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It seems that there are people out there who don't know/remember how Jaiku's channels worked.

+Jaiku channels:
You write a post. If it begins with a hashtag then the post only goes to the channel with the name of that hashtag. Now you aren't spamming your friends with posts from that cool conference and your family aren't forced to see all your javascript posts. No cross-posting was allowed.
Corrections welcomed.
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yeah i think that's how it worked, although if your contact is also subscribed to the same channel then they will see your post to that channel in their overview stream.
I think jaiku is bought by google.then why is it not implemented in gplus along with circles.will it be too much to understand for a average user.
I find it very puzzling that G+ doesn't have solution like that. Hopefully, it is because the team is trying to come up with something even better
+Rajasekhar Reddy Mettu this is not the proper place for that question. also please send feedback, should work better.
afaik, it can take a while till everything gets synced up and you get the proper behaviour.
+Fernando Miguel thanks.Even feedback button has a problem.i will exemplify that.i want to travel from Point A to C, and I want to take a nap at point B,then the design of our road network will not allow that, coz I need to come back to point A to do that.this is exactly how the feedback button works.
I never used Jaiku, but I just wanted to chip in and say that I would love it if Google+ emulated this to some degree. I think I would post more diversely if I knew that the people who have circled me could filter out particular topics.

I specifically describe it in terms of "opting out" because I wouldn't want to miss new topics, or posts of a general nature, from the people I've circled. I've circled them because I'm interested in what they post, so I think the default should be to see all their posts.
Yep, this was a great way of separating streams. The only problem I occasionally hit was that if a channel didn't exist it didn't change whether a hashtag went to a 'channel' or not... it went to a non-existent channel instead. So a message like "#Goodbye Jaiku" (a hashtag required by one of the backup services) went to a #goodbye channel, and didn't get picked up by their backup script easily.

It would certainly be nice to be able to have 'multiple streams' in +Google+ but it's going to be a tricky thing to implement with the same hashtag notation without a lot of confusion. Maybe a slightly different character, or a double character? like ##Channel or #!Channel.

It would also be nice if people could see what channels you post to and opt-in to just your posts for that channel, without having to opt-in to the whole channel... if I post about a conference some people might be interested in what I'm doing, but wouldn't care what others are doing at the same conference.
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