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Adam T
Father. Husband. Corporate IT. Vegan 
Father. Husband. Corporate IT. Vegan 

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+Brad Gross  ok, I'm here...... lol 

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oh man, going back in time w/ P.O.D. Man, I miss these guys. 

Wow, G+ is still here, huh? Who knew?

My son made his first YouTube video. Give the 8 yr old a “like” or two. :). Play some Just Cause 2 

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Did you see the latest blog post at  That's the home of our new podcast!  Our own +Mark Kozel wrote this baby and it's excellent, especially for all you hard core G+'ers!  Thanks Mark!   #DYHR  

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nevermind.  I'm staying here. :)

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Last word about this....

I'm leaving this G+ account and moving over to my "heyadamt" one.  I'll be removing this one soon. 

Would appreciate you following me over there -

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Ok g+ gang - I am no longer using this G+ account and moving over to my more prefered one.

So, please follow me over there. :)

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+Keith Tackel  - this is my Administrative Assistant.  :)
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