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Why I’m Becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

I was 25 years old when the stock market crashed. Barely earning $30,000 per year, my savings account was thin, and I worried about losing my job.

It was hard to ignore the media’s predictions of doomsday scenarios and how we needed to protect ourselves. So, when I witnessed a 50% drop in my meager retirement savings account, I panicked.

Luckily, one of my friends knew a financial planner at a nearby firm. If he couldn’t help, he would know of someone who could, she assured me.

So I nervously emailed a list of my modest assets to a stranger, feeling optimistic as I hit send.

My confidence dwindled in the days that followed.

After two weeks, I finally accepted that a response wasn’t going to come. Later I realized my lack of assets made me an unattractive prospect to most financial planners. I eventually took matters into my own hands. I became self-educated about finances and started a personal finance blog. via +Haven Life
Find out why Kate Dore is passionate about educating women, minorities and average earners about money.
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How to Get the Buy-in for a Gift-Free Christmas

Everywhere we look, we’re inundated by budgeting pointers, flash sales, and holiday gift guides. But what if none of it mattered?

Last summer, I fantasized about a gift-free Christmas — no rush shipping, fussing with wrapping paper, attempting to curl ribbon, or anything under the tree other than dry pine needles.

I finally dropped that bomb on my family during a vacation in Santa Fe. There wasn’t immediate approval, but the consensus changed once I focused on a few key things. Here’s how I got the buy-in for a gift-free Christmas from my family.

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My Go-To Budgeting Spreadsheet

This weekend, I had the privilege of talking about budgeting with the Society of Leaders in Development (SOLID) in Nashville. We chatted about plugging money leaks, negotiating monthly bills, 30-day cash diets, and budget hacks.

It was fascinating to hear about everyone’s pain points. The truth is, there is no one right way to budget, but you have to find a method that actually works for you.

I’ve mentioned before how budgeting has changed my life.

I’ve used it to quit my job, change careers, and survive a layoff.

Over the past three years, I’ve refined my personal budgeting spreadsheet many times, and it’s become a trusted tool. Here’s how I have used it to take control of my finances.
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Why You Can’t Afford Low Paying Freelance Gigs

One of the questions I get asked a lot is what to charge as a freelance writer or social media consultant.

We all struggle with fears of undervaluing our services, but don’t want to scare away potential clients, either.

It’s a tricky situation.

If you are still struggling to get paid what you are worth — and most of us do — I hope you find this post helpful.

Here is why you can’t afford low paying freelance gigs:
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How to Survive on a Bare Bones Budget

It has officially been one month since I was laid off. Here is my strategy for covering my bills, avoiding debt, and stretching my emergency fund.
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Social Media Hacks for Artists

Ready to take your social media marketing to the next level? Here are my favorite hacks for independent artists!
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Why I Left the Big City to Become a Tarot Reader

"I love Oakland, but in the case of helping me accomplish my goals, Oakland really wasn’t loving me back." by +Jessica Dore

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Do Millennials Actually Need Life Insurance?

There’s a lot on Millennials’ minds when it comes to money.

Many are paying off student loans, trying to save for retirement, squirreling cash for a future home, planning a wedding, or thinking about a child’s college expenses. For a lot of us, the thought of another monthly expense simply isn’t realistic.

On the other hand, many of us don’t talk about death because, well, it’s uncomfortable. Who wants to think about their life being unexpectedly cut short?

Regardless of your age, there may be people who depend on you financially. Or you may have family members who would be stuck paying your debts if you suddenly passed away.

If the unthinkable happened, what do you hope the outcome would be? The truth is, you have more control than you might think. That’s why it’s worth considering whether or not life insurance makes sense for you. #SQInsurance #Ad

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My Eleventh Net Worth Overshare

It’s almost hard to believe all that’s happened since July.

Shortly after my last net worth overshare, I was hit with a job layoff.

My first reaction was to escape to cooler weather (hello, Massachusetts!) and drown my sorrows in all the lobster rolls my body could comfortably ingest.

Then, I went into bare bones budget survival mode, slashing expenses wherever possible. This meant making tough decisions.

Luckily, my company offered a severance that covered my expenses just past the end of August. But the past two months were expensive!

Here is an update on my net worth:
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Are These Credit Myths Costing You?

I’ve noticed credit advice is a lot like weight loss advice—everyone seems to have an opinion, and many times those opinions are wrong.

The problem is, there is a lot at stake.

Your credit score affects things like being approved for an apartment, the cost of borrowing money, and securing small business loans.

Your credit score is a critical part of your overall financial health.

That is why separating the myths from facts is important.
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Digit Review: How I’ve Effortlessly Saved $837.49

If you have ever tried to start a new savings habit, you know it can feel a lot like a new diet. It goes well in the beginning, but there are often surprises that can derail your progress.

Boozy weekend brunches. New running shoes. Last minute concert tickets.

Before you know it, the “miscellaneous” line in your budget has ballooned out of control. Instead of feeling guilty, you insist you work hard and “deserve” these splurges.

That’s what I have told myself, anyway.

But the fact remains—you have missed another month’s savings goals.

When extra money lingers in your account, it’s way too tempting to spend it. This is why savings automation can be so powerful.
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#GetMore with Kasasa

There’s a lot to like about local banks and credit unions. Many of us are still recovering from The Great Recession, and it’s comforting to know there’s an alternative to big banks for financial products and services.

I’m always looking for ways to earn more passive income, so when I heard +Kasasa's high-interest checking and savings accounts are offered by several credit unions and local banks in Nashville, I was curious to learn more. Find out how you can #GetMore! 💰 #Ad
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