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Creative Cloud has arrived, so let’s celebrate with “30 Days of Giveaways”!

Each day, we’ll be giving away one 3-month membership. Enter here for your chance to win: 
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Using Google+ to send folks to your Facebook contest?
Get a clue +Adobe !!!
Ugh! Another contest that requires liking something on Facebook. Don't have FB, don't want FB, don't want to be required to have it to enter contests.
Sorry, not joining Facebook to enter...
Two impressions of Adobe on one day: top innovators (creative cloud) and epic fail (30 Days of Giveaways via fb)...
Thanks for the feedback, guys, we read you loud and clear. You definitely do not like FB contests on G+.
We like G+ contests on G+
Though thanks for the update
+Manipal singh unfortunately it is against Google's policy to allow contests on G+, which is probably why I see a lot of links to contests on FB.
Thanks for the quick response - I will repost.

Now, is there any chance you can convince the guys that run the Premiere and After Effects Facebook pages to get verified G+ accounts and cross post? Those are the only 2 threads I miss from Facebook - excellent information in both of those.
+Shawn Lance I second that. I miss the info the Premiere and After Effects pages on FB provided too. Wish they were on here for sure.
every company should pay you to like them on FB
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