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In case you missed it, the ePub version of my in-progress 'Writing Backbone.js Applications' book is now available for free
Theres a .mobi version in the comments and of course, the online version for everyone else
A side question, which seems worth asking as long as this is floating at the top of HN ... We try to rotate in fresh projects into the list of Backbone apps on the homepage:
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The epub download link has been suspended :(
Hey Addy, first of all i really appreciate what you are providing to open source community and i really like tutorials you have set up on git to learn backbone and other js frameworks and library's. Keep up the good work. one more thing is can you give me pointer on using backbone with either node.js or php for creating everyday apps i.e. add/edit/delete real time apps ? i know there is todo example but i am not really able to understand how i can create fully fledge backbone app from that. thanks and i really appreciate what you are doing to javascript community.
+Hardik Dangar There's been a series on NetTuts lately (see where they've been taking you through the process of creating a contact manager using Backbone - it included add, edit, delete. The last part is going to include syncing with Node I believe, but someone has already wrapped up a version of the project with it here (you could use this as reference). Hope that helps.
Thank you Addy. I was looking for a good book on BackBone. Really I appreciate your effort.
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