Socktober Treat Time It wouldn't be "the holiday season" (running roughly from early fall until shortly after Valentine's Day by my estimation, with a brief coda for Easter) without theme candy!! I tend to measure my seasons by food anyways. Fall to me means butternut and delicata squash, pumpkin everything, nutmeg, cinnamon, honeycrisp apples, sweet potatoes, pecans, and the beginning of ginger and mint and cranberries, And the ever ubiquitous candy corn! How is this a flavor? It's like pure sugar, but somehow it is. My brief review: of course candy corn is candy corn and not good per se, but so evocative of diving into leaf piles and donning twenty costumes with enormous candy bags that it cannot be resisted. The Candy Corn M&M's are pretty much white chocolate M&M's and thus decidedly not my thing, but not bad either. The Pumpkin Spice Kisses taste kind of like a holiday themed candle. I won't say they're exactly tasty, but I kind of find myself eating them repeatedly to remember what the flavor was...  Still on the quest for candy corn oreos. Also, my socks taste like socks. Ewww. 

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