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Adam Sporne (eskpe)
Visual Artist and founder of Covernomics.
Visual Artist and founder of Covernomics.

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Today, the Ingress Community reached an alltime low.

(due to google policy JerryHopper's name is remove due to the suspension)

It seems, EVERYTHING is allowed to harrass players.
My good friend, mr Jerry Hopper- active on google-plus for more than 10 years, suddenly lost his Google+ account.

This is probably due to the Love and care from the ingress-community, - especially the people that live by the TOS.
Although its not really unthinkable that +Niantic Project likes to see Jerry Hoppers posts 'Cheating in ingress posts' ( ) removed from the internet.

Mr Hopper has in the last 15 years, participated in making games like Battlefield2 or ArmedAssault a more enjoyable game on any level, and participated in government research on serious-gaming with the dutch militairy.
Even today, inside Battlefield2 code - traces of his commitment can be found.

Back to ingress - and the suspension of the account.

Due to this childish actions, Jerry Hopper 'cheating in ingress' posts are not available, google pictures are unavailable, as well as anything related to his G+ account.

I you think shit cant get any worse : it can.

To summup :
- Banned in ingress for no reason.
- Homeportal removed for no reason.
- several deaththreats via hangouts from ingress players
- worldwide demonisation
- a community manager that spread lies, and promotes spoofing
- socialmedia harrassment on my families social media
- biased bans by vanguards, for no reason.
- niantic-ops ignorance on mock accounts using my family names, or public chat revealing privacy related information

and now - the closing of a 15yr old G+ social profile.

+Andrew Krug +Niantic Project i hope you are proud to see what your community has become, with your new gamechanging politics... banning by lists, pictures and vague stories/opinions from special 'respected' players..

You created a atmosphere where players, that ignore the law, and bend moral boundries, but ultimatly live by the holy TOS.

On Jerry's request, i had to pass the following message

To whoever is responsible for these childish actions
Congratulations, you just cut the head of the hydra

To whoever supported, or enjoyed my posts/information
*Make some noise, reshare, and spread the word. Ingress is not what it seems, and can get the worst out of people - Censorship must be battled! *

External reference material :

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Operation S**t it’s Blue

It all started with a few of us going through our key capsules and having a bit of a clear out, someone said ‘Let's field a city, how hard can it be?’ and so the operation started.

Originally the fielding plan was much smaller, but as we watched over the intel map and planned our moves we realised that with a bit more effort we could expand our plan, link paths slowly started to appear and grow, almost organically in front of our eyes. A new bigger and more daring plan was calling us… ‘Let's field 3 cities, let's get some black badges, how hard can it be?’

More keys needed to be collected, new bottom anchors located, new hangouts created and willing volunteers found.

A few days later and the link paths were looking almost clear, this felt too good to be true, so we brought the op forward and got ready to go for it.

Due to the limited number of keys we had managed to get it was essential to have Agents at each anchor. We wanted to be able to Jarvis and then re-throw the fields for those lovely black badges.

I had the farthest to travel and the least time to spare, so typically I got stuck behind a tractor for a good chunk of my drive to the top anchors. However it was a BLUE tractor and it was covered in MU-nure so we took that as being another positive sign that we would actually pull this off!

Anyway back to the links and fields. Our longest link was 120km. We covered 3 cities Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham. Each layer was over 1million MU, with the 4 layers giving us a combined total of 4.5million MU. And we threw it twice earning 2 black fielding badges for our valiant Agents.

Built with love by the Cronies of Nottingham:

@kibkane, @Magneto46, @SpartanSmurf, @GeneralMess, @marmots, @Sparky3uk, @eskpe

#ingress #resistance #sitrep #RESWUEisAwsome #LostTowns #LostCities
+Home Guard - Resistance UK +Ingress Resistance Nottingham +Ingress 
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Was board at work so made a poster :)

Also as a prize for something we could give away one of the Notts Enlightened aprons? I only seen them today when looking for you logo!

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The first of the Mondegreen films is now available to watch.
Episode 1 – Expectant Parents

This is the first in a series of 3 short films following the lives of Mondegreen families.  

In 2025 Mondegreen is the world’s largest full-service digital management agency. Offering integrated strategy, insight, moderation, engagement, sponsorship, protection and chronicling. Mondegreen provide personal Life Weavers to the world’s most influential, successful and powerful people. Now their services are available to you, can you afford not to become a Mondegreen family?

#research   #digitaleconomy   #Mondegreen  
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I am currently working with Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute on a combined arts and research project entitled +Mondegreen

'In 2025 Mondegreen is the world’s largest full-service digital management agency. Offering integrated strategy, insight, moderation, engagement, sponsorship, protection and chronicling. Mondegreen provide personal Life Weavers to the world’s most influential, successful and powerful people. Now their services are available to you, can you afford not to become a Mondegreen family?'

#Mondegreen   #research   #digitaleconomy  
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Be thankful for the power that the cube has given you. Only he can release the xm, for that is the ultimate power of the cube. Desire no more than this.

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I finally made it to level 16 as an Ingress agent!

I started on the 6th Jan 2013, got to level 8 on the 14th March 2013 and finally to level 16 on the 8th Jan 2015 giving a total time of 2 years and 2 days.

