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Playing with Black & White in Lightroom 3

Bought a book recently (on special as it is now outdated really) by +Scott Kelby on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 (which I only bought late last year before the new release update early this year to version 4).

Have always wanted to be better at Lightroom and how to use all the tools. I was particularly interested in what photos would be good for Black & White treatment and then how to get the best out of them. I revisited some older photos I have taken to see what I could do with them utilising my new learnings/ understanding.

Have to say some certainly do seem much 'punchier' in their new Black & White form. The main photo of my dog Annabelle does come up quite nicely.

Still lots to learn but that's part of the fun!

#blackandwhite #dogphotography #Japan #streetphotography
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Nice results +Adrian Greig you even made the Anzac Bridge look interesting. I have that same book, and the +Scott Kelby CS5 book. Easy to follow and learn from. The first thing I do when I upgrade to LR4 and CS6 will be to upgrade the books!
Hey +Andrew Kearney. I had never seen the Anzac bridge up close so was surprised when you labelled my photos. This isn't the Anzac bridge. In fact it is this bridge in Japan here The Akashi-Kiakyo bridge in Japan that spans between Kobe and Awaji Island. The brother in law lives over there and it was how we travelled to get to where he lives. I couldn't resist the snap when I saw those lines. It is surprisingly similar.
Oooer, it did LOOK like th Anzac Bridge. I am going to have to have a better look next time. I have just googled the Akashi-Kiakyo Bridge and they are nothing alike. Goes to show how angles can make a difference. I still like the reuslts you got converting you pictures to B&W.
+Andrew Kearney you're right these bridges do not look alike. Now I have to dig deep in the memory and work out where on this trip this was taken. I know it was on this same road. Challenge is on now! :)
Oops. Makes you want to save up for a GPS :)
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