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Beach with my boys.
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On location for the new Entourage Movie
+Jacob The Entourage movie is already in motion, once Mark Wahlberg & Co. work out the finer details production will be scheduled. The big rumor right now is will President Obama be in the movie
Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, Larry Charles, Robb Weiss, Denis Biggs and Ally Musika produced the series with a one camera set up if you can believe that. Who knows if Mark Wahlberg will bring in other producers for this project
Debra T
Looking good boys!
Man, you're so cool I'm feeling the breeze as I type.
from SPAIN, ¿¿para cuando la película??
the boys look surprised by whatever Adrian is trying to pitch them. Probably funny as hell, but may have to wait until the movie comes out to find out. In the meantime maybe Wahlberg can read my book, "The Nostradamus Descendant", and realize that it would make a good film project for him!
I wish this movie hurries up!!
when,...we're can see?
Debra T
you just get better and better looking.
Thank you Debra. I try and work out~~
i alway holp everybody happy, hiiii........!
my name katty. i am vietnamse, i holp always your happy...! night to meet you! hiii
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