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30-something digital marketer and personal finance blogger.
30-something digital marketer and personal finance blogger.


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The Best Defense Against the Gender Pay Gap

Many of us are familiar with the gender pay gap. But the numbers most commonly reported—women earning only 76 cents for every dollar a man earns—is only part of the problem.

💸 60% of women bear the responsibility of caring for sick or aging family members in their peak earning years.

💸 Women are more likely to experience age discrimination in the workforce.

💸 If you are a woman of color, the pay gap is even wider.

Fortunately, one of the best ways to grow wealth is accessible to everyone. It's a powerful way to counteract the negative impacts of the gender pay gap. 💪🏼

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My Thirteenth Net Worth Overshare

Find out how self-employment, school, and aggressive self-care has impacted my quarterly net worth overshare!

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Freelancers Can Save Time with Xero

When you're self-employed, every minute of your day counts.

Because when you're wearing all the hats, it's easy to get sucked into tasks that don't actually earn money. A couple of these tasks are accounting and invoicing.

For today's +Xero Accounting Software review, I've enlisted the help of +Tamara Scott.

Tamara writes in-depth and unbiased profiles of software every day for TechnologyAdvice. With a background in education, she's an expert at helping people get the most from the software they are using.

Her side business is writing, editing, and SEO consulting, so she's intimately familiar with the pains of tracking freelance income and getting paid.

Full review is here:

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Side Hustle Your Way Out of Debt

Ready to side hustle your way out of debt?

+Kristin L and I have you covered.

Learn how to create a budget, improve your credit score, assess your debt, and craft a plan to pay it off.

Earn more by side hustling to accelerate your progress!

Join our waiting list to be the first to know when the course launches 👉🏼 👉🏼

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Why I’m Becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

I was 25 years old when the stock market crashed. Barely earning $30,000 per year, my savings account was thin, and I worried about losing my job.

It was hard to ignore the media’s predictions of doomsday scenarios and how we needed to protect ourselves. So, when I witnessed a 50% drop in my meager retirement savings account, I panicked.

Luckily, one of my friends knew a financial planner at a nearby firm. If he couldn’t help, he would know of someone who could, she assured me.

So I nervously emailed a list of my modest assets to a stranger, feeling optimistic as I hit send.

My confidence dwindled in the days that followed.

After two weeks, I finally accepted that a response wasn’t going to come. Later I realized my lack of assets made me an unattractive prospect to most financial planners. I eventually took matters into my own hands. I became self-educated about finances and started a personal finance blog. via +Haven Life

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Why I Left the Big City to Become a Tarot Reader

"I love Oakland, but in the case of helping me accomplish my goals, Oakland really wasn’t loving me back." by +Jessica Dore

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How to Get the Buy-in for a Gift-Free Christmas

Everywhere we look, we’re inundated by budgeting pointers, flash sales, and holiday gift guides. But what if none of it mattered?

Last summer, I fantasized about a gift-free Christmas — no rush shipping, fussing with wrapping paper, attempting to curl ribbon, or anything under the tree other than dry pine needles.

I finally dropped that bomb on my family during a vacation in Santa Fe. There wasn’t immediate approval, but the consensus changed once I focused on a few key things. Here’s how I got the buy-in for a gift-free Christmas from my family.


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Do Millennials Actually Need Life Insurance?

There’s a lot on Millennials’ minds when it comes to money.

Many are paying off student loans, trying to save for retirement, squirreling cash for a future home, planning a wedding, or thinking about a child’s college expenses. For a lot of us, the thought of another monthly expense simply isn’t realistic.

On the other hand, many of us don’t talk about death because, well, it’s uncomfortable. Who wants to think about their life being unexpectedly cut short?

Regardless of your age, there may be people who depend on you financially. Or you may have family members who would be stuck paying your debts if you suddenly passed away.

If the unthinkable happened, what do you hope the outcome would be? The truth is, you have more control than you might think. That’s why it’s worth considering whether or not life insurance makes sense for you. #SQInsurance #Ad

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My Go-To Budgeting Spreadsheet

This weekend, I had the privilege of talking about budgeting with the Society of Leaders in Development (SOLID) in Nashville. We chatted about plugging money leaks, negotiating monthly bills, 30-day cash diets, and budget hacks.

It was fascinating to hear about everyone’s pain points. The truth is, there is no one right way to budget, but you have to find a method that actually works for you.

I’ve mentioned before how budgeting has changed my life.

I’ve used it to quit my job, change careers, and survive a layoff.

Over the past three years, I’ve refined my personal budgeting spreadsheet many times, and it’s become a trusted tool. Here’s how I have used it to take control of my finances.

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My Eleventh Net Worth Overshare

It’s almost hard to believe all that’s happened since July.

Shortly after my last net worth overshare, I was hit with a job layoff.

My first reaction was to escape to cooler weather (hello, Massachusetts!) and drown my sorrows in all the lobster rolls my body could comfortably ingest.

Then, I went into bare bones budget survival mode, slashing expenses wherever possible. This meant making tough decisions.

Luckily, my company offered a severance that covered my expenses just past the end of August. But the past two months were expensive!

Here is an update on my net worth:
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