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I write fantasy novels, I chase tornadoes & I fight with swords. Let's have an adventure!
I write fantasy novels, I chase tornadoes & I fight with swords. Let's have an adventure!

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Driven To Drink - The Climb #123

Wednesday 24th May 2017
Creating the vlogs every day is a challenge.
Firstly there’s videoing the content.  It’s about little things like bothering to take that camera into the diner with you as much as the large things such as remembering to video some event going on.  The trick is to capture the moment and that’s difficult to do when you have a huge rode mic reminding people that they’re being filmed.
People tend to act to camera.  You have their consent but still you want to make sure that you capture those personal moments without capturing those personal details.  It can be a subtle difference but thankfully, due to what I’m doing, I don’t have to encounter that much.  But still, I’m very aware of the invasion of privacy a camera brings and the ethical conflict (on the most minor level) that can arise.
There’s also the need for those pieces to camera that sets up future clips.  You have to remember to film things explaining WHAT it is you are doing or about to do.  I find those particularly cringeworthy but the me that later comes to edit the video really appreciates it.
Secondly, there’s editing the content.  Once you have all your clips, there’s an amount of time needed to go through them and put them together.  Just stringing every clip one after another doesn’t work.  There’s too much dead space, there’s no narrative.
Instead, you have to take the clips and try and construct a story.  Doing this vlog experiment has certainly opened my eyes to how masterful some visual storytellers are.  This is where those cringeworthy pieces to camera come in and are worth their weight in gold.
Editing eats time.  It’s time that you don’t have when you are up early to get to a target and then don’t check in until midnight.  For me, that’s been the real challenge: to get things done.  Because, you can’t just leave it until tomorrow or you’ll run into the issue where you’re eating into time needed for the next vlog.
But there’s a third challenge, and it’s the one that I hate the most.   And that’s technology.  To do this on the road, needs gear.  You needs cameras, and laptops and software and a million and one other things that you’ve all seen me amass over the last couple of months.  Alll this technology is there to ensure that I have as a smooth a ride as possible,
But technological challenges do happen, and today was that day.
I don’t like this hotel.  I mean, it’s comfy, it’s certainly cheap but the WiFI is beyond frustrating.  I ended up realising that to get The Climb up yesterday I needed to transfer the file to my phone via dropbox.  It took 20mins to upload a 32kb file.  The vlogs are around 1gb in size.  Hence my frustration.
We checked back in here today.  With hindsight, I probably should have told the others no.  They would have understood but who’s to say that the beds at the other hotel aren’t crappy and the WiFi just as bad.  I even went  to the front desk to ask them to sort it.  But, hotel WiFi is not high on hotel’s prioirities.  Especially not this one.  I even tried to use the hotel’s business centre, to find one PC broken and the other a crashed version of windows XP.
I tried using the Tepwireless device I hired.  I’m really disappointed with it.  I’m sure in a major city it would work just fine, but I’ve been trying to use it for the past 10 hours to upload the vlog and managed to get 12% uploaded.
It got so bad that this afternoon, I thought fuck it, and hit the fireball as I worked because I was so frustrated that I felt like throwing my laptop out the window.
What didn’t help was another memory card corrupting on me.  I think it’s the make of SD card.  Shannon thinks it’s the camera, but I’ve not changed any settings so it’s pretty much as factory reset as you can get.
However, it meant that I lost all the clips form the morning:  our breakfast with other Canadian Chasers, the girl we found ‘passed’ out on her drive only to be perfectly OK, a piece to camera on vlogs.  All lost.  All wasting time where I try and recover data I shouldn’t have lost.
I’m just glad that I make a point of backing up all my cards every night.
We went to the Big Texan again tonight.  One of the Canadian chasers was doing the 72oz steak challenge and we went to support.  The food isn’t bad there but I think we mostly went for the company.  It was kinda what I needed given the day I had.  I had a lot of beer (on top of the Fireball) but didn’t get that bad that I was going to forget anything (or embarrass myself).
I probably needed it as well as today has been a very stressful day.  I ask myself why I bother.  Why not just sit back and enjoy the storms?  Why document them?  But I guess, given The Climb and everything else I do as a writer, I’m a natural documenter.  In the same way some people are librarians and cultuvate information, I’m wanting to document things.
At the end of this trip, I’m sure these vlogs will be something I’m very proud of, but today was an incredibly tough day.  I try and remind myself that nothing worthwhile was ever easy…. But heck, today has not been easy.
If you want to follow more of my journey, then be sure to check me on my social channels.  Likewise, if you’d like me to expand on any point mentioned above, please say so in the comments.

