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I sort of wondered if the bubble would burst on this.

Considering fair bit of negative press, reports of folks cheating and well the general whimsy of gamers as a whole I'm actually surprised that the user volume stayed as high as it did for that period.

#gaming #pokemongo

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Glad someone did a spot about the stunt woman behind Black Widow. I've always thought her stunt work sells the character insanely well.

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I'm still a kid at heart. I mean it's buried under layers and layers of me being a jerk and depression but it's there.
Things like this still impress me though. It's always my hope that generations after us still get a kick out of building, when they stop liking that I think we're pretty much doomed.

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It's been ages since I converted to a paid Hulu subscription but I had sort of wondered how soon they would axe the ad supported model.

Hopefully the gamble pays off and viewership and revenue don't slip too far.

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I'm posting this as a PSA for coffee lovers. Randomly tried these recently and I swear they need a health warning label on these things. They are like crack for anyone who drinks coffee and likes a morning sweet... I find them not so sweet that I'm turned off by it but they are addictive in the extreme.

#snacks #coffeelovers

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Sometimes just sometimes I actually find some genuinely interesting things on Reddit.

So this was originally posted in /r/funny however It's real information.
When I was in elementary and middle school I suffered from very mild dyslexia. Took me a while to be able to read proficiently but the neurosciene behind the OpenDyslexic font they are using is actually real neat.

For people who have ever wondered what it's like for people with severe dyslexia... Fair warning you'll get dizzy.

Very cool to see more progress and applied technology and neuroscience helping folks.

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Just saw this while going through feed. Terrible loss for the scifi community. 

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This particular quote speaks to me on multiple levels.
Even if it's just an arbritrary one.

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Awww, I had really hoped to see two Toyota's on the podium... Gut wrenching that it was the lead #5 that failed out with 10 minutes to go :(

Toyota's gonna need to really make some adjustments cause they just haven't been able to maintain an aggressive pace. This was their best shot to win with just raw endurance but alas.

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Still one of my favorite canine online celebrities. Awesome to see that Marutaro has become a tourism ambassador for his prefecture.

#dogs #shibainu
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