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Aditya Deo
Worked at SP Corp.
Attends Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India
Lives in Vasai Gaon
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409 people
Student, ICWA Final
  • SP Corp.
    Costing Support, 2008 - 2008
  • Residency Hotel
    Accounts, 2007 - 2007
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Vasai Gaon
Vasai Gaon - Vasai Gaon
Don't ask me about myself...
Else, I'll start bragging so much that you'll get bored!
I am planning to write a whole blog about myself! ;-)

But to start with, main Points are...
1 Very social person
(Proof? Look at the community site's list mentioned here!)

2 Sometimes(i mean, most of time) talkative!
(Disclaimer:There are some persons in the world with whom I feel at loss of words!!)

3 Friends have as much importance in my life as my parents.

4 Very simple & least stylish person you could ever find on earth. Not at all flirt-type. :-(

5 Music is my life. Language no barrier. Any music style which I feel nice.

6 Always filled with Positiveness & Enthusiasm

7 Multitasking(Sort of... Even while on PC, always have at least ten windows/tabs open!)

8 Late sleeping &/or early rising(perception of "earliness" might be different from person to person!)

9 If it's not already busy in talking, I use my mouth for eating!

10 Dont care much about myself, but care too much about others!

12 Believe that critics are good friends & vice versa!

13 Like to laugh on myself & love to make others smile

14 Have my own ideas about god, luck, religion & all that stuff
(you may call me an atheist, but I insist I am not)

15 Was, am & will be a bookworm. In fact, I just like to read whatever I find interesting, books, ad hoardings, notice boards, newspapers, mails, SMS, blogs, sites, ebooks, etc etc.

16 Wannabe activist. Environment is first. But also interested in anti-corruption, rights of (non-criminal!) humans, etc etc.

17 Have a say on almost everything I see/hear/experience/etc etc & like to express it.
(Look at these comments in brackets, I am saying something on what I myself have said!)

18 Currently in Commerce-related filed. But if given a chance, would have been in Computer-related field.

19 Have too many interests in too many fields.
(Summary of Point 7 & 19 combined: Jack of All!)

20 Don't like to lose any relationship for any reason

21 Am a poet & an author (in some sense at least!)
(This is one of the last points, so please dont mind!)

22 Normally doesnt get emotional before anyone!

23 Able to think of myself like a third person.
(Hope you are still reading this...:-P)

24 Can accept anything (yes, absolutely anything!) that comes in my way.
(Try to give me some surprise,
& you will be surprised to know that I am not surprised!)

Yeah... These were just the main points...
& shortest bio of mine I can ever write!
Now you can imagine what would be my full intro about myself!

  • Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India
    ICWAI, 2006 - present
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