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The Breakpoint: Episode 1 - New in DevTools, Yeoman and the AngularJS generators

Interested in front-end tooling? Please feel free to join me and some very special guests for the recording of the first episode of our new Google Developers Live show 'The Breakpoint'. It's now up on YouTube.

The Breakpoint with Paul Irish and Addy Osmani

With thanks to +Paul Lewis and +Brian Ford 
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Love it! Love it! Love it! Now if you only had a call in hotline.

+Addy Osmani Can I make a request for a table of contents or a summary of mentioned links like The Javascript Show podcast does?
One more comment, +Paul Lewis  should be a recurring guest! I also vote for an animated gif of him for his "yes!" at the 23:23 mark.
Very nice presentation. I hope we'll have a proper multi-line JS editor in Chrome soon. 
I'm using for just two weeks and I can't survive without this =D
I've been waiting too long for a show like this. Thank you.
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