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Adrian Colley

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Good luck to those taking exams. Also, good news.
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Adrian Colley

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Trolling is a art.
Cruelty Free Easter
One of the mums at home school group just pulled out a packet of chocolate eggs and asked around the parents if it's okay to share chocolate with the kids.
Everyone was asking if they're gluten free or contain nuts...

I asked if they are cage-free eggs... And the woman actually read the label and got worried that they might not be free range.

Can't stop laughing.
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Rob Man
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Adrian Colley

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A bonus comic from +SMBC Comics! #lullaby  
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+Carms Perez after donning the clown costume.
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Adrian Colley

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I'm going to buy this book myself, despite my not being a girl.
"It was very important to me to write this book and include a sex-positive stance. Not only because privacy is so important to us in terms of getting that space to explore who we are and what we like and don’t like in our private time, but also I don’t think that—it’s sort of like a “Just Say No to drugs” approach to people being sexually expressive in different types of media. People are going to do it. "
The author of The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy, Blue is giving women the tools to protect themselves against trolls, creeps, and spammers.
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Adrian Colley

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„Die Kommission schlägt allen Ernstes vor, dass die infrastrukturbeherrschende Suchmaschine Google weiterhin Wettbewerber in der erfolgsentscheidenden Plazierung von Suchergebnissen diskriminieren darf. Zum Ausgleich aber – und jetzt kommt es – würde ein neues Werbefenster zu Beginn der Suchliste eingerichtet, in dem die diskriminierten Unternehmen sich einen Listenplatz kaufen könnten. Das ist kein Kompromiss. Das ist die EU-behördlich sanktionierte Einführung jenes Geschäftsmodells, das man in weniger ehrenwerten Kreisen Schutzgeld nennt. Nach dem Motto: Wenn du willst, dass wir dich nicht umbringen, musst du bezahlen.“

Translation as far as I can make out: "The Commission earnestly proposes that the market-dominating Google search engine may continue to discriminate against competitors in the make-or-break placement of search results. To compensate, however - and here it comes - a new advertising box would be placed at the beginning of the search results, where the discriminated-against business could buy a listing. This is no compromise. This is the official EU-sanctioned launch of a business model which, in less respectable circles, is called protection money. As the saying goes: if you don't want us to kill you, you must pay."

Ouch. Harsh words. He's got a point. I just searched for "Stonehenge". The result has a prominent link to the Google Maps page for Stonehenge (no sign of links to other map providers) and to the Google+ page for Stonehenge (but no sign of its Facebook page). I'm surprised Google isn't taking the threat of antitrust action in this area more seriously.
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CEO of Springer, Germany's biggest publishing house: "Why we are afraid of Google."
16.04.2014  ·  Zum ersten Mal bekennt hier ein deutscher Manager die totale Abhängigkeit seines Unternehmens von Google. Was heute die Verlage erleben, ist ein Vorbote: Bald gehören wir alle Google. Ein Offener Brief an Eric Schmidt.
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He doesn't have a point. Will provide a link with better prose than I could provide in a minute.

Ah, here: - scrolling for an English comment by elsewhom, probably linked but I can't be bothered. I'm happy to translate, when I find the time. But, the head of the company producing "Fox news plus boobs on page 3" shouldn't be something you trust to "have a point".
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Here's a fun little programming game. You don't have to know much programming; a little Javascript will do. Even if you don't know any programming at all, this isn't too hard to figure out. Go on, give it a go.
A game where hacking the source code is permitted. In fact, it's required. In fact, it's pretty much everything you do.

I'm pretty much clueless in Javascript but I managed to get through it with only a couple of hints (from e.g.
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Adrian Colley

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Infinite Fun Space meets the Tao of Programming.
It's a good thing the mandelbulb still takes considerable time to render, because I could see this being my fate.
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Adrian Colley

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Adrian Colley

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I've become an instant fan of Ninja Warrior, best described as a Nintendo Hard version of the Krypton Factor's assault-course round. It's incredibly hard, utterly unforgiving, and good fun to watch. (Well, except for the guy doing the English language voiceover, who gets snarky and borderline racist at times. But the competitors are awesome.)
american ninja warrior sasuke parkour fitness obstacle course website training
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I learn things. I'll get another job before I run out of money, but I just don't feel the need to return to cubicle city just yet.
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Dublin, Ireland - Arlington, Massachusetts
Some kind of computer programmer
I'm a computer scientist (software developer, network engineer, and system administrator).
Professionally, I'm interested in distributed systems, formal methods, quantum computing, security and the process of engineering reliable software.
Personally, I'm interested in aviation, law, ethics, politics, mathematics, psychology, and new learning experiences of almost any kind.

Some people wonder why I use Google+ but not Facebook. +Robert Bodden said it best: "I've tried to get people to switch to G+ but they are stuck on Facebook. So they can stay there. All the people on Facebook are people I see every day or text. I have never met people on G+ personally. For me it has opened the up the world in a way Facebook never did."

My favourite word is mamihlapinatapai (each expecting the other to do something first). It narrowly edged out rawa-dawa (the sensation of suddenly realising you can do something reprehensible, and no one is there to witness it).

I have a distaste for animated images which are supposed to be funny because pain is inflicted on someone in it. If you enjoy someone else's pain you need to do some serious thinking. I tag these images #gettinghurt in the hope that it will catch on and I'll be able to filter them out of my stream in the future.

My Jitsi secure-chat fingerprints are:

Bragging rights
I have a gold medal with my name inscribed on one side and "FOR SCIENCE" on the other. I estimate that I was the *Youngest Person in the World* for 250 milliseconds. And, of course, I was TIME magazine's Person Of The Year 2006 and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2012.
  • Trinity College, Dublin
    Computer Science, 1990 - 1994
  • O'Connell School (secondary school)
    1985 - 1990
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Aodhán Ó Colla, aecolley
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I wish I lived in Miami so I could make this place my regular gym! I visited from overseas because I'd heard good things about the trainer Lazaro, and he lived up to that reputation. He gave close attention and improved a lot of little things in my technique that my regular CrossFit trainers had overlooked. I came away from this with better fitness and knowledge.
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