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Calm down. It's only ones and zeros.
Calm down. It's only ones and zeros.

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We are the Bizarro Universe. From The Scottish Sunday Herald's TV listings:
Scotland wins Trump troll of the week.

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Movies Reimagined for Another Time and Place.

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Adam Buxton and The Brothers McLeod present their humorous take on the making of Warszawa from David Bowie's classic album Low. In his book of the same name about the making of the album, Hugo Wilcken writes that "Bowie and Eno really did come up with ideas through random chance cards, Visconti described the Eventide H910 Harmonizer (an early pitch shifter) as 'fucking with the fabric of time,' and he really did do more than people think to make that album what it eventually became."

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Go ahead and be grumpy, it won't kill you.

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Calvin's wager

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Charlie Hebdo's response to the Paris attacks in its latest issue.

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Over 3 hours of "the deepest, most beautiful jazz you've probably never heard," featuring various artists from the 1970s Strata East label.
Track List of this +Gilles Peterson's jazz music selection :
Strata East Mix Part1
1. Music Inc - On The Nile 
2. Gil Scott Heron - Peace Go With You Brother 
3. Clifford Jordan - 872
4. Billy Harper - Soulfully, I Love You/Black Spiritual of Love
5 . Mtume - Invocation
6. Charles Rouse - In His Presence Searching
7. Cecil Payne - Girl You Got A Home
8. The Piano Choir - Nation Time 
9. Milton Marsh - Monism
10. The New York Bass Violin Choir - John Coltrane
11. Brother Ah - Beyond Yourself
12. Stanley Cowell - Travelin Man
13. Harold Vick - Stop And Cop
14. Gil Scott Heron - Your Daddy Loves You
15. Descendants of Mike and Phoebe - Chick Chick
16. Billy Parker’s 4th World - Get With It
17. Composer’s Workshop Ensemble - Sub Structure
18. Charles Tolliver - Wilpan’s 
19. Jayne Cortez - How Long Has Trane Been Gone
20. Pharaoh Sanders - Prince of Peace
21. Cecil Mcbee - Voice of the 7th Angel
22. Dick Griffin - Jakubu’s Dance
23. Billy C - Both Sides Now

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Not that excited about the latest Star Wars installment. Now this I would see!

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A reader of Britain's Daily Mail attempts to address the Middle East situation in a letter entitled "Clear as mud."
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