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If you're around friends and family using older browsers this year, why not take a few minutes out to help them upgrade to a browser that automatically updates? Browsers with an automatic upgrade path (e.g Chrome, Firefox and Opera) can enjoy the best the web has to offer and avoid broken browser experiences in the future. 
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On corporate clients: 

Sometimes the perception is that their older browsers are as secure as needed whilst at other times they might have complete IT infrastructures that, for some reason or other, rely on those browsers.

Justifications for upgrading include better performance, better security and easier management of systems tied to those browsers in the future. Developers (or managers) who can be heard about making the decision to upgrade should definitely speak out where they can.
To be fair, the corporates have a point regarding stable and tested versions. They can still use a locked down stable version of an evergreen though and upgrade every 6 months, say.
...and not necessarily in that order.
Haha, I agree ... especially with numbre 3... :)
Hahaha.dat gud with the gud ones
Definitely Condoms. It creates lot of  inconvenience to both parties Involved in using it. =D
Or IE10, which I now use in Windows to avoid the broken mess of slowness that has become Chrome lately.  
I am very sorry to say this that in India most of the Govt owned corporate's web sites are only compatible with IE6, IE7 & Firefox 3.5  so we are forced to use only these versions even if we are using OS WIN 7 or WIN 8. We use higher versions of Firefox and Chrome for surfing sites other than corporate sites.
Better wake up and get with the times then... Chrome is for everything lol IE is for muppets.
correct .............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats funny!!!!:)........and true!!!:)
There is no turning back once no. 2
Unfortunately, I still have a few acquaintances and relatives who have yet to discover fire, living indoors, and something other than IE.  

How's that old saying go...."you can lead a neanderthal to water..."? 
I only us IE to download Chrome.  Then I remove the IE icon.
Oh crap! Not IE again....
Nice.. on the first two of the list... ;)
You forgot Bacon.
+Addy Osmani Except that in corporate it's not always feasible. We have to support IE7 because of contract saying our app will work under it (intranet stuff)
I'd love this to be an official ad for Chrome =P
if forced IE then Chrome-Frame(no admin rights required);
this is one of universal truth 
I live under a rock and not so tech savy .But have understood that new and improved is better than old and cruddy .I would get a kick out of that but shame on me
I also have not used IE for about 3 years, Chrome works great for me
Jacob A
lololololololololololz (no 2)
keeping all the three evergreen will result .... 1. Many lovers 2. Bankruptcy for the condom maker lol.
+Tyler Carroll Firefox?????? firefox is a joke now, It had it's reigning title for a little while back some years but now ehh.......... I say chrome All The Way :p
Funny no one has said a thing about hearts and condoms they are more important.
+Shrikant Ayya It's not exactly true as you can install any of the modern evergreen browsers along side those browsers without difficulty and use them for an excellent experience on all but the few websites that require such heinous software :)
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