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Adelheid Hörnlein

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Woohoo - Fun is near! In next Thursday's show we are jouned by an illustrious panel to explore Fun and Relaxation:
We welcome our panel:
+Elaine Nieberding   
+Meloney Hall  
+Bill Reed 
+Patti Pokorchak     
+Rayne Dowell 
+Nicole Levac 
and +Christopher Pearsall 
Get inspired with all of us - and please invite your friends who would like love to tap into some fun moments and relaxation opportunities!
#connections   #fun   #relaxation  #f&r, #thepowerofrelationship  
AUGUST is coming - holiday season in many countries. Will you have FUN?
Whether you want to enjoy more deeply your holidays or you have to work and want some time out to reload your batteries: You will be able to do that with Heidi and Margherita from August 9 -16.

Don’t WE ALL need more fun and relaxation in our lives in these times which seem to become ever more “crazy”? And isn’t it SO MUCH EASIER to have fun together, to get inspired by what we and others do, to laugh wholeheartedly about what we create randomly and with joy.

In today's show we will talk about the challenge and we will answer your questions - and those of our panel -  about what this challenge is all about
We welcome our panel:
+Elaine Nieberding 
+Meloney Hall 
+Bill Reed 
+Patti Pokorchak   
+Rayne Dowell 
+Nicole Levac 
+Christopher Pearsall 
It will be FUN and relaxing! 
Please tell your friends and invite them in our FUN-Introductory SHOW
We will create our challenge on Crowdcast - we love this new platform! You can already sign in - and if you do it right now you will get our pdf - a free gift -  the Fun & Play Guide

Sign up here with your G+, Twitter or Facebook account:

*You can watch the first session of the challenge live on the G+ event page:  session 2-8 only will be available only via crowdcast 
#fun   #relaxation   #expression   #connections   #thepowerofrelationship  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Hangout On Connections. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
The FUN & RELAXATION CHALLENGE at the Gates - with a rich panel of guests
Thu, August 6, 10:00 AM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Almost here and counting down the days!!!
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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Important reminder - especially for WOMEN!
#thepowerofrelationship   #quote   #wisdom  
Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends......
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This is something very important to realize. There's no way after that we can blame anyone for anything, not even ourselves. It's the reward of assuming our choices and the wellbeing of living well the outcomes, whatever they are...
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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What is our brain? - really that what we think and believe?
Some people think that the brain isn't storing anything but is just a receiving station to download content from the cloud - and upload new info there.
*read this article and then tell me what your ideas are!
#brain   #brainresearch   #nobrainer   #thepowerofrelationship  
This hasn't changed the textbooks on the functioning of our brains.
But why not?
For decades now, I have been haunted by the grainy, black-and-white x-ray of a human skull. It is alive but empty, with a cavernous fluid-filled space where the brain should be. A thin layer of brain tissue lines that cavity like an amniotic sac. The image hails from a 1980 review article in ...
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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Double-Selfie from this  #caturday  morning. Trixi loves to sit on me!
#cats   #catlovers   #thepowerofrelationship  
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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Going live now: +The Death Chicks about how to survive the loss of a close person-
#death   #loss   #thedeathchicks   #thepowerofrelationship  
When our guest Diana Brown watched the twin towers fall she was struck by deep sorrow and became motivated to speak out about the impacts of war loss and her MIA father.  She knew thousands of lives would be changed forever because of the loved ones not found.

Diana is familiar with military lifestyle and culture and brings a wealth of knowledge to this topic.  She became a combat loss survivor at five years old when she lost her father in the Korean War.  She was the spouse of a soldier deployed to Viet Nam while pregnant with her first child.  And from 2008-2013 she provided professional support to active duty military members and their families in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.  

Why this Topic Appeals to Diana
After living for decades with the negative impacts of not talking about her loss, Diana is now compelled to share her story and encourage others to speak out rather than suffer “the detrimental effects of the silent and implied message we don’t talk about death."

What Brought Diana to Speak Out
After 50 years of functioning like a robot without realizing the limiting impact that grief was having on her life, Diana now works to prevent others from being lost in pain.  On the outside she was going through the motions of living and it looked like she was just fine.  She went to school, married, raised a family, worked, received an MA, and accomplished her goals.  On the inside however, there was a deep sorrow that no one knew about except her.  She could not smile or laugh without faking it because nothing inside her felt happy.  She even hated to have her photo taken because she knew she would have to fake a smile and then feel like a fraud.  She would look at people who were laughing and yearn for the joy she saw.  She would think ‘there must be more to life, but she did not know how to access it’.  Today she teaches others how to move beyond grief and step back into life.

