This Week on #ActionMonday
10 October 2011 1st Issue

Seems that Monday ended all over the world, and was a great Monday full of action. Being the first official #ActionMonday I can say that was a great experience, and first of all was great knowing you all and seeing enthusiasm on participating and passion in your works.

We had here a wide range of Action/Sports pictures like:
MX/FMX/Enduro - with +Curtis Cunningham +Alain Balthazard +MILES HOLDEN +juan carlos sarmiento
Bikes - with +Adam Emanoff +Adrian Buturca
Parachuting - with +Matt Genuardi
Baseball - with +Jason Dell +Andrew Tauriainen
Kayak - with +Robert Faubert
Basketball - with +Jerry Denham
Capoeira - with +Argishti Khachik
Cutting Horses & Other Horses - with +Don Crawford +Gary Zorko
Even more powerful horses - with +Matt Toynbee
Soccer - with +Heiko Köster +Wendy Correa
Surf - with +Tim Martin +Christophe Friedli +Dave Daniels
Mono Skiing - with +Jason Moller
Racquetball - with +Ken Fife
Ping Pong - with +juan carlos sarmiento
Volleyball - with +Petr Mader
A great history shot from +Ed Buziak

And other enthusiasts shares that I was not able to give a category, but many thanks to them +Wit Stwosz +Heidi Anne Morris +c e smith +David Heath Williams +pepe perez +Erika Stahoski

Many thanks to all of you for your great submits and hope to have you back soon with new posts ;)

Bellow you can find also a circle that you can add with all of us sharing on #ActionMonday. If I have missed someone or someone's work please excuse me and do not hesitate to comment or contact me for adding you here. More than this home in the future tu find a solution here on Google+ to aggregate all this contents in a single view for a better sharing.

Stay tunned for next week theme, Have fun & keep on shooting!

Adrian Buturca shared a circle with you.
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