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Relationship trouble? Tell Dr. Adrian all about it....send me your questions and I will pick one to answer next week
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Well, I'm not in a "relationship" but I certainly would appreciate a few 1st date tips. I find that my first date nerves get the better of me and they never seem to want a second date!
Whats up with cheating? Why do people cheat? and Why does the partner stick around?
Over 15 years ago, your dad was my teacher in 7th and 8th grade in Lancaster Ohio. Ask him why he sent me to the principal's office every time I talked to the ladies.
I need advice: How do you deal with a situation in which the relationship is long distance, you met online, you've never met this significant other, but you've fallen in love w/each others souls by talking on the phone/msging. you tried meeting once, but the other person didn't follow through. The person apologized but still wants to continue the relationship, they claim to have abandonment issues. What should a girl do?! >=\
Can you put me in your show?
+Tanya Chacon Seen some fall prey to this. It only works out in movies, or in astronomically rare cases. If it's killing you, meet in person to get it over with.
this is fun I would love group therapy lol it gets you thinking of everyone else's problems the cheating one is a good question answer would be because they are looking elsewhere for something that is missing if they felt complete in their relationship they wouldn't cheat in case he doesn't answer this one Gabrielle maybe asked it lol my question is why doesn't Adrian do a show like Frasier? lol radio ya know? He'd be living my dream ok nuff said buenos noches..
How do you tell someone your not in love with them anymore?
Dr. Adrian is it possible to be back to be friends after a relationship?? is it weird?? hope this consultation is free :p
What do you think about a pas relation ships do you believe will be friends
I cooked for you on set of Drive me Crazy while you were filming in Utah. Then we just seem to keep running into each other, such as at your friends concert ...a few years back during Sundance Film Festival. Anyways. Just wanted to say thanks for always being a gentleman and actually making me feel like you remembered me each time.

My relationship issue... I fell in love with my best friend and I don't want to destroy things between us. I know he isn't ready for a relationship and I want to be patient, but I also keep day dreaming about us as a couple and I am afraid it's getting obvious...but I don't know how to stop. I mean, why wouldn't you want to spend your life with your best friend?!
Good morning have a sweet lovely day
I Feel Always Vomiting, Sir What I Do? Plz Reply Me
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