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Leaders in Information Technology and Physical Security

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New Point-of-Sale Malware LockPoS Hitches Ride with FlokiBot

Botnets distributing FlokiBot point-of-sale malware are back in business spewing a new malware dubbed LockPoS.

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Mobile Payment Acceptance: A Look at PCI’s New Software-Based PIN-Entry Initiative

The PCI Security Standards Council has been discussing with stakeholders plans for a new security standard that will enable merchants to accept PIN-based payments with the PIN entered on a commercial off-the-shelf device, such as a consumer-grade mobile phone or tablet.

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This Retail Website Considers Password Security Optional

The glaring privacy issues tied to an online health and beauty retailer allows customers to log-in to their user accounts with just their email address - no password needed.

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Facebook is speeding up training for visual recognition models

Every minute spent training a deep learning model is a minute not doing something else and in today’s fast paced world of research, that minute is worth a lot. Facebook published a paper this morning detailing its personal approach to this problem. The company says its managed to reduce the training time of a ResNet-50 deep learning model on ImageNet from 29 hours to one. Facebook managed… Read More

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Anti-viruses can be hijacked via legit Windows tool

DoubleAgent attack hard to defend against.

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HP’s slim new all-in-one PC means serious business

It’s a slick-looking machine which has been revealed alongside several other desktop PCs.

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Cyber Resilience is Crucial to Maintaining Brand Reputation

Massive data breaches and their ripple effects compel organizations of every kind to grapple with risk and security at a more fundamental level.

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Cybersecurity Protection Begins with the User

The internet is a dangerous place, right? Not only is the internet full of hackers trying to steal your corporate information, but they’re also targeting your website and company database to steal credit cards, private health information and other sensitive data to resell on the Dark Web.

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Fraud rises as cybercriminals flock to online lenders

Cybercrime is becoming more automated, organised and networked than ever before, according to the ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Report: Q4 2016. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting online lenders and emerging financial services, says Vanita Pandey, vice president of strategy and product marketing, ThreatMetrix.[ Related: 8 tips to defend against online financial fraud threats ]To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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'Patcher' ransomware locks macOS files for good

Don't pirate software, and back up offline.
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