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Use +Sensorly​ !!
This is why apps like Sensorly are so useful, real users can map coverage as they move around the country, and network providers could focus on black spots. 
More than 4,500 miles of roads in Great Britain have no mobile phone coverage, analysis by the RAC Foundation suggests.
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"There are thousands of miles of road along which you would not want to break down." That's a pretty silly thing to write. I don't want to break on any road at all.
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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I have come across a lot of people like this... how do these people survive the modern world?
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FFS just over 60 years ago we were chemically castrating a war hero genius because he was homo sexual, wonder which good book put into peoples heads homo sexuality was a bad idea
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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Not the first thing I see, the first thing I hear, I dont need an alarm clock I have a hungry pussy
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I'd love to be woken up by a hungry pussy too. 😃😂
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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could this be the turning of the tide? or will the higher court get bribed by the cash rich music/film industries?
No Pirate Bay Blockade in Sweden, Court Rules - The Pirate Bay is blocked by dozens of ISPs around Europe but anti-piracy outfits have always hoped that one day the notorious site would be rendered inaccessible in Sweden, its country of origin. To that end, Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, Nordisk Film and the Swedish Film Industry teamed up in a lawsuit last year designed to force Swedish ISP Bredbandsbolaget (Broadband Company) to block the site. They claimed that the ISP should...
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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I'm really glad for the 3 column and reply to, I use them a lot. See they are listening ☺
G+ Web Preview Update
As promised, we're continuing to listen and respond to feedback on the new Google+.

Today we're launching a number of updates to our Web preview including:
- Adding a 3 column stream view for very wide screens
- Adding the ability to reply to comments in context
- Removing the limit on circle streams in the menu (previously 6)
- Adding the option to view 'Posts from Circle' from the Following screen

These changes (which you can see in the image below) will be rolling out today. And look for more updates on Android, iOS, and the Web soon. Thanks~
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My complete guide to the new Google+:
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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No doubt smaller battery and bigger bezels top and bottom because stuff won't fit behind the screen silly expensive headphones and you won't be able to charge and use headphone socket at the same time (eg using aux input and navigation in the car whilst listening to music)

People will still buy it!!!

The human race is a lost cause, between religions, football, corrupt politicians, brand names and megacorps paying minimum wage whilst posting massive profits..

We are screwed!
This #iPhone 7 rumor says #Apple will “force” you to buy overpriced headphones // The Tim tax to nix tip-ring-sleeve, say sources
+Computerworld: With the #iPhone7, Apple is planning to strong-arm you into paying more for headphones. According to the latest rumors, Cupertino will remove the standard 3.5 mm #headphone jack, forcing you to connect your cans via #Lightning.

And of course that means you'll have to buy new headphones. Which means additional MFi licensing and certification fees for 3rd-party headphone makers. Or you could just buy a Apple DtoA adaptor, which will probably cost you an extra $100. Hey, why not buy two? Drip drip drip...

Seriously? Doesn’t Apple exert enough Soviet-like control over its ecosystem? Isn’t the ridiculous profit margin on an iPhone already enough?

In #ITBW, bloggers fear for their ears.
With the iPhone 7, Apple is planning to strong-arm you into paying more for headphones. According to the latest rumors, Cupertino will remove the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, forcing you to connect your cans via Lightning...
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thanks for sharing my +Computerworld foolishness! I do this #ITBW schtick every weekday. You can subscribe to the G+ collection here:
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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If you get a letter demanding money... ignore it.

They have no reliable evidence, they are just fishing.
No Copyright Trolls, Your Evidence Isn’t Flawless - Earlier this month TF broke the news that Sky Broadband in the UK were sending letters out to some of their customers, warning them they’re about to be accused of downloading and sharing movies without permission. When they arrive the threats will come from Golden Eye International (GEIL), the company behind the ‘Ben Dover’ porn brand that has already targeted hundreds of people with allegations of Internet piracy. “It’s likely that Golden...
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I do the same when the BBC send me letters.
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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This might sound a little irrelevant to everyday life right?


you use things affected by this every day.

you use gps navigation in the car right?

that works by satellites orbiting the earth knowing exactly where they are and transmitting their time.

that signal takes time to get to you, by comparing the time in the signal to the signals from other satellites the system works out the distance from each one and thus exactly where you are relative to them.

but... due to the bending of spacetime by the earth's gravity the clocks in the satellites run fast. If this bending of space time wasn't accounted for then the system wouldn't work! 


thanks science!
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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if you are interested in tech privacy etc I highly recomend following +glyn moody
UK ISP boss points out massive technical flaws in Investigatory Powers Bill - gov doesn’t understand how net works
Supporters of new Snooper's Charter "do not understand how the Internet works."
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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Seriously.. More bombs?

Wonder how long it will be before we hear claims that Isis have WMDs?

Mr +David Cameron​ sod off
PM: UK cannot stand aside and let other countries carry the burden - huh? his best argument is others are doing it?
PM says UK cannot stand aside and let other countries carry the burden – and asks in Commons: ‘If not now, when?’
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Its good to have debates like this, unfortunately all the aspects of the debate are not being put out in the mainstream media so fear the public will default to the bombing solution, I did however take part in an ITV poll on the subject and was surprised to see 90% of respondents didn't want to bomb
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Adrian Chapmanlaw

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as is pretty obvious the standard radiator temperature valves are rubbish. Im assuming they work on a wax that expands depending on temperature. they simply do not work.

as you can see from the green line which is josh's bedroom its not limiting the temperature in his bedroom at all, he likes it cool in his room.

found one of these on ebay for less than £10 from a system that has been stripped and upgraded.

its got a full 7 day programmer like you get on proper thermostats will report back on how its working so far it seems to be doing its job
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They all need an IP address. lol
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Standard KFC experience, parking can be a bit tricky tho
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Always been helpful with our cat quick appointments fast efficient service.
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Great food, large portions excellent value and fast delivery
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Nice place, lots of space, good selection of food and drink. Probably loud and lively at the weekend/evenings
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54 reviews
Great food. good value, good sized portions fast to deliver
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Loverly sports ground, unfortunately it's completely inaccessible unless you play football. its owned by poole council, leased to some toff estate to then lease it to some people to do with bournemouth football club. what a waste of a great sports ground.
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It's a bus stop
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