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Your average Android phone is nice and portable, but the display sure is tiny. A full-sized Tegra tablet is a joy to work with, but a larger profile doesn't make for hours of comfortable gaming.
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The software buttons being centered rather than left aligned like the 10" experience greatly contributes to this. Much reduced accidental taps.
It's almost like they planned it that way...
I wish there would be an option to hide the buttons while gaming; I sometimes coincidentally tap them and it takes me out of the games on my Nexus 7. Anybody knows any solution to that?
+Peter Brown, CM9 and AOKP both had options to hide the nav bar (long press the power button then toggle navigation bar). I suggest you wait until custom roms with this feature are ready for prime time and flash them on your N7. Hiding something as important as the nav bar is bad for general users as they may not know how to get it back, so this is why stock Android does not support the feature.. Hope this helps.
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