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Hunting Aliens In Roswell - The Climb #122

Tuesday 23rd May 2017
Today was a down day.

Down days are days when you aren’t chasing any storms. Sometimes this is simply because there aren’t any storms within driving range, but sometimes it’s because chasing a storm would put you out of reach for a better storm the next day.

They’re also a good chance to recharge. Storm chasing is pretty mentally instense, and the long drives can really tire you out even as a passenger, so down days are a good chance to catch up on sleep and just relax before the next band of storms roll iin.

I’m in a shitty hotel with no internet so I’ve not had chance to check the models (everyone else liked the hotel so I sacrififced good upload speeds so people could get a good night’s rest) but I’m hearing that Friday and Saturday could be huge storm days. There are a few people who now only chase the big storm days who are driving down from Canada

For that reason, a few down days might be good. We want a tornado before we drive back to Canada after all.

We woke up in Roswell New Mexico. The little motel we were in was, for me, probably the best hotel we’ve stayed in. The internet was fantastic, I loved the bed.. And it cost us like $30. I was a bit worried how hotel hunting would go but I’m pleased to say that I’ve managed to find us some real bargains (although between the four of us, we all have slightly different price brackets / requests).

I’m already thinking forward to next year and what I want to do. Some of my friends who were unable to chase this year are talking about going back on a tour, and as much as I loved the experience, I really feel I’ve outgrown that. I need some more experience of positioning whilst on a storm, but this trip has proved to me that I know more than I think I know.

This morning we went to the UFO museuem in Roswell. It was basic but a lot of fun. 12 year old me, who lapped up UFO conspiracies and Eric Von Daniken books would have loved it. I could have spent a lot longer reading all the exhibits. There was a virtual geocache there and as I don’t have a New Mexico geocache, I made sure to do it. I bought some gifts from the gift shop and then we headed north.

I put on my headphones on the drive back up to Amarillo and just had some ‘me’ time. Mostly I was thinking about next year and the opening to Black As Knight which needs some changes.

We stopped at a place called Cadillac Ranch just outside Amarillo. It’s a famous art installation in a field of a number of Cadillac cars planted nose down in the ground. The cars are graffittied and people are encouraged to come and paint them as part of the installation.

What I didn’t know was that there are spray paint cans around. So I turned up to find this old gentleman come up to me with a can and say “do you want to have a go?”

I spray painted my initials which just looked like a silver blob, an gave me new found respect for those graffitti artists who create something other than a tag.

I spent a bit of time trying to find the geocache. To claim it you need to sign the log, and so I was keen to find the container so I could log it. Except, as I read further, the cars ARE the container and log book, and to claim it, I just needed to graffitti a car. Best geocache ever!

I’ve done more geocaching on this trip than I think I have in the last few years combined.

I got some great video for the vlog and then we headed to our hotel for the night. It’s the one we stayed in a couple of nights ago. I didn’t care for the WiFi, but the others liked it so better the devil you know…

We dropped off bags and then headed out to Peco Duros Park. It’s this huge canyon hidden just outside of Amarillo and apparently the second largest canyon outside the Grand Canyon. We got there a bit late so the sun was too far down to do timelapses of shadows, but we drove around to find a good spot and then I got a decent timelapse of the sun setting.

