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Adam Speakman
Android Developer in Kitchener-Waterloo, recently moved from New Zealand.
Android Developer in Kitchener-Waterloo, recently moved from New Zealand.

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I have a directory returned via the Storage Access Framework. Querying its children ignores the ORDER BY parameter. I suspect this is a bug in the DocumentsProvider, but the queryChildDocuments method is abstract, and there's no known implementers in the documentation - implying it's manufacturer specific? Where can I file a bug for this? I've reproduced it on a Nexus 5 on 6.0 and a Nexus 6P on O DP3.

This is easily reproducible using this Android sample and just supplying a sort order to the childCursor on line 172 of DirectorySelectionFragment. Document.COLUMN_LAST_MODIFIED + " DESC" makes no difference to the result order.

I remembered hearing +Tor Norbye mention on the ADB podcast a few months back about a Lint check which will check for updates to all your Gradle dependencies. I found it, and it works well - but running it by name doesn't work quite how I'd expect.

The behaviour I'm seeing is that I have to find it in Settings, enable it, then run it manually (Analyze > Run Inspection by Name) - then go back and disable it in Settings. If I don't enable it in Settings first, then I get "No issues found" (which is incorrect). Is this expected behaviour?

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This is why smart watches were invented.

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So I've been having fun with animations. #androiddev  

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"Two billion photos are shared daily on Facebook services."

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Hearthstone released on Android phones and iPhones today! Here's a few screenshots from my Nexus 5.

It runs pretty well - a lot less lag than my Nexus 7 or iPad mini, but things like a Facebook message caused noticeable stutter. The UI has been updated to work really well on such a small screen. The interactions are a little different, for example you have to tap on your cards to bring them up in order to play them.
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Well, that's interesting.
Did you know Resources.getDrawable(int) is deprecated in API 22?

Since we added support for drawable theming in API 21, the most reliable way to obtain drawables is now Context.getDrawable(int) or ContextCompat.getDrawable(Context, int) if you're using the support library. You can also use Resources.getDrawable(int, Theme) to obtain a drawable for a specific theme or pass null to explicitly obtain an un-themed drawable.

If you do use the deprecated getDrawable() method to obtain a drawable resource with theme attributes, you will get a partially-styled drawable and a logcat warning. So if your drawables show up flat white or flat black where you're expecting some other color, check logcat and check your lint warnings.

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So many good talks, I want to see them all! Looking forward to this.
Droidcon Montréal schedule is out.

There's plenty of interesting topics including Realm, Kotlin, and Rx. Jake Wharton and I are giving the opening keynote on open source, and our teammate Matt Precious is presenting on how debug builds give him Jedi powers.

It's going to be nice to have many strong Android developers in one place! Full schedule at

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New toy! #moto360  
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Perhaps it's time I gave my Daydream Twitter feed a Lollipop/Material update. Pretty sure it's broken on Lollipop in a different way anyway.
I've just published a new article on +Medium.
PSA: fix Daydreams on Lollipop

In this article we learn about a breaking change in Lollipop regarding Daydreams, and find out the incredibly easy fix to make sure your Daydreams will continue to work in the future. h/t to +Daniele Bonaldo for pointing out this issue!

Thanks to all the proofreaders, and to +Mark Allison, +Benjamin Weiss and +Sebastiano Gottardo.

#android   #gde   #article  
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