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I have a laptop that connects to the internet, lets see what it has recently replaced....

Newspaper - (web)
Physical Photo Album - (picasa or hard disk to store photos)
Television - *not completely as yet (YouTube and the DVD reader on the laptop)
Wall Clock - (there is one on the desktop)
Wall Calendar - (there is one on the desktop)
Address Book - (Facebook, Google, so many apps etc...)
Music Cassttes or CDs - (MP3 )
Tech Manuals and learning course ware - (PDF files)
Phone *not completely as yet (Skype, Chat)

If you can think of any more drop them in comments...
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Desk Clock, (iGoogle),
Weather Station,(iGoogle)
Writing Bureau, (3 types)
Typewriter (Acer 5750G GT)
Movie and Video cameras (Acer Crystal Cam)
Radio x 10,000+ stations (via
Turntable, Cassette deck, Compact Disc Player, Receiver/Amplifier, (Clear Fi and Dolby Studio)
Fairchild Synthesizer (Audacity)
Pen and paper (Wordpad)
Tape Recorder with Microphone (Sound Recorder)
Organiser and Diary/ Calendar (Several, including iGoogle and Lotus)
Aerogrammes (GMail, Hot Mail)
Telegrams (Facebook, GMail, G+)
Chess (Chess Titans)
Guitar Tuner
Art Gallery
Gaming Arcade
Picture (Movie) Theatre
Oh, Aditya, you did pretty well but I do like to correspond when asked.
Hello, Aditya,
I checked it out - thanks for the acknowledgement.
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