More about our guest
Diana is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been helping individuals and families for the past 20 years.  She is also a Certified Enneagram Coach working with individual and family transformation.

+The Death Chicks  was created to shine light on the tabooed topics of death, dying, grief, and loss.  We're listening to all perspectives and having the conversations that we as human beings who live and die on this earth, need to have, without fear of judgement.

+Patty Burgess Brecht is the President of Possibility for Doing Death Differently and Teaching Transitions.  She is an End-of-Life Educator and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.  She is the developer of the End of Life Specialist Training and Certification (CEOLS), and teaches individuals and organizations how to Do Death Differently by not being overwhelmed or afraid of death, but to seek and experience the joy, the passion, and the even the exhilaration inherent in the honor of BEing with the dying.  Her video-based, online, inspiring course is used in hospices, hospitals, home care, colleges and universities across the country and is now open to individuals who are drawn to this work. - for Individuals - Hospices and Colleges/Universities

+Myste Lyn is a Women’s Empowerment Coach who moves women from a place of fear and uncertainty back into the full beauty of the woman they were meant to be.  Myste works intuitively and is able to successfully connect women with their place peace.  She specializes in reducing fears, alleviating guilt, and creating inner confidence.

Join +The Death Chicks Thursdays Noon Pacific and 3pm Eastern.  
As we like to say No one is getting out of this alive!   So we may as well talk about, learn about it, plan for it, and feel comfortable with it when our time or the time of our loved ones come.

Please share around and help us get the word out

Can you think of someone you know who knows someone in the military?
Do you know someone who has suffered from war loss?
Do you know someone who has not had closure???

Use the following link to watch via mobile, Facebook, and twitter:

Your presence is appreciated.

#thedeathchicks   #doingdeathdifferently   #bittersweetblessing   #deathacceptancemovement   #warloss   #MissinginAction   #militarywives  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by The Death Chicks. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Surviving War Loss: A Military Wife Speaks Out
Thu, July 30, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Adelheid Hörnlein

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Another quote by Albert Einstein - and we will embody it!
Join us in the FUN & RELAXATION CHALLENGE in August 9-16 at
Check out the blogpost by +Margherita Crystal Lotus below:
#fun   #relaxation   #August   #thepowerofrelationship  
Albert Einstein said: "Creativity is Intelligence having Fun." No-one can deny that creativity is a life skill that brings out Fun & Relaxation in our life. If you know how to do it you are alr...
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He's right, you know.
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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And if it is not - join the Fun & Relaxation Challenge  August 9-16 and visit the pre-event::
#fun   #relaxation   #goodlife   #thepowerofrelationship  
The dance of LIFE should be FUN - and if it isn't from time to time we need some inspiration or tools and techniques to return to the fun perspective and feeling joyful!
Join the FUN & RELAXATION Challenge online from August 9-16 
subdcibing here:
#connections   #fun   #relaxation   #thepowerofrelationship  
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It will be Fun +Adelheid Hörnlein 
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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What people experience - a real shift is happening!
I totally agree with what Cheryl wrote on the event-page for the upcoming free training of the "Gold Key Release"Technique by +Lawrence Gold . Check it out here:
#goldkeyrelease   #freetraining   #thepowerofrelationship   #thewisdomfactory  
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Adelheid Hörnlein

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Adelheid Hörnlein

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Words of Wisdom
Thanks for sharing +John Murphy 
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One of my favourite quotes +Adelheid Hörnlein - great reminder to live NOW!
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  • Coburg, Berlin, Rome and Los Angeles
Basic Information
Looking for
Friends, Networking
Other names
Heidi Hörnlein
Transformational relationship coaching, Integral Practice and Integral Voice Training, Paradiso Integrale", (live coaching and retreat in Italy)
(Intro auf Deutsch unten)
We come to this world to fulfill a unique mission - and we pass most of our life to find out what exactly  this mission is. - and when we are humble enough we might find it with all its implications, fulfillment and fatigue , happiness and overwhelm - and finally we can  hold the complexity and stop to search for the RIGHT as opposed to wrong. This is the liberation.

