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Aditi Surti
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Alternative Therapist & Energy Healer
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Alternative Therapist & Energy Healer

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What DOES it take to realize that you have ALWAYS had FREEDOM?
Are you seeking FREEDOM through Relationships? Career? Money? Body? Or does it lie beyond everything outside of you?

What does it mean to truly have freedom? 
Choice? Possibilitites? Potency? The Self? Awakening? Consciousness? Or all and more?
What if letting go of everything that you think will give you Freedom, is actually the only way to see that you already have it?

Now, more than ever, is truly a time to connect with your TRUE SELF. There is a movement on planet Earth towards Freedom, Space, Joy, Caring and Oneness.

We are all seeking the light within us, but through things we have mistakenly assumed with give us. We already ARE, what we have been seeking.

It is time to let go of everything that does not allow it to shine, radiantly and lovingly. 

In these 30 Days, we: 
Connect with the SPACE of Being 
BECOME what you came here to be
Stop seeking YOU through relationships. career, money, body, etc
Start FINDING you beyond all these and more
Acknowledge your infinite POTENTIAL
Stop HIDING behind people and events in your life
Have CHOICE in every moment to align with what is true for you
Use all "negative" experiences to find out what is RIGHT about yourself
Allow the Earth and Universe to CONTRIBUTE to your Being
Step into true caring and loving space with all of CREATION
Let go of stories that separate you from the space of ONENESS

The Earth, the Universe and your Spirit have been waiting for you.

How do we do this?
The great experiment begins May 15th, 2016 with 4 tele-calls 
Email "Excercises of the Day" in your Inbox
4 telecalls of 90 minutes each
Energetic Pre-Verbal Clearing by Aditi on each call for the live callers
Night Audio Clearing processes
Audio Recordings of the calls
Excercises for Freedom 
Interactive Facebook Group
Platform to share your "Eureka Moment"with others

Sign up for FREE Intro tele-call on May 8th, 2016

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Find out what Access Business 101 is about!! 

A lot of people from around the world are talking about this fun one day class that can give you questions, tools and insights into how to start your own business, expand or contribute to an existing one, start other business, hire the right people, get fearless with money and finances and loads more!

In this fun chat with Aditi Surti and the hosts (organisers) of this 1 day class, get a peek into what's in store and you may walk away with something fun, new, exciting that can change the way you look at business! 

Find out more on

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Desire a different reality with your business and money? Would you like to create a future with your business and life that is so different that what you imaged it to be? What it is greater than what you think? here's a class that can give you to tools to access and actualise that in your life!
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