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Looking for venue recommendations

Does anyone know of a bar (or other licensed establishment) that might welcome this type of event, perhaps once a month on a weeknight?

The few places I know that had previously expressed interest are either no longer able to host us or, unfortunately, no longer in business (RIP, Haven Social Club).

I'm looking for a few people to help get Battledecks running again in Edmonton. We need a venue and, if the venue doesn't already have it, some A/V equipment (essentially just a projector with hook-ups for a laptop or a large TV/screen we can hook into).

Anyone able to help out?

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Just a few random shots from Corb Lund's performance on Corb Lund Day (a.ka.: the Interstellar Rodeo make-up show).
Corb Lund Day
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Gritty baby Carriage. 

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Really great read. Even if you haven't heard about the goofy potato salad Kickstarter, this is worth a read for anyone who is involved in PR, promotions or crowdfunding.

Tell the story of your product, not the way you're funding it. 

I'm trying to get active on Google+ again. There are a lot of cool things on here, including people who I'm not connected to on Facebook.

There was a time when I hoped G+ would replace Facebook as the social network of choice. I don't think that's ever going to happen, but it is a decent site when you really get into it and exploit it's full potential.
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