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Regular average Science teacher
Regular average Science teacher
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Quick flight and crash today before the storm hit!! Totally my fault I slanted the camera a little to high... but heck its ok I am learning

Here is the flight video

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Did some lunch break flying today. Got two batteries through and one awesome wreck at the end lol. 

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To ALL my teacher and administrator friends!!!
Soaring sky is now selling Drone Education Box kits. These kits come with all the materials your classroom needs to learn, build, and fly your own drones; and by ALL materials this means you dont need to use anything else to complete 1 entire quarter of science.
Over the course of 10 weeks, pre-built hands on common core rigorous lessons these kits allow you, as a teacher, to teach hands on with EVERYTHING included and little to no preparation. By the end of 10 weeks your students from 3rd through 10th grade will meet and exceed over 140 common core standards in math, language arts, science, and engineering.
This means 1 quarter of interactive and rigorous lessons, preparing students for an 80 billion dollar industry, and understanding the principles of flight with little to NO extra effort from the teacher.
Each kit includes :
---10 weeks of hands on common core lessons meeting 140 science standards; to learn about drones, build, and even fly UAS drones. All created by award winning certified educators and pilots
---Specialty Soaring Sky Academy training videos by certified educators and pilots.
---Lesson specific games for students
---Soaring Sky drones with all necessary building materials for a complete working classroom set of drones for students
---Flight training circuit with everything needed to create your own classroom flight race
---Soaring Sky Medals for students
---Certificates of completion (used to prepare for FAA certification through more Soaring Sky modules)
---Digital access to reprint documents and lessons
---and so much more (pencils, notebooks for students, and tons of materials to use in class)
If interested contact us
#soaringsky #stem 

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Started a new endeavor here with my best friend and I think its going to go pretty well.  Check out our work and services.  We are one of very few in Florida that have their certification and FAA 333 exemption.  We have gotten about 4 shoots and they have all turned out beautifully.   Anyway, if you are interested in services or products from SkyBrotherMedia let me know.

Dont forget to check out our twitter, instagram, and linked in


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Check out this MAD Glass google glass clone that has almost 67k in funding

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I want one so bad :)

OK I just got a google survey that asked have you recently foraged for truffles lol. What the heck lol ?
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