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A Hey you got your #sockwars  in my #throwbackthursday  post post. I was thirteen. I believe I was going to a Valentine's Day party at my school. Yes, I was a geek, but the overkill was intentional because the idea entertained me and not because I thought I looked cool ... I didn't do cool, which may be the one saving grace of my teen years. Anyways, had these socks for about nine years before they wore through. The power of love! The tights pretty much snagged immediately. The skirt was part of a ballet costume. I think the hat was an Easter bonnet cribbed from the little girl's section. And the cardigan must have been my mom's because I have no memory of it. 

Happy Thursday!!
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Apparently you've always been adorable.
+Bill LaBrie  I was kind of a fat little baby before babies were born obese. I know this because every once in a while I am out with my dad at his church and some very elderly lady will have to run up to me and tell me that I used to be such a butterball But I like to think even then I had cute socks. Little girls usually do. I also insisted on wearing a tiara for about two years when I was a toddler, which I sometimes miss... Made a rather good point to the world ;-)
So you were indoctrinated from a young age...
Holy cow, I remember that whole outfit! Adorable..hee hee. I dont recognize the cardigan either but I was much more likely to wear those so youre probably right! Where'd you get this picture? What intentional 'style' :) love it!
One of a handful that were being stored in a binder at your house. The others are pictures of peaches and chloe, and me probably still around thirteen dressed up in a bright pink harem girl costume. They might have been unearthed during the great Black Friday purge of 2011 
Hmm...  I think about the only thing I can say about a 13 year old harem girl that won't get me into trouble is... I'm glad she's grown up now! :)
We should put together a photo book with you and all your costumes as you grew up... :)  
I think some of my old photo albums might qualify. I went through a period of not not dressing up
I think some of my old photo albums might qualify. I went through a period of not not dressing up
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