As darkness drew on, we met up with some other Canadian chasers to do some fire-spinning photos and star photography. I’ve not really done any photography outside of timelapses this trip (all my pictures have just been iPhone snaps) but I got a few good ones, I think. I’ll review when I get home.

At about 11pm we called it night and headed back to the hotel. There was talk of a bit of socialising but the bar was shut and so I came upstairs to edit the vlog and swear about the internet.
If you want to follow more of my journey, then be sure to check me on my social channels. Likewise, if you’d like me to expand on any point mentioned above, please say so in the comments.
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Sleep Deprivation in New Mexico - The Climb #121

Monday 22nd May 2017
Today we chased in New Mexico.  The storms never produced any tornadoes but I managed to take a load of timelapses and got treated to some amazing sights.
I’ve been in a bit of a bad mood today comprised of a mix of things.  I lost a memory card last night.  The thing just corrupted on me, and despite trying to use rescue software at 4am in the morning, I couldn’t get the video files back.  It meant that the vlog starts in the middle of the day and has no context.  On top of that our hotel’s internet was terrible and there was no chance to upload.
So I’ve been tired and grumpy today and I hate being like that because other people have to suffer me, and I wouldn’t want to suffer me when I’m like this.   I managed to catch a number of social faux pas early caused by my tiredness.  It stokes a lot of my social anxiety but luckily we have a good group who’ve chased before.  But, I still don’t like not being the best version of myself.  As a result, I’ve been a bit quieter today and enjoyed the storms
For me, there’s something about being out in the middle of nowhere looking at a supercell.  They’re like the Kaiju of the plains.  The flat landscape means that the sky always seems so big.  I never fully understood the description of big sky before I came out here, but I think that because the land is so flat with some few structures, you get so much more unobstructed sky out here.
And so it’s possible to see the entirety of some of these supercells that are the size of a large city.  They’re like giant motherships hovering overhead, except far, far larger.  They dominate these big skies to the extent that the site of them is awe inspiring in real life.
The result is that a combination of sky  and supercells leads to something so incredible it feels like a movie special effect.
And seeing that big sky along with the big supercell… just makes you feel so small, so insignificant.
I’ve heard many artists tell how you need to balance confidence with humility and vice versa, in order to be successful.  As a result, supercells make me realise that no matter what I do… it’s still nothing in the big scheme.
But I also realise that just as I’m small so are all the opinions around me. And so, instead of deciding to live my life small, I decide to live it big… because at the end of the day, none of it matters.
I probably needed those supercells today.  I probably need sleep far more, but I think it’s so easy to get caught up in everyday life that you lose sight of what matters.  Sometimes that’s health, friends and family.  Sometimes it’s that you really love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Sometimes the stuff we think should be small is actually pretty big in our lives.  And you know what, that’s OK.  Everyone’s small, their opinion matters just as much as your own.
I spent some time re-reading over my agent’s notes in the car today.  I’m trying to let them sink in, trying to make the suggestions be something more organic than going in and changing a couple of words here and there.  We’ve got a few days downtime coming up so whilst there’s been no time to think so far on this trip, I suspect I’ll put my headphones on in the car and zone out for a while to think about Thomas Black and the Shade Knight.
As I’ve previously mentioned, storm chasing can be a little zen experience.  You can’t help be moved by seeing the power of nature.  I always come back from it a little changed for the better.  Of course, it’s impossible to see your own growth due to being so damned tired all the time.  Make no mistake, this is mentally and physucally exhausting, but as I stood under those supercells, thinking about me and my place in the universe, I couldn’t feel more free, more in a happy place.
It’s like the feeling of going up to the top of a hill to watch an amazing sunset by yourself… just multiplied by a thousand.
We checked into Roswell, New Mexico this evening.  We have a couple of down days coming up so the plan is to do some fun stuff like going to the museum here and maybe go to the cadillac ranch.  I might also learn how to some star photography and fire spinning.
But mostly, I look forward to getting some sleep.  I don’t think I’ve had a proper night’s sleep for over a week now, and there’s a bit of me that’s a little spaced out.  Doing the vlogs every day is tougher than people realise, but I enjoy the challenge.
I always enjoy the challenge.
If you want to follow more of my journey, then be sure to check me on my social channels.  Likewise, if you’d like me to expand on any point mentioned above, please say so in the comments.

