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Adrian Colley

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Just the thing when you're hung over.

(via +Chris Fink)
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Adrian Colley

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I need this on my car windows. It's only missing the Aperture Technologies logo.
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I found this while looking for dead baby jokes[1]. But now it occurs to me that #porncamp  starts soon[1].

[1] It's not what you think.[2]
[2] OK, it's what you think.
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+Editor Cecilia Tan, Circlet Press Editor we should circulate this to prep for #porncamp  XD
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Adrian Colley

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But but, gimme.
A dice in the form of a Möbius strip, i.e. it only has one surface. Naturally, it only has one number on it: 1. It's a funny gift to tabletop RPG or board game fans, but we think it's also a great tok...
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To Wash It All Away

This is the best summary of the web browser that I have ever read. It's by the always-entertaining +James Mickens. Some choice cuts:

Describing why the Web is horrible is like describing why it's horrible to drown in an ocean composed of pufferfish that are pregnant with tiny Freddy Kruegers—each detail is horrendous in isolation, but the aggregate sum is delightfully arranged into a hate flower that blooms all year.

People were begging for a combination of Self, LISP, and C in the same way that the denizens of Middle Earth were begging Saruman to breed Orcs and men to make Uruk-Hai.

That [i.e. the "defensive semicolon"] is the saddest programming concept that I've every heard, and I am fluent in C++.

Google Docs viewer link for those (like me) who don't trust PDFs:
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Have him in circles
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Here's a good question: what is the American-liberal viewpoint that's as crazy as the American-conservative viewpoint of climate-change denial? I'm sure +Jim J. will have an opinion.

(via +Jennifer Freeman)
What’s the liberal equivalent of climate denial?

"So the question, then, is for conservatives: on what major policies is the bulk of the Democratic Party establishment ignoring — or, Norquist-like, promising to ignore — the evidence? And if that behavior isn't as prevalent among Democrats, why is that?"

This is a balanced and thoughtful piece from +Ezra Klein (that mentions Professor Krugman) on why facts have such a liberal bias. Of course the facts do not have any bias, it is the people "interpreting" or willfully ignoring the facts.

To answer Ezra's question, is there a liberal equivalent of climate denial, the answer is clearly no.

To forestall some needless debate, let me mention (and you can go Google and check) that vaccine denial and GMO paranoia are equally prevalent among conservatives and liberals.

There is without a doubt a very very strong anti-Science faction in the republican party who hates and fears Science, Technology, and Progress.
Parties are supposed to tamp down on their base's worst instincts. The GOP is failing.
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+Jason Parker-Burlingham I'm pretty sure that one is firmly in column A, whereas I'm looking for something from column B.
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Adrian Colley

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Meanwhile, in Australia,

via +Gordz Murphy 
Even babies love Happy Hour
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"we don't need Hangouts to become MySpace messaging" -- +Chris Fink 
uh, Googlers? please prioritize things like the Google Voice functionality merge and improving overall app quality and performance... mmmkay? this kind of stuff is just simply frivolous and unnecessary and smacks of the gimmicky junk apps we see at Samsung device announcement, not of Google precision. thanks. 
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Adrian Colley

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Thank you, Jeeves.
So much mail, so little time to look through it all. 
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Useful bunneh is useful.
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Adrian Colley

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Go stalk yourself.
"What a wakeup call when I realized how much information about myself was public on people-finder sites—including my home address."

Great article with solid info by the superb +Rachel Kramer Bussel 
Forget Heartbleed: Privacy expert Violet Blue says women face security risks every time we go online. Here are some quick and easy ways to protect ourselves.
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Have him in circles
1,479 people
I learn things. I'll get another job before I run out of money, but I just don't feel the need to return to cubicle city just yet.
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Dublin, Ireland - Arlington, Massachusetts
Some kind of computer programmer
I'm a computer scientist (software developer, network engineer, and system administrator).
Professionally, I'm interested in distributed systems, formal methods, quantum computing, security and the process of engineering reliable software.
Personally, I'm interested in aviation, law, ethics, politics, mathematics, psychology, and new learning experiences of almost any kind.

Some people wonder why I use Google+ but not Facebook. +Robert Bodden said it best: "I've tried to get people to switch to G+ but they are stuck on Facebook. So they can stay there. All the people on Facebook are people I see every day or text. I have never met people on G+ personally. For me it has opened the up the world in a way Facebook never did."

My favourite word is mamihlapinatapai (each expecting the other to do something first). It narrowly edged out rawa-dawa (the sensation of suddenly realising you can do something reprehensible, and no one is there to witness it).

I have a distaste for animated images which are supposed to be funny because pain is inflicted on someone in it. If you enjoy someone else's pain you need to do some serious thinking. I tag these images #gettinghurt in the hope that it will catch on and I'll be able to filter them out of my stream in the future.

My Jitsi secure-chat fingerprints are:

Bragging rights
I have a gold medal with my name inscribed on one side and "FOR SCIENCE" on the other. I estimate that I was the *Youngest Person in the World* for 250 milliseconds. And, of course, I was TIME magazine's Person Of The Year 2006 and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2012. I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.
  • Trinity College, Dublin
    Computer Science, 1990 - 1994
  • O'Connell School (secondary school)
    1985 - 1990
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Aodhán Ó Colla, aecolley
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