A massive thank you to every one I have met and played with, both Resistance and Enlightened, over the last 2 years. I have made some incredible friends and had some amazing experiences. 

Special thanks to:@krink @Valash @Phlashster @Els1e @TheChaosEngine @SparkyUk

Nottingham Resistance ROCKS!!!!!!!

#ingress   #resistance   #level16  +Ingress +Ingress Resistance Nottingham +Home Guard - Resistance UK 
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One of the papers from my recent project 'Apocalypse of MoP' ( has been accepted to CHI 2015.

The paper ‘Provenance for the People: A User-Centered Look at the W3C PROV Standard through an Online Game’ has been accepted to CHI 2015. The CHI conference is the world’s premiere conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, presenting a highly selective showcase of the very best advances across the disciplines of computer science, cognitive psychology, design, social science, human factors, artificial intelligence, graphics, visualization, multi-media design and other disciplines. The paper considers that in the information age, tools for examining the validity of data are invaluable. Provenance is one such tool, and the PROV model proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium in 2013 offers a means of expressing provenance in a machine readable format. The paper takes a user-centered approach to understanding the notions of provenance, the accessibility of the PROV model, and the general attitudes towards history and the verifiability of information in modern data society.

#chi2015    #provenance  
CHI 2015 | Crossings
CHI 2015 | Crossings
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Main Sitrep for #24HoursofBlue, look out for Agent Krink's arm, now that's how you count P8 portals!

24 Hours of Blue - Main Sitrep
A Resistance Operation for the whole of Europe

36 Countries
1644 players
10,881 level 8 portals
10,104 level 7 portals
25,843,894 mu

24 hours of blue was a resistance operation across the whole of Europe, from Portugal to Eastern Russia, and from Norway to Greece. Our aim was to activate as many players as possible on the 16th of November 2014, to celebrate the two year anniversary of Ingress #IngressYearTwo . We united agents from 36 countries under one banner 24 Hours of Blue! for fun and resistance action.

It started out as an 8 farm operation, and became so much more. Resistance in Europe wanted an operation that anyone and everyone could take part in, whether they were a major player from the top 1000 in a big city like London, or a new level 1 player starting this week in a small town in Eastern Europe. The aim was fun, adventure and new friends across a continent! We achieved our goal!

Thank you to all the agents who went out in rain or sun, to play, build amazing farms, and fields, drink beer and eat delicious food, and enjoy Ingress adventures!

Agent Quotes

“The main purpose of this event was simply to have fun, and we did.”
“It turned out to be a tremendous success, with many agents coming together in all the participating cities. We drank a lot of beer, built new connections, strengthened existing ones, had a great time and built up a ton of blue portals!”
"This operation was the first time my small town has been involved in something international"
“Our team - Age range 8-50 years play in a small, but thriving community - we do get around!”
“Two relatively new players took the lead in this Op, which was an important secondary target of our mission: to give new players the opportunity to gather experience in organising an event”
“Time to roll we hit the soggy streets and proceeded to turn Norwich blue, with agents ages ranging from 14 to 70 their were many tales and snippets of local information along the way”
“A big thank you to all helping agents this evening! It was a great & funny time :D”
“New record for resistance Croatia, 403 standing l8 portals, 8 roll lasted about 7 hours, after everything was over enl had 0 l8 portals standing.”
“this was the biggest operation in Jihlava so far. We built the whole city at P8. Every single portal.”
“Despite heavy rain started on saturday with 12 agents in 3 Teams, building P8 and P7 in Karlsruhe, we got two agents to level up just before the innovator deadline.”
“The operation "Green Horses on the Wall" was supervised by my son, a 6 year old boy, time 6 hours, outside temperature +6 C.”
“We need to find one wheelchair for our agent who returned from hospital with broken leg and then helped him to go with us.”
“We easily beat our previous P8 record and it can only be a matter of time until we will beat it again”
“Even though most agents in our community were still a bit tired from the Cell War, we still managed to gather eleven agents. It was nice though and we had lots of beer and fun! “
“After 170 blue P8 in Trondheim, some of the agents went out for a bite while hacking away.”
“We sure had fun nearly 3 hours running around the city building a farm site and killing green portals”
“Lower level players (aged 10 and 6) deployed and linked.”
“Epic battle, slice of fun, lovely walk and fighting's moment. Everything was allowed - even to drink some glasses with some green's to slow down their destruction's pathology “
“Ended the evening in a pub of course”
“Bygget 108 P8 frem til kl 22.30, en total på 317. Det er i alle fall ny rekord for byen vår!”
“It was raining, windy and cold weather, but that did not stop 9 motivated RES agents in Skien and Porsgrunn.”
“After several hours and pubs later, the result was a blue city center with approx 140 P8 portals and unknown count of P7 :) God bless for national holiday the day after, we definitely needed it.”
“Several green fields were destroyed and replaced with prettier blue ones. But most importantly we had nice time walking around the city in he nice autumn weather.”
“Fully linkamped world record farm ;-)”

The operation was dedicated to the memory of Heiko Krack, an Ingress agent from Darmstadt who was killed whilst playing in the war for the connected cell. Please see the sitrep below for the operation in his honour.

 +Ingress +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Brian Rose +John Hanke 

Video created by +Michael Hughson 
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