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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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+Clare Chapmanlaw  shared this privately so I had to cheat....

what do you mean you cant eat soup with a knife and fork?

ps... food rocks!... even vegetable soup
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Don't we all!
Good to see you're doing better man!
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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its a human being!
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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Following on from the chocolates post...

technology has helped keep me sane, 

my trusty chromebook, +Three UK unlimited data on the phone with 4gb of tethering, bought a couple of 1gb addons for 5quid each. has meant i have been able to post here (lots!) and keep in touch with friends and family using hangouts chat and video calls. I have not even needed to dip into plex and I have 4g at bournemouth hospital :-)

its not perfect, despite having 4 bars there are a lot of phones around here so the cell tower is fairly well loaded, only get around 10mb down and video streams do take a few secs to ramp up the bandwidth available.

its cheaper than the stupid tvs which have the worlds slowest processors and unresponsive touch screens! even if i used 1gb per day its still cheaper than the £5 for the basic tv package!
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Glad you're feeling comfy, and all is going well. xxx
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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welcome to my office! how may i help?

no... the opelfruits are not mine :-(
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Terrorize the nurses with a micro yet? lol  GWS
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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this has to be one of the strangest books i have ever seen!!

a get well soon (i assume!) present from +Paul Howell
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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self proclaimed policemen throwing toys out the pram again. 

i think its fair to say that they have bypassed prs successfully and they are pissed about it!

quite funny coming from the bbc who are in a bit of trouble over licensing!
The Streaming Wars continue! SoundCloud is being sued in a row over royalties
Performing Rights Society for Music (PRS) says it will pursue SoundCloud "through the courts" for unpaid royalties.
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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had a discussion with head nurse. lateish last night

yesterday doctor came down and said nose tube out yesterday and catheter out at midnight.

previously anesthetist a day senior nurses had said its better in the morning. because once you start going it because pretty regular at least once per hours for a few hours after that until the bladder settles down.

from what i can tell the reason for midnight is to ensure there is plenty of time for the bladder to get going before the doc comes round at 9am, 

basically... screw your sleep, 

so whilst the senior nurse that was on yesterday and is on again today had said it would come out this morning the night team had been told midnight.

now of course this wasn't any night team it was the night team that had been somewhat "interesting" the night before i'm in the process of writing about that, it needs way more than a basic "this is what happened" to do it justice.

so in short, there was no way i was letting the team that consisted of under trained foreigners full on "matron" (carry on films) nurses do anything other than feed me meds and do obs on me!

after explaining that Monika (from the day team) a friendly competent if a little over worked nurse from poland will do it in the morning senior battle axe appeared to explain the "protocol" for "you men" (oh sorry am i some sort of inconvenience to you???!!) and that they WILL be doing it at midnight.

i said no.... pure and simple, i have had very little sleep since tuesday and what I have had has been very broken.... just no.

she disappeared, i put my nice eye patches on, ear plus in fired the button for a shot of morphine and went to sleep.

still not perfect but as close as im going to get with observations at 10pm, 2am and 6am! as well as machines that feel the need to beep incredibly loudly to say they are low on drugs rather than just informing the nurses from a distance!

so now its 7.50am, catheter came out at 7.20, now we wait. 

i still have 3 drips and a drain in, one with the button push for morphine another that they are "feeding" me on local anesthetic to the surgery site and the drain from the surgery site which hasn't had much come out in the last 24-36hrs 

the end is very definitely in sight!! 

i have a picture of the surgery the following day, its not too gorey. Im pondering posting it...

i might just post it as a link with a massive disclaimer, what do you think?
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keep an eye out over the next few days, "friday night" shows signs of being a good read!
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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navigating these little devices around the solar system is awesome. billions of miles, very little power for thrusters just using gravity from planets to sling shot.

i would love to know the tolerance they are getting of calculated positions vrs actual positions!
NASA’s New Horizons Team Selects Potential Kuiper Belt Flyby Target

NASA has selected the potential next destination for the New Horizons mission to visit after its historic July 14 flyby of the Pluto system. The destination is a small Kuiper Belt object (KBO) known as 2014 MU69 that orbits nearly a billion miles beyond Pluto. New Horizons will perform a series of four maneuvers in late October and early November to set its course toward 2014 MU69 – nicknamed “PT1” (for “Potential Target 1”) – which it expects to reach on January 1, 2019.

Full story here:

More on 2014 MU69:

What is the Kuiper Belt?

More on the New Horizons space probe and its mission:

Image credit: Artist's impression of NASA's New Horizons spacecraft encountering a Pluto-like object in the distant Kuiper Belt. NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI/Alex Parker

#science   #newhorizons   #kuiperbelt   #2014mu69   #space   #spaceexploration   #solarsystem  
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i don't think they can do too much? getting thrust involves throwing stuff out which they need to carry.

I think its mostly good maths and slingshots
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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i know from experience having a loved one in hospital is hard work, keeping up the daily routine that is normally shared between you as well as feeding info back to friends and family about the progress as well as worrying about them yourself, putting on a brave face etc. 

its hard work being on the outside. probably harder than being in hospital. I dare say that it might actually be harder on the outside

im quite comfy in here, drugged up, got my internet and relatively comfortable.

thanks +Paul Howell for these chocolates for Clare greatly appreciated!
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next rotors hosted by clare and kev lol
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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+Josh Chapman​ and +Clare Chapmanlaw​ look where this time last year!
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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I have not had a coffee since Tuesday evening.

It's the holy grail!
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myself i can handle...just glad it missed the chromebook that would have been a disaster!
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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as you might be aware i'm in hospital right now.

luckily the chromebook and tethering to my phone is possible, even have 4g but its not that fast presumably due to the number of phones in the area.  still youtube plex etc is watchable with patience.

what i cant do tho is type one handed! which i have had to do on a few occasions its painful! 

i have been recommending this chrome app to people its great if a little frustrating!

Can you touch type?
20 votes  -  votes visible to Public
yes i can touch type
i 2 finger tap and proud of it!
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im like a better looking robotic female receptionist at times lol
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Fine when moving in. attitude went down hill as time went on. Finally trying to take £80 to clean the carpets that were already clean. Now stuck in deposit protection limbo. 8months on, still no £80
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great when the steak comes out properly done. can be a bit unpredictable on that front!
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great guys always friendly and helpful
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Great events well organised friendly people
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