Professional skills and expereiences:
- Voice teacher and therapist, classical singer
- Counselor trained in Gestalt
- Relationship coach
-Feminine Power Coach, Calling-in-the-One and Conscious Uncoupling
- Retreat Host and Trainer
- HOA Host (Hangout-on-Air) "The WisdomFactory" and "Connections Forum"
- Retreat and Guesthouse Owner
- Cultural Association "PARADISO INTEGRALE"
- Organic Farming, alternative life

 I am German and live in Italy, near Rome for about 30 years now, right in the beautiful Umbrian landscape surrounded by olive trees wherever you look! I was irresistibly attracted by Italian Opera, by Italian weather and the powerful beauty of this country.

I am happy to welcome you on my B&B as a holiday guest or participant of a retreat or a course about growth and self-management by developing a evolved relationship to yourself and others - advanced communication skills, in other words.

At the moment I am learning all the technical stuff to be online to fulfill my mission: it is all about consciousness and growing up into the expansion of our potential. It is letting people know how they can find their authenticity and authentic voice in the world, How they can attract their ideal partner, how they can up-level their current relationships or separate smoothly when this is  the best thing to do. Yo can watch our videos on YOU TUBE  here on my profile or under "Paradiso Integrale - the Power of Relationship"

And I will include my great expertise in how to develop the sound of our voices, how to become authentic in vocal expression - and as a whole human being.

*I am happy if you add me to your circles about*
- relationships
- communication
- personal growth and development
- living and growing in love
- spirituality
- evolutionary psychology
- leading edge science (brain, energy, physics.....)
- classical music and singing/voicetherapy
- Hangoutshows
- animals and nature
- integral theory and practice
- gender

Please DON'T send me stuff about
-  chatter
- cosmetics and traditional female stuff
- woowoo magic
- artificial things
- machinery and weapons
- technical stuff

ABOUT Heidi (+Adelheid Hörnlein    ) 
A native German and living in Italy for the past 30 years. I have an MA in communication science, was a professional singer, voice teacher, voice therapist before I was licensed in Gestalt Counseling and Transformative Coaching (Approach: ‘Feminine Power’ and related). I am also licensed as transformative leader. I am holding seminars and courses, live and online. My passion is 1:1 coaching for whatever difficulties people encounter in life, especially regarding relationships, but not only. If you are inspired to do so, please ask for a free discovery session by connecting with me on G+ or via our website:http://ThePowerOfRelationship.Com

Aus meinem Blogger-Profil (

Mich gibt es schon länger als ein halbes Jahrhundert, und da kommt schon so Einiges an Erfahrungen zusammen, an Einsichten, Wissen, Können und auch - Weisheit. Diese möchte ich nun mit anderen Frauen teilen, ihnen Wegen aufzeigen, wie sie ihre Probleme bewältigen können, Freude und Erfüllung im leben finden und mitwirken können an den großen Aufgaben unserer Zeit, die für uns Frauen anstehen: Frieden auf Erden zu schaffen mit unseren ureigenen Fähigkeiten zum intuitiven Wissen und zur Fürsorge und Beziehungspflege - zu uns selbst und zu den anderen,


Counseling, Authentic Voice, Psychologie, Coaching, Therapie, Lernen. Leben, Wachsen, Beziehungen, Kommunikation, Stimme, Musik; Stimmtherapie, Feminine Power, Calling in the One, Menschen, Tiere, Natur


Rennaissance + barock + italienische Oper


Ken Wilber ++++

Wie im englischen Text ersichtlich sind jetzt Männer  in meiner Arbeit, die sich an "FEMININE POWER" anlehnt, einbezogen .

 auf Deutsch findet sich etwas auf  http://conjunctive ( und im Blogger-Blog

Bragging rights
Coming back to my farm on the Umbrian hills after some time spent in one of our 'modern' European or American cities: I realize how far modern humans have gone in separating themselves from nature, their own nature and mother earth. City people try to reduce nature to something 'nice', useful for relaxation when presented in a neet and illusionary shape - like the lilac cow in a fancy landscape -. But nature has a whole different power, is rarely as smooth and 'beautiful' as we would like it to be. If we were courageous enough to really connect to nature, to live it instead of using/abusing it, we would have a chance to become wise and 'enlightened', which seems to be such a drive nowadays.....
Voicetherapy, Counseling, Gestalt Transformative life coaching , Feminine Power and 'Calling in the One', , Conscious Uncoupling' Retreat and Guesthouse owner, retreat leader, olivefarmer...........
MA (TU-Berlin), Certifications in about 20 disiplines (art and music, psychotherapy,integral techniques, coaching of various kinds
  • Paradiso Integrale
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Otricoli Umbria Italy
Rome Italy - Coburg Germany - Berlin Germany
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