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The best thing about this is that it's spoiler-free. On the other hand, anyone who watches this first and the show second might just be disappointed that Peter Dinklage isn't more of a player.
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This is one of the awesomest things ever. I watched it over and over when I found it. I've always wondered if the cast have seen it it and what they think. I suspect they too are disappointed.
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Some awesome glimpses of the promo videos to go with the stunning splashes of sound.#lullaby
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Cannot unsee.
This is an official photo of the Canadian Supreme Court!  They dress like Santa Claus because of their curious role in the Canadian legal system.  I hadn't known about this until +Allen Knutson posted about it.

If you feel a verdict from a lower court has been unfair, on Christmas Eve you put a note in a sock explaining your case, and hang it on your fireplace.  Then, one of the Supreme Court members will come down your chimney and either grant your wish or leave you coals.  They know who's naughty and who's nice, thanks to an extensive system of legal clerks who dress as elves.

If you don't believe this is a real picture of the Canadian Supreme Court, do a Google image search!   Here, I'll make it easy:

There is a long history of goofy outfits for judges.  British judges, even ones who aren't bald, are required to wear a wig of horse hair!  This was the origin of the Wig Party, who used to be the main opposition to the Tories.  And the Australians have a kangaroo court, who jump to decisions.

Puzzle 1: why does the Canadian supreme court really dress like this?

Puzzle 2: why do British judges wear wigs?

Puzzle 3: what's the origin of the phrase 'kangaroo court'?

If you look up the answers using Google, you get special extra credit: it means you know how to use the internet.
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ho ho ho 
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The more I learn about the Plantagenet dynasty, the more sure I am that they're the main inspiration for A Song Of Ice And Fire.

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Google is releasing Blaze to the world. Well, holy crap. If you don't know what Blaze is or why it's a big deal, consider this quote from the Bazel FAQ, which, I can attest, is no exaggeration:

Bazel can handle large builds; at Google, it is common for a server binary to have 100k source files, and builds where no files were changed take about ~200ms.

Admittedly, that's done using an array of cleverly-designed infrastructure that (mostly) isn't part of Bazel. You can read about that infrastructure on the Google Eng Tools blog[1], but here's the short version:
• A tool called srcfs conspires with the VCS and the filesystem to be able to tell, without reading from local disk, whether a filename refers to a file you have checked out from the VCS (and if so, what revision) or a file you have modified or created locally;
• A giant distributed backend cache called objfs quickly maps file identifiers to the full actual file contents;
• A giant distributed build cluster does most of the compiling, taking its input from objfs and writing its output back to objfs;
• The code which transforms BUILD files into execution schedules for the compilation and data-transport steps is largely functional and highly cacheable, leading to impressive speedups in the dependency-analysis phase of the build (which used to dominate runtime).

The open-source version of Blaze (named Bazel and pronounced like "Beyzel") has hooks so you can attach your own cloud-type deployment schemes. They're collectively called Skyframe (I imagine this name is a semantic mashup of Cloud and Skyhook).

This could be a big deal for anyone already running Mesos. It makes a huge difference to developer productivity when you can rebuild your code faster than your editor can load and syntax-colourize a source file.

Google just tossed another of its crown jewels to the peasants. I can only assume (as I usually do when they open-source something awesome) that they're willing to do it all of a sudden because they have secretly transitioned to something even more amazing. But how can you beat 200ms build times?

I am so excited about this I can't bring myself to rein in my overuse of parentheses in this post. (At heart, I'm a Schemer.)

[1] and
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One of my favourite serial jokes in the much-mourned Monkey Dust.
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I haven't played the video, but the word 'chillingly', spoken in a Northern Irish accent, springs instantly to mind.
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Do a Google search for find my phone.
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what phone i have none lol ;D
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In case of emergency, press play.
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"Announcer: Well done! The Enrichment Center reminds you that although circumstances may appear bleak, you are not alone. All Aperture Science personality constructs will remain functional in apocalyptic, low power environments of as few as 1.1 volts." portal 2 lol ;D
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I never realised white blood cells were so predatory.
Dena Ricketts originally shared to Science on Google+ (Applied):
Not to critique teachers or anything. It's just that these Gifs are astoundingly elegant.
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It translates to "THE FLERPTY".
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My favourite word is mamihlapinatapai (each expecting the other to do something first). It narrowly edged out rawa-dawa (the sensation of suddenly realising you can do something reprehensible, and no one is there to witness it).

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I wish I lived in Miami so I could make this place my regular gym! I visited from overseas because I'd heard good things about the trainer Lazaro, and he lived up to that reputation. He gave close attention and improved a lot of little things in my technique that my regular CrossFit trainers had overlooked. I came away from this with better fitness and knowledge.
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