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Busting in San Antonio - The Climb #119

Saturday 20th May 2017
Today felt the price of yesterday.  After getting to bed at around 3:30am, I was up at 8am to get packed and ready to leave.  I’ve noticed how tired I am but just how grumpy I am.  I get like this when I’m truly exhausted.  In many ways it reminds me of my old Action-Figure days.  I hate being like this and had to apologise to people a few times.
This wasn’t the only reason I’m in a bit of a bad mood this evening.  I was filming the vlog with the rode mic today to try and improve audio quality, only to find a couple of key clips had no sound and couldn’t be used.  Most of these are due to schoolboy errors that awake Adrian would not have made.
Our target today was in San Antonio.  There seemed to be two lines of storms, one far, far to the south of Texas, and another just north of San Antonio.
We were late leaving.  No-one’s fault.  I think we were just all feeling a bit lethargic due to yesterday’s massive 2400km journey.
We needed to get a few things from Walmart before making the journey down to San Antonio where we hit a lot of heavy traffic.  San Antonio also seems deceptively close.  It feels like it should be a couple of hours away, not the good 7-8 that it took us.
As a result, we arrived after the storms had fired.  The southern storms were doing a few interesting things but the northern ones that we’d hoped might have done some things, despite initially looking promising, fizzled out.
There was a temptation to go for the southern storms, especially as we’d already driven 7 hours, but it was another 2 hours by which time they would have largely fizzled out with the night.  Plus we need to be in Amarillo tomorrow morning, which is another deceptively long drive away.
So we went to dinner and discussed our options.
I found us a nice little Mexican restaurant in San Macros where the food was good and plentiful.  I also had a massive magarita with a tone of alcohol in it.  I’d hoped it would take the edge off my grumpiness but it didn’t.
As I’m not one of the drivers on this trip, I’m responsible for finding and booking hotels.  After yesterday’s mistake of booking too early, this evening we waited until we’d decided that we would call the day a bust and head as far north as we could ahead of another long drive up to Amarillo tomorrow.  So we opted for San Angelo, that despite looking local was a 3 hour drive.
My first hotel booked out as I was trying to do it, so I found us a decent motel for $60 a night.  It’s not bad and I hope to be able to get to be before 2am.
My big problem is that a combination of my mistakes and lack of content from today, resulted in a very crap vlog.  I should have shot more footage, but even then, there really wasn’t much in the way of footage to shoot.  Tomorrow should be more exciting, plus I shouldn’t make the same mistakes that killed the audio on those few key clips.
But like the vlog, today’s The Climb is a bit short of content.  It was just another day of travel only for us to arrive too late to go for the deeper target when our storm fell apart over our heads.
So I’m going to keep this short as well and get some sleep so I can be more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow.  There’s even a chance we could end up in Colorado which will be our 8th state on this trip.
If you want to follow more of my journey, then be sure to check me on my social channels.  Likewise, if you’d like me to expand on any point mentioned above, please say so in the comments.

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The Race To Oklahoma City - The Climb #118

