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Rich Flavor for your Facebook Advertising
Rich Flavor for your Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Messenger has reached over 1.2 billion monthly active users. They send and receive over a billion messages every single month, Ads included!

We're still in the early days of advertising with Messenger, so NOW it's the best time for you to learn and grow.

Use these 12 best-in-class examples to get inspired to experiment with Messenger ads at your own company.
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Wanna keep those conversions rolling in? Keep the cash flowing?

Don't spend too much time obsessing over new Facebook ad 'hacks' then!

The truth is, there are a few evergreen campaigns on Facebook that will always work.

Here they are, together with 15 tips on how to use them to beat the competition!
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Landing pages are a necessity, but they can become expensive & time-consuming for SMBs to continually create every time they're needed.

That's where landing page creation tools come in.

There are plenty of great landing page builders -- and all at an affordable price.

In this post, we go over our favorite landing page creation tools that can help all SMBs in their marketing efforts.
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Business is hard. But it’s especially hard when nobody knows who you are.

Recognition and trust make all the difference.

People stick with what they know. Because it's comfortable.
But how do you change that so they give you a try?

Build credibility by faking social proof. Here's how.
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Did you know that 57% of users will visit a brand’s site after watching a video? 

And that 65% of customers are more likely to purchase a product after they’ve seen a video about it?

Storytelling is what makes a video so effective!

In this post, we go over why you should be using storytelling marketing, we'll explain how to create video stories that are effective in just 60 seconds or less and how to make high-converting Facebook video ads (with several incredible real examples).

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It's official:
70% of your Instagram posts aren't reaching your followers. 😟😞😢

Here's why that's happening, and how you can fix it with
1️ - better creative + audience targeting,
2️ - Instagram Stories,
3️ - Instagram Live

4️ - Our guide 😉

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All brands, no matter how big or small can use a Facebook group to help promote their business and build a community around it. 🙄

In our latest post, we go over every single thing you need to know to start, run, moderate, and monitor your group. 💪 🏆

Learn how to build a Facebook group from the ground up, along with strategies and best practices to help it thrive. 🚀📈

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YOU had questions...

What are Lead ads? Why do I need them?
How can I create my Lead Ads on Facebook?
What kinds of questions should I ask or avoid?
What's the best placement for my Lead Ad?
How can I make sure I don't get more leads than I can handle?
And What about syncing my leads with my CRM?

WE are giving you answers!

NOW find no excuses and get started on your best lead ad campaign ever.
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The Facebook Business Manager can seem daunting when you first log in.

But mastering the ins and outs of the Business Manager will set you up to master all sorts of sophisticated Facebook ad campaigns.

You'll be able to better promote your page, better target new ad campaigns, and as a result, generate a higher ROI faster, too.

How? With this guide, of course!
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Marketers often ask what people want, but they rarely consider what customers don't want.
Companies can figure out how to motivate customers to positively act if they know which negative emotions and situations the customers will avoid.
But it's risky if you don't do it right!
Today we tell you how to avoid mistakes and turn Social pain into your new secret marketing weapon!
🕵️ 🚀 📈 👉
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