to define in the end exactly who designed precisely what in the building. In the situation we're talking about here the engineer is part of a complete team of people." - Anthony Hunt, Structural Engineer

"Sitting around a round table which is non-hierarchical that was considered radical and revolutionary as a way of working"  - Norman Foster, Architect

On the six year construction of the Lloyds building:

"It's the nearest thing I could imagine to being, to working on a medieval cathedral where there is this broad idea of principles, but then the nature of the fabric of it was still being designed as it was being constructed." - Graham Stirk, Architect, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
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Sorry - I didn't mean your piece ;-) Just that generally the architecture metaphors that UX folk use don't seem terribly grounded in the reality of how architects work. At least from the architects I know anyway!
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Passionate about creating great software. User Experience advocate. Agile fanatic. Testing bigot. Lean Startup convert.
Passionate about creating great software. User Experience advocate. Agile fanatic. Testing bigot. Lean Startup convert.

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