Friday 19th May 2017
Let’s not make any bones about it… today’s travel has been the thing of legends.  We drove over 2000km, possibly over 2500km.  When we left Winnipeg at 10pm last night it was about 7 degrees.  When we got into Oklahoma City it was almost 20 degrees higher.
The reason for our mad dash was because it looked to be one of the best chase days of our entire trip, and all the action was happening around Oklahoma City.  So we had the mad decision that if we left right as Kim finished work we might just be able to catch the storms as they fired in Oklahoma.
We took it in turns to drive / navigate (I.e. Keep the driver awake) whilst the other two slept in the back.  Due to the complications of renting a car with a non-Canadian driver’s license, I was the only person not to drive and instead  took a couple of extra shifts as navigator.
We didn’t stop.  As we drove south, updating Facebook with various check-ins, people asked us if we’d checked out some local attraction or other.  The truth was, we didn’t even have time for a sit down meal.  We ate gas station food all day, and had about as much time at a location as it took to fill up the gas tank.
I had no problems with US Customs.  I’ve heard so many horror stories of late of people crossing from Canada into the US but perhaps it was the time of night (about 1am) or the crossing but I was through in about 20 mins.
We drove through North Dakota and South Dakota overnight, then proceeded into Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.  Up until then we seemed to be making good time.  Storms were due to fire at around 4pm and we looked to be hitting Oklahoma City at around 4:30pm.  But as we moved into Nebraska and Kansas we seemed to lose about an hour.
We checked the models along the way.  Oklahoma always looked the best target but, as we drove through Ohio, I had an idea to check out the corner of Missouri and Arkansas.  The models looked good but ultimately, the road network meant there wasn’t going to be much time saved, despite it being a physically closer target.  Also given that we’d be chasing in the hilly, wooded Ozarks rather than the plains surrounding Oklahoma City, the latter target still remained more favourable to us.
As I wasn’t driving I was put in charge of finding accomodation, which I was happy to do.  I came out here armed with a load of apps, determined to get us some good last minute bargains.  Given I found the hotel I’m currently sat in, writing this, I think I can say I did a very good job… and more importantly at a good price.
We stopped briefly for one of our many put stops near Wichita, Kansas to see a line of storms firing along the boundry there.  Shannon said we should consider them but we ultimately decided to continue to our original target.
But as we got close to the outskirts of Oklahoma City, it became clear that the Kansas storms were getting organised.  This is where they seem to be gathering in strength.  It usually mannifests itself in the storm clouds looking crisp.
So we turned around and drove North.
Yep, after close to 1700km, we turned around.  Storm chasing is about religiously sticking to your guns whilst not being afraid to change your target based on visual evidence.
The Kansas storms seemed to die as we drew level with them, but by the time we returned to Wichita, one storm was looking really organised and throwing down some nice wall clouds.  In the distance I’m pretty sure I saw a brief rope tornado but given how tired I am I wouldn’t trust myself.
We managed to stop and get some timelapse of the storm.  No idea of how it looks, but interested to see how it turns out.
Radar was showing us some weak rotation.  That doesn’t always mean a tornado but the signs looked good so we set off after it.
This trip is a learning experience for all concerned.  It’s a trip for us to make safe mistakes without taking any crazy risks.  And we made a couple of mistakes today, the first of which was chasing storms.  With hindsight we should have gone to a main road and then used that to get ahead of it.  Instead we went via back roads, few of them paved, and as result we could never close the distance on the storm.
When we finally did get to the main road, we found out that because it was a toll road there was no way onto it from our location.  By this time it was late, sunset not long away, and we’d fallen behind the area of interest.
The other mistake we made, was my own.  After finding us this hotel at an absolute steal, I booked it to secure the rooms because they didn’t take any money… unless you tried to cancel, in which case they charged you the full amount.
Whilst I’m not sure it would have helped with our plans tomorrow, we should have got a hotel in Wichita.  Instead, we had one in Oklahoma City, some 3+ hours away.  So despite chasing this storm almost all the way back to Emporia, Kansas, we had to drive to Oklahoma City to get our hotel.
In many ways, it wasn’t the worst move.  Tomorrow looks like we’re heading down into Texas, heading even further south to around San Antonio.  We then have a few days downtime which we plan to spend in and around Texas doing some photography stuff (I’ll do some video and timelapse).  We still have a 7 hour drive ahead of us, having to leave at 9am (when I have videos to make, videos to upload and The Climb to schedule).
But after a day like today, a seven hour drive seems somewhat sedate.
If you want to follow more of my journey, then be sure to check me on my social channels.  Likewise, if you’d like me to expand on any point mentioned above, please say so in the comments.

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