Chrome: Easier Web App Debugging With Multi-User Profiles

We often want to debug sites or web apps as more than just one user. Maybe specific accounts have different data profiles or your app supports multiple types of user account (eg. basic, admin, support). 

Quite often in the wild, we've seen developers either debugging these scenarios using separate Chrome Incognito windows or completely different browsers to debug different accounts. 

The good news is that all channels of Chrome support easily managing multiple user profiles (and windows) via a convenient drop-down menu in the title bar. I'm sure most of you know about this, but hopefully this will serve as a reminder.

To add a new user:

* Click on the menu in your browser toolbar and select Settings.
* In the "Users" tab, click the [Add new user] button.
* When the confirmation dialog appears, select a picture and enter a name for the new user.
Click [Create].
* A new window for the user should appear, with a picture you've chosen for the user in the top corner. 

Each user profile can also sync up with all the bookmarks, extensions, theme, and browser settings for it if you're signed in. This also makes it more straight-forward to switch between profiles with business Google Apps accounts and personal ones, but is great for getting more control over your window workflow. 
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