Starting to sketch out a blog post: everything you ever wanted to know about our new discovery-based APIs and libraries but you were afraid to ask.

Libraries: which includes

The open source API Explorer:

Discovery Service:

Other people doing the same thing:

The wiki page for the OpenWebFoo session on API usability:

The discovery document for Buzz:

The core of the discovery library:

The design document for the Python library:

+Joe Gregorio +Monsur Hossain : on how to build a client library for your favourite language

Joe's questions about WADL:

How OAuth2 and authentication works in the Python library:

Other people can use our client libraries and discovery system to do cool stuff:

We chose JSON schema: rather than Orderly:

This: is the ReSTful JSON-Schema discovery document for GPlus:

This is the RPC version: by +Gerwin Sturm if you're interested in tracking changes to our discovery documents

This will get updated as I gather more information.

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