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Le village de Jarkot Nepal
Welcome to the the Himalayan Country Nepal,
Join us for the Champagne Breakfast on Top of the World 
(Please find  itinerary and more details)

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+977-9857030987 / +977-1 4111222 , Nepal
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Photo by Rémi Bridot

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Mozilla CEO Chris Beard Says "It Wasn’t Money — Yahoo Was The Better Strategic Partner For Firefox." Despite Yahoo's win of dominance in Firefox as the default search engine, it was just made clear that Google will still be the default in Europe, something that wasn't previously announced until now.

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These plant-like bioluminescent organisms called Phytoplankton actually glow when they are stressed or just fed up with beach-goers or violent waves crashing in. While this amazing looking algae bloom phenomena has been spotted for years, scientists have just recently figured out why the blue light emitted actually happens.
See this electric collection by Taiwanese photographer Will Ho who captured these illuminating photographs while vacationing in the Maldives Islands.
More photos here
#Maldives   #Phytoplankton  

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Build Stunning Geometric Creations from Nature

enjoy more below

Artist:  Dietmar Voorwold


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