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This is episode #5 of the series: Stop the RelationshiT - Grow Your Relations.
In most of the Western world, same sex relationships are legally recognized and have gained even the status that marriage, heretofore reserved only for hetero couples, affords. Knowing about the differences between men and women and also how these differences in perception, habits, education, etc. influence the relationships between men and women – and which often are the cause for separation – we would think that same sex relationships have the advantage of each partner being familiar with the general ways of the other. Is this true? What are the challenges with which same sex relationships are struggling?
ABOUT+Jeff Salzman 
Jeff Salzman worked with Ken Wilber for three years building the Integral Institute. He’s co-founder of CareerTrack, one of the world’s leading professional development companies. A long-time spiritual practitioner in many traditions, he has a Masters Degree in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism from Naropa University. Jeff spent the last few years as a co-founder and a lead teacher of Boulder Integral, now The Integral Center. These days he travels, teaches and comments about current events on Integral Life and The Daily Evolver. Find him on Twitter @DailyEvolver.
+Kelly Bearer 
Kelly Bearer, MA is a professional counselor specializing in individual and group therapy, and heart-centered hypnotherapy and maintains a private practice in Boulder, Colorado. Sessions can be held online via Skype or in-person at her office in downtown Boulder.

A graduate of Naropa University (2005) specializing in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, she currently serves as a private counselor working with a broad spectrum of clients. Among her area of expertise include anxiety, trauma, grief, relationships, LGBTQ and life transitions.
Same Sex Relationships with Jeff Salzman & Kelly Baerer
Fri, February 12, 1:00 PM
register for free here:

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After the show we meet as usual on Blab:
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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Another important post for the Social Media collection! Thanks to +Daniel Futerman 
#socialmedia  #G+, #pluseditor #thepowerofrelationship  
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Great idea! But make sure before that everybody on G+ knows about it and shares your posts about it - and gives you some donation. Do you have a system for that in place?
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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Wisdom shared by +Christopher Pearsall . We should be reminded of that whenever there is the danger that we enter into complaint and victimism.
Thanks Christopher and +Karen Kay 
#wisdom   #wisdomquotes   #thepowerofrelationship  
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I can truly relate to what you are saying +Christopher Pearsall . It seems to be a period of challenges for the world and those of us who are sensitive to the energies which are out there right now. Often it is expressed in difficulties in our personal and/or professional life, but I deeply believe that it is not really personal, but an expression of the whole. And personally deciding the "right" way helps to create a new balance, and that is what we are called to do, in my opinion.
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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Leonard Bernstein gives a huge recognition to GLENN GOULD in front of  the audience right before the concert - He doesn't agree at all with the interpretation of the great pianist Glenn Gould, but he is willing to renounce to his own way of seeing Brahms and follows Glenn and his vision - something grand directors normally don't do! Listen to the talk and to the music. Glenn Gould is a stand alone Genius in understanding music from different perspectives: an integral musician
#music   #brahms   #glenngould   #pianoconcert   #integral   #integralmusic   #interpretation   #leonardbernstein   #thepowerofrelationship  
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Yes he is a genius! +Adelheid Hörnlein 
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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Luzzy the twin brother of +Rufus Von Gingerballs . Happy #caturday  to all of you fellow creatures!
#cats   #catlovers   #thepowerofrelationship  
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You should post more Luzzy.
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Adelheid Hörnlein

Member Hosted HOAs  - 
Join us in about 2 hours to learn about wisdom in creating - and dissolving personal relationships
Sign up for free at Webinar Jam
You have the control over the quality of the relationships you are in! Talking about LOVE: You can Call IN your ONE  -  and in case you need to separate for one reason or another, you can handle the separation in a conscious and wise way
+Katherine Woodward Thomas  has written a book on both topics and she has taught thousands of people how to actually DO that. She will be our special guest in +The Wisdom Factory live broadcast on Friday Feb.5 at 10AM PT. SIgn up for free at . All Information about our 12 part series STOP THE RELATIONSHIT:  Relationships in Private and in Business  at
#relationships   #love   #separation   #consciousness   #integralpractice   #thepowerofrelationship  
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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SOMETHING FROM NOTHING. We listened to the introduction to  the course of the integral musician Stuart Davis on CONSCIOUS 2, a fabulous membership site with tons of highest quality content around spirituality, self growth, yoga etc. We certainly will follow his course there on Freeing the Creative Potential. You might be interested to check this out. I really appreciate the work of +Alex Howard  founder of Conscious 2, who will be our guest in +The Wisdom Factory on March 4th.
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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Did you know that? The Banana you would normally throw away is precious medicine!
h/t +Michael Thomas thanks for sharing!
#cancer   #health   #healthfood   #thepowerofrelationship  
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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"The secret for happiness: not the big things make us happy, but our capacity to find joy in all the little things* - and especially in what we are doing every day. How many people on earth are constantly working on something they don't like to do? Imagine the negative energy they emanate. What to do? - Observing in mindfulness whatever you do this week - and where ever we give our attention will become dear to us and we begin to enjoy doing it. This is ancient wisdom
#wedigmondays   #wisdom   #wisdomquotes   #mindfulness   #thepowerofrelationship  
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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The famous mosaics of #Ravenna, #Italy. We took 2 days off from the computer hazzle to enjoy art from 1500 Years ago. AMAZING and BLOWN AWAY would be the right words to use here.
You NEED to go there yourself, my iPhone photos are really not giving the right impression!
#mosaic, #art, #thepowerofrelationship, 
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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If you ever had problems in your personal relationships - here is the person to learn from  +Katherine Woodward Thomas live in +The Wisdom Factory in about 70 minutes! DOn't miss this chance to meet this NYT bestselling author!
#thepowerofrelationship   #love   #separation   #consciousness   #consciousuncoupling  
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Live streaming Host, Coach, Voicetherapy, Counseling, Gestalt Transformative life coaching , Feminine Power and 'Calling in the One', , Conscious Uncoupling' Retreat and Guesthouse owner, retreat leader, olivefarmer...........
MA (TU-Berlin), Certifications in about 20 disiplines (art and music, psychotherapy,integral techniques, coaching of various kinds
  • Paradiso Integrale
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Otricoli Umbria Italy
Rome Italy - Coburg Germany - Berlin Germany
YouTube/Hangout on Air Show Host, Transformational relationship coaching, Integral Practice and Integral Voice Training, Paradiso Integrale", (live coaching and retreat in Italy)
(Intro auf Deutsch unten)
We come to this world to fulfill a unique mission - and we pass most of our life to find out what exactly  this mission is. - and when we are humble enough we might find it with all its implications, fulfillment and fatigue , happiness and overwhelm - and finally we can  hold the complexity and stop to search for the RIGHT as opposed to wrong. This is the liberation.

Professional skills and expereiences:
- Voice teacher and therapist, classical singer
- Counselor trained in Gestalt
- Relationship coach
-Feminine Power Coach, Calling-in-the-One and Conscious Uncoupling
- Retreat Host and Trainer
- HOA Host (Hangout-on-Air) "The WisdomFactory" and "Connections Forum"
- Retreat and Guesthouse Owner
- Cultural Association "PARADISO INTEGRALE"
- Organic Farming, alternative life

 I am German and live in Italy, near Rome for about 30 years now, right in the beautiful Umbrian landscape surrounded by olive trees wherever you look! I was irresistibly attracted by Italian Opera, by Italian weather and the powerful beauty of this country.

I am happy to welcome you on my B&B as a holiday guest or participant of a retreat or a course about growth and self-management by developing a evolved relationship to yourself and others - advanced communication skills, in other words.

At the moment I am learning all the technical stuff to be online to fulfill my mission: it is all about consciousness and growing up into the expansion of our potential. It is letting people know how they can find their authenticity and authentic voice in the world, How they can attract their ideal partner, how they can up-level their current relationships or separate smoothly when this is  the best thing to do. Yo can watch our videos on YOU TUBE  here on my profile or under "Paradiso Integrale - the Power of Relationship"

And I will include my great expertise in how to develop the sound of our voices, how to become authentic in vocal expression - and as a whole human being.

*I am happy if you add me to your circles about*
- relationships
- communication
- personal growth and development
- living and growing in love
- spirituality
- evolutionary psychology
- leading edge science (brain, energy, physics.....)
- classical music and singing/voicetherapy
- Hangoutshows
- animals and nature
- integral theory and practice
- gender

Please DON'T send me stuff about
-  chatter
- cosmetics and traditional female stuff
- woowoo magic
- artificial things
- machinery and weapons
- technical stuff

ABOUT Heidi (+Adelheid Hörnlein    ) 
A native German and living in Italy for the past 30 years. I have an MA in communication science, was a professional singer, voice teacher, voice therapist before I was licensed in Gestalt Counseling and Transformative Coaching (Approach: ‘Feminine Power’ and related). I am also licensed as transformative leader. I am holding seminars and courses, live and online. My passion is 1:1 coaching for whatever difficulties people encounter in life, especially regarding relationships, but not only. If you are inspired to do so, please ask for a free discovery session by connecting with me on G+ or via our website:http://ThePowerOfRelationship.Com

Aus meinem Blogger-Profil (

Mich gibt es schon länger als ein halbes Jahrhundert, und da kommt schon so Einiges an Erfahrungen zusammen, an Einsichten, Wissen, Können und auch - Weisheit. Diese möchte ich nun mit anderen Frauen teilen, ihnen Wegen aufzeigen, wie sie ihre Probleme bewältigen können, Freude und Erfüllung im leben finden und mitwirken können an den großen Aufgaben unserer Zeit, die für uns Frauen anstehen: Frieden auf Erden zu schaffen mit unseren ureigenen Fähigkeiten zum intuitiven Wissen und zur Fürsorge und Beziehungspflege - zu uns selbst und zu den anderen,


Counseling, Authentic Voice, Psychologie, Coaching, Therapie, Lernen. Leben, Wachsen, Beziehungen, Kommunikation, Stimme, Musik; Stimmtherapie, Feminine Power, Calling in the One, Menschen, Tiere, Natur


Rennaissance + barock + italienische Oper


Ken Wilber ++++

Wie im englischen Text ersichtlich sind jetzt Männer  in meiner Arbeit, die sich an "FEMININE POWER" anlehnt, einbezogen .

 auf Deutsch findet sich etwas auf  http://conjunctive ( und im Blogger-Blog

Bragging rights
Coming back to my farm on the Umbrian hills after some time spent in one of our 'modern' European or American cities: I realize how far modern humans have gone in separating themselves from nature, their own nature and mother earth. City people try to reduce nature to something 'nice', useful for relaxation when presented in a neet and illusionary shape - like the lilac cow in a fancy landscape -. But nature has a whole different power, is rarely as smooth and 'beautiful' as we would like it to be. If we were courageous enough to really connect to nature, to live it instead of using/abusing it, we would have a chance to become wise and 'enlightened', which seems to be such a drive nowadays.....
  • Coburg, Berlin, Rome and Los Angeles
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