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Nighty night....
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Oh hai there
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Cool well it's just stopped raining here but still 19c 
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This new look google+ looks interesting. liking the new layout
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probably gone back to shitbook.....

That platform has too much of a secure footing and too many sheeple followers to it.
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Dear +Cannock Chase District Council

Re:syrian refugees or "vulnerable persons"

So what about all these folk that have been waiting years for housing?

Are these people bumped up the list and moved into the new builds?

Or is it easier and more politically popular to house the "vulnerable persons" from Syria in them.

They're not vulnerable just homeless.
How about we home our own homeless citizens before giving away all our limited housing?

Honestly the money this country wastes on foreign policy is sickening.

Fuck us right?

What ever fills your quotas and gains you influence to balance your budget next year.... Fuck the real vulnerables, the people living on the streets.


Why can't the "travelers" give them a spare caravan or two, what with all the tax they avoid they can afford it....

I'm not saying don't house the "refugees" but don't shove them to the front of the queue because all that is going to do is piss off the locals.

Give them all the crappy houses that people round here have been stuck with for years.
They've come from a war zone bombed to shit....
They should be grateful of ANYTHING.... Not just a fully furnished 3 bedroom new build....

Honestly you lot haven't got a fucking clue....
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Took picture of the supermoon with +Tazza Waterworth​'s new camera...
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Thought u were in Egypt for a sec lol 
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Photo sphere of the caravan hopefully

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Looks good can't really see it on phone lol 
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Our accommodation for the next two weeks....
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Gah why isn't this a photo sphere...
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I need everyone's help. Take a selfie of you doing the LLAP sign and email the photo to 
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Rogue, Maverick, Gamer, Philanthropist, Philosopher, Badass. If I can help you I will. Helping others before helping myself